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Under $25 Products You NEED for Summer-Proof Makeup

The summer heat is in full effect. And when you’re a makeup lover like me then it’s a constant struggle to maintain a clean face.  After a few years of struggling with melting eye makeup, smudged eyeliner, and patchy foundation, I’ve finally found the solution for summer-proof makeup.  (YES! It’s possible.)

These products aren’t for a natural face either.  I understand those that are willing to forego the coverage for lighter, more natural makeup in the summer.  But, I’m in school and more stressed than ever.  Stressed, for me, means breakouts.  So, I’m not going to walk out of the house feeling like I’m not ready for the day.  When I have my eyeliner, foundation, and contour on point then I can take over the world (with a strong cup of coffee, of course!).

So, here are the five products you NEED for summer-proof makeup…


The Keys to Summer-proof Makeup

Prevention is key.  It’s hard not to look cakey when you’re piling on powder after a sweaty walk through the dry (or humid) heat.  When you pile on powder it collects, clogs your pores, and settles in fine lines (which is probably not the look you’re going for).

So, let’s start with skincare.  You may think, “Hey it’s summer. My primer is hydrating enough right?”

No, no, and NO!  You have to moisturize properly so you don’t have excess sebum.  When you don’t hydrate your face creates sebum to counteract the dryness and this leads to clogged pores (and possibly more breakouts).  So remember to hydrate and protect your face with SPF!

The two keys to summer-proof makeup are: hydrate and prime!  With these two tips, your makeup will last ALL day!

The Five Products

  1. Facial Spray
  2. Primer
  3. HD Powder
  4. Setting Spray
  5. Lipgloss

Now, for the makeup portion. Once your face is fully hydrated. Use a facial spray to really lock in that hydration!  I love using the EVIAN facial spray at this step because it’s cooling on the skin and really helps my skin feel more refreshed.

(TIP: I also keep a bottle of this stuff in my purse because it just helps me feel refreshed after a long day in the heat.)

The next step is:Prime it.  I like to use a BB cream or CC cream with SPF as my primer because sun damage is no laughing matter.

After I prime my face, I put on my favorite liquid foundation.  I believe that layering on too many powder products just leads to cake face so I avoid it at all costs.  Since it’s summer the heat will definitely test your makeup so I would use your favorite long-wearing foundation.  Currently, my favorite is the NARS luminous weightless foundation.

Once your foundation is on, powder with an HD powder.  My favorite powder at the moment is the NYX HD powder because it doesn’t break me out and leaves my face with a soft finish.

(TIP: if you have dry skin, use the EVIAN Facial spray as your setting spray to prevent skin tightness and keep your face hydrated with a natural glow!)

After powdering my whole face and completing the rest of my makeup, I set it all with a setting spray.  I love the LOREAL Infallible setting spray.  Ever since hearing TATI from GLamLifeGuru rave about it, I knew I had to pick it up.  And coming from an oily girl, this stuff is amazing. My foundation lasts so much longer now!  No gross patches here!

Now, finish off your look with your favorite lip gloss.  In the summer, I like to carry around a lip gloss instead of lipstick because no one wants a tube of melting lipstick in their purse right?  RIP to all the lip balms and lip sticks I have lost to the summer heat…

And that’s it!  What tricks do you guys use to summer-proof your makeup? Comment down below!


**DISCLAIMER: I received the EVIAN Facial Spray free for reviewing purposes.

All opinions expressed are my own.**

Best Summer Makeup Routine for Acne-prone Skin + The Best Way to Conceal Blemishes

summer makeup routine for acne prone skin and how to cover blemishes

The heat index in RVA has been breaking a 100 degrees fahrenheit every, single, day this whole week.  So, my normal winter foundation routine is just not cutting it.  In the winter, I loved using my PUR cosmetics hydra-fluid foundation.  This stuff is amazing for dry skin and never leaves me looking patchy.  But in the summer, this finish is just too dewey.  Summer makeup, for me, supposed to look natural and light, while also being sweat-proof. So, here’s the best summer makeup routine for acne-prone skin.

The Basics: Summer Makeup Routine

The first step to any summer makeup routine or any makeup routine for that matter is moisturize.  Prep your face for makeup.  And since the sun is blazing, remember to put on sunscreen!  Prevention is key for radiant skin.

The second step (another super important one) is primer. You HAVE to have primer.  Seriously, it’s summer.  It’s hot and you’re going to sweat, so your makeup will start moving within the hour.  Trust me, your perfect highlight and contour will soon be a muddled mess.  To prevent that from happening use a primer.  A good primer will keep your skin looking flawless and lock in all your hard work.

The third step requires a little skill.  Don’t worry, it’s just a little.  For the summer, you want a more natural look since cakey makeup would slip and slide too much in the heat.  However, if you have a breakout, a natural foundation generally has less coverage too.  So, keep reading to find out my secrets on concealing a zit.

Best Way to Conceal a Zit

When you have a breakout, it’s super easy to just cake on concealer to cover it up, but that actually makes the breakout even more noticeable.  The best way to conceal a zit is to treat it then cover it.  I apply tea tree oil to all my problem areas, then I go in with a light moisturizer.  Once my face is nice and hydrated, I apply a good primer to blur out my pores.  After my primer, I start dotting concealer over my problem areas.  Once those are covered, I take a CLEAN and dampened beauty blender to blend the concealer in to my skin.

After my concealer is blended in, I take my dampened beauty blender and blot it over my compact foundation.  I’m currently using the Hello Oxygen Compact and it does a fabulous job of evening out my skin and decreasing redness.  PLUS, this stuff sticks!  My foundation was still on even after three hours of pokemon hunting.  If you play Pokemon GO, then you now this foundation is seriously AMAZING!

My Summer Makeup Routine + Products Used

To help treat and prevent more acne, I’m using my favorite Almay concealer with salicylic acid.  I take the concealer and dot the center of my face, sides of my nose,and over any blemishes.  Once my face is covered in little dots, I take a damp beauty blender to blend it in.  After I’m done, I seal in my handy-work with my Hello Oxygen Compact.  This combination feels light on the skin and leaves you with a matte finish that lasts all day.  Plus, the compact has SPF!  WIN!!!

I finish off this foundation routine with Benefit’s WATTS UP highlighter on the bridge of my nose and under the eyes for a natural glow.  And if you have thin or non-existent eyebrows, I definitely recommend using the Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade.  This stuff lasts all day and a little really does go a long way.  I grab a little product on my brush and line the bottom of my brow.  And using the little spool side, I brush out the product.  This technique gives a nice natural looking, full brow that lasts all day (which is key because when I’m out and about in the summer I don’t want to worry about touch ups). Finish the look off with a little mascara and you’ll have the perfect natural makeup look that won’t break you out!

What’s your favorite summer products?

Rosy Summer Glow Makeup Tutorial l Pacifica Beauty

Summer is the perfect time to play with color and nothing beats a summer glow.  In this video, I create a fresh rosy summer glow with Pacifica Beauty’s Power of Love Eyeshadow palette.  An eyeshadow palette can be used as a highlighter, blush, eye liner, and (of course) eye shadow).  Summer is the time to have fun, so don’t stress!  Keep your makeup simple and fun!

Short version

Full Length Version
**I received the Power of Love Palette free for reviewing purposes**