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First Impressions: Missha Magic Cushion + PMEL Essence Eyeliner

Missha Magic Cushion Review

Oh my gosh!  I’m so excited to share this product with you guys!  This is my first cushion foundation and guys…I’m in LOVE!  Missha has been a beauty brand that I’ve been super excited to try since I saw Bubz from Bubzbeauty rave about Missha’s BB cream a few years ago.  And I’m happy to say that Missha did not let me down.

Missha Magic Cushion

The Missha Magic Cushion gives my skin a radiant glow with a dewey finish.  The foundation makes skin look healthy and even toned without being cakey.  The magic cushion had a light to medium coverage and never feels heavy on the skin.  Plus, it’s perfect for the summer because it comes with SPF 50!!!  Protect your skin while making it glow!  What could be better?

Plus, the finish of this foundation is great for dry to normal skin.  But if you’re combination or oily, I would recommend getting a translucent powder especially for that t-zone area.  And to make sure this product lasts all day, use a primer and you’ll be set.

I use the Too Face Primed and Poreless primer and my foundation lasts all day!  The magic cushion has never broke me out and it doesn’t break up throughout the day.  Honestly, I think I found my favorite foundation.

The Missha magic cushion comes in four colors.   I have colors: 21 and 23.  One is tanner for my bronze summer skin.  And the other is lighter to match my winter skin tone.

PMEL Essence Eyeliner Review

In addition to having flawless skin, you’re going to need brighten up those under eyes for a truly radiant look.  And I think I found the perfect one.

Seriously, guys this is a major score!  If you’re looking for a natural looking under-eye highlighter then this eyeliner is perfect!  It’s slightly pink-toned and gives you a natural glow.  Plus, it makes your eyes look more bright and awake.

This is the perfect eyeliner for creating that cute No-makeup makeup look that Koreans have perfected!  For an easier to find alternative: I also like the NYX jumbo eye pencil in yogurt.  The NYX one is a bit shiner but you can blend it out for a more natural look.

For a more detailed review, check out my video!

What You Need for Glowing Skin This Summer! + Bonus Review of Marc Jacobs Glow Stick

glowing skin marc jacobs glow skin

Who doesn’t want glowing skin? I want to be so bright that I knock a satellite out of space. (JK) But really, though.  Glowing skin = healthy skin.  Even when my skin isn’t at its best, I have a secret tool that helps me fake it even when my skin is dull and far from radiant.

First Step: Exfoliate

To make your secret tool super effective (Are they any Pokemon fans here? “Pikachu’s spark was super effective” anyway…), the first thing you need is a good exfoliant.  Dead skin makes skin look dull and lifeless so brush all of it off with a gentle exfoliant that won’t irritate your skin.  I love making facial scrubs at home.  They are the best and they’re super affordable.  Here’s my favorite recipe: Tea Bag Face Scrub (Bubz is the best!)

Exfoliation is the key to glowing skin.

Then, prepare your skin with a nice moisturizer.  Now, you’re ready to GLOW!

Second Step: Glowing Skin Makeup

Apply foundation down the center of your face and spread outward.  This will even out the skin while still giving you a natural look.  After your foundation is blended in. Grab your favorite highlighter.  I’m using the Marc Jacobs Glow Stick in Spotlight.  It’s a beautiful pearlescent highlighter that makes the skin glow without making my makeup look heavy.

For me, summer makeup should be light cause you want to feel comfortable and have fun outside without worrying about your whole face melting off.  Am I right?

I apply the glowstick to the tops of my cheek, the area between my eyebrows, the top of my nose, above my cupid’s bow, and on my chin.  Applying highlighter to the highest points of your face, help create dimension, giving you a glowy natural contour.

Bonus REVIEW: The Marc Jacobs Glow Stick is super creamy and blends easily in to the skin.  Plus, it gives your skin a natural radiance.  This highlighter stays on your face all day and never looks cakey.  Even though I have acne-prone skin, this stuff never irritates it and never breaks me out.

