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3 Fall Trends You Can Score At the Thrift Store

Fall is officially here!  I was ready for fall.  Totally 100% bouncing off the walls excited.  But RVA weather did not share the same excitement because since the official day of fall, we’ve had nothing but humid, rainy 80 degree days.  And that is soooo not sweater weather.  That is gross, humid, sweaty, hair-stick-to-my-face weather.

But I decided to not let that get me down.  And retail therapy has always done me wonders.  For less than $50, I scored all 5 of this years most popular Fall Trends!

First Trend: Sleeveless Turtlenecks
It’s called menswear, but your definitely don’t have to look in the mens section (unless you want to- personally I love buying shirts from the mens section because I love oversized t-shirts and button ups).
Menswear is a simple style that is clean and polished.  Button ups, fitted slacks, and anything that has a clean line is considered menswear inspired.  I found this cream colored turtleneck sweater for $4.

Layered over a long-sleeve shirt, this sweater will look polished and chic.  Add that combination with a pair of fitted slacks and a pair of oxford flats, and you have yourself a winning combination!

I think that the sleeveless turtleneck is a fall essential this year.  I’ve seen them at Banana Republic, JCrew, and Ann Taylor.  At these retail stores, these sweaters were $50 dollars or more!  Lucky for me, I knew I could score these at a thrift store.  And I wasn’t wrong.  I found a TON of these at the thrift store.  In every color imaginable.  I bought the cream colored one because I know I wouldn’t get much use out of pastel pink/ purple/ blue.

Second Trend: Wide Leg Trousers
The wide leg trouser trend has been popular for a while now.  The comfort and minimalist style of these pants just make every outfit look effortlessly chic.  I love it!

There are definitely quite a few of these at the thrift store, unfortunately none (except for one) was in my size.  But don’t worry guys, I’m going to keep looking.

Third Trend: Denim dresses
I fell in love with a button-up denim dress from Zara.  But it costs $29.90!  I know that doesn’t seem like a lot but I was sure  I could find the same dress at the thrift store for a fraction of the price.  And I was right!  I actually found 2 for only $13!

I already cut the hem off of one of the dresses and it looks exactly the same as the Zara dress.

(I found all of these pieces at one of my favorite thrift stores: CHKD on Broad Street!)


If you found any cool things at the thrift store, share them below!


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