Check out how I use the glow stick in this Smokey Bronze Summer Makeup Look!

What are your favorite highlighters?

Comment Down below!

**Disclaimer: I received the Marc Jacobs Glow Stick for reviewing purposes.

All opinions expressed are my own.**

5 YouTube Beauty Gurus You Have to Follow

The first time I put eyeshadow on was in eighth grade.  I wanted to look grown-up for my middle school picture.  So, I slapped on some eyeshadow and poked myself in the eye a few times with a mascara wand and thought, “I’m finally growing up.”  (Want to know the color I picked for my grown up look?  Bright blue eyeshadow.  Yup, I have the picture to prove it…somewhere…I may have “lost” it or burned it…)

The first time I put on foundation on was in my Sophomore year of high school.  Until then, I felt no need to slap on foundation and coat my lashes with mascara every morning.  High School is a time of self-discovery, awkward puberty, and a series of huge makeup don’ts.

During this time, I discovered the magic of YouTube where I learned how to cut my bangs, give my hair a trim, apply foundation with a brush, create a smoky eye look, fill in my brows, and so much more.  These five amazing girls are called “Beauty Gurus” but they teach us so much more than just applying makeup.  They teach us how to beautiful from within.  Here’s a list of the top 5 “Beauty Gurus” that taught me everything from being a better person to tips on creating the perfect natural makeup look.

1. Bubzbeauty
Bubz (AKA Lindy) is the first beauty guru I discovered on YouTube.   The first video I ever watched from her was a hair tutorial.  I loved the long wavy hair look in high school.  I slept in braids every night to get that perfect subtle wave.  After I saw Lindy’s Quick Loose Curls Tutorial, I ran out to buy a hair straightener.After that first video, I watched every single one of her videos.  I still love to re-watch her no makeup makeup tutorial.

Lindy has taught me everything thing I know about makeup.  She taught me about foundation and the importance of primer and the purpose of each makeup brush.  Her helpful tutorials  gave me the confidence to do my own Prom makeup!

2. Claire Marshall
Claire helped me master the brows.  I’m still not an expert but I like to think that I have come far from my days of just drawing a single line down the center of my brows, so they look fuller.  Her tutorials are beautifully filmed and super helpful!
I also have the same type of skin as Claire (oily and acne-prone), so I trust all of Claire’s makeup  and skincare reviews.  She is honest, upfront, and only raves about the best products out there.

She puts soooo much time in filming so every one of her videos is a piece of art!

3. Tati
When you need to know about drugstore dupes or new products on the shelves.  She is your go-to girl!  And her madness Mondays are awesome.  I have scored so many good deals!  Tati also does amazing reviews.  She always tries the newest drugstore and high-end products.  Before I go shopping, I always check out her channel for a review.

4. Jordan Bone
This girl has an amazing story and she can contour her face like no other.  Check out her video on “The Power of Makeup” and you’ll be amazed!

5. Wengie
I love Korean style makeup and Wengie always has the perfect tips and trick to recreate a flawless natural look!

Who are your favorite beauty gurus?  Comment down below!

How To Apply Fake Nails

Do you remember the first time you applied false lashes?  Yeah, I actually caused my eye to swell.  I kept on gluing and removing because I could not get the false lashes lined up with my natural ones.  It took me over an hour and my results were awesome lashes on one eye and a swollen eye lid on the other.

Since then, I have been hesitant to try applying fake anything.  But ImPRESS nails surprised me.  They made it super easy to apply fake nails.  Their self-adhesive nails came with easy instructions and I was done in half an hour!

To prepare your nails, remove all nail polish from your nails.  After your done, make sure to wash your hands with warm water and soap.  This will clean your nails and break down any oils or residue on them.

ImPRESS nails also comes with a “prep pad” that really cleans your nails and prepares for the nail adhesive. This step is important because any type of oil or residue on your nail will prevent the adhesive from really sticking to your nails.

Now, make some room.  You’re going to lay out all the fake nails and find which ones fit your nails.  A nail that fits covers the whole nail and touches both edges of your nails.  Once you found a match, lay them out.

Time for the fun part!  Peel off the adhesive backing and slide the nail to the bottom edge of your nail.  Press the nail firmly down the middle then on the sides.  Repeat this step with all your nails.
Pro tip: Always do your thumb nails last because you will be using your thumbs to peel off the adhesive backing.
For the first 30 minutes after applying your nails, repeated press the nails down firmly to ensure that the fake nail is adhered securely.  Unlike painting your nails, you can immediately start typing, playing the piano, or driving without any fear of chipping.  (Just don’t get your fingers wet, until an hour has passed!)
I love Impress nails because they are so easy to apply.  I have tried fake nails that come with a bottle glue and let’s just say, I’m never going back.  ImPRESS nails come with a self-adhesive strip on the nails, so no glue is needed.  Just peel the plastic backing off and stick them on!  Plus, the adhesive on Impress nails are safe on natural nails, so you don’t need to apply any base coats.
Since putting on my adhesive nails, I have typed three articles, washed the dishes, made salsa, cooked dinner, and cleaned my room.  And guess what?  These nails are still on my fingers!  If I painted my nails today, I probably would have chipped at least six nails already.  The Ultra-hold technology in ImPRESS nails is seriously IMPRESSive (See, what I did there?)
Impress nails have a gel-like shine that is hard to beat for the price and quality!  They can be found at Walgreens for only $7.99! Check out their site to see what amazing patterns they have in stock: www.imPRESSmanicure.com
Stay tuned, for my next post, where we’ll learn How to Remove Fake Nails!
**Disclaimer: I received this product free for reviewing purposes.
All opinions expressed are my honest opinion.**

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How To Achieve the No-Makeup Look

We all wish that we could have the perfect skin or perfect hair or perfect whatever it is.  Looking in magazines, we see a lot of “perfect” girls/boys.  BUT perfection does not exist.  Those “perfect” pictures are taken after hours of professional hair and makeup. 
Rather than try to be perfect, let’s be the BEST version of ourselves!  Let’s stop comparing ourselves to other people and start being ourself. THE most important thing I ever learned about makeup is that makeup does not conceal or hide, makeup enhances.  Let’s show off our best features with this easy makeup tutorial on how to achieve that No-Makeup look. 
Let’s start with the basics.  
A clean and moisturized face is an essential for ANY makeup look.

Before applying foundation, ALWAYS apply primer.
Primer creates a smooth base for the foundation.
Plus, it keeps the foundation from moving throughout the day.

Now, it’s time to even out that skin tone!
For a more natural look, apply dots vertically down the center of your face.
Then, blend it all out with a Beautyblender or brush.

To brighten up your face, apply concealer under your eyes.
This triangular shape will brighten and lift that whole eye area.

For those stubborn zits, apply a creamy (moisturizing) concealer.
A concealer that is drying or shimmery will only make the zit look worse.
Your face is not complete without some great brows!
Eyebrows frame your face.

Following the line of your natural brow, start to fill them in.
I like to draw two lines, one above and one below to mark out the shape.
Then, I fill in the center with the excess product.

Spread out the product with a brush for a soft, natural brow look.

Now, lock all your hard work in place with some clear brow gel!

When you highlight your brow bone, you brighten your face and enhance those face framing brows.
I like to take that same highlighter to line the bottom and inner corner of my eyes.
This technique really brightens up the face, making you look awake and ready to take on the day!

Time to CONTOUR!
Slim down your nose by contouring both sides…

Now, contour the hollows of your cheeks…
When I contour I like to write the number “3”
I draw my brush down from the side of my temple, curve in to the hollow of my cheeks, and draw it back from the hollow of my cheeks to the jawline.
Finish off the look with a nude lip gloss.

Viola!  You’re done.
This look is perfect for work, class, or even a casual date!

Where would YOU rock this look?