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3 Ways to Rock the Minimalist Style This Fall

DressIn 1

I have been in love with minimalist style for years now.  I love the shape, cut, and effortless style of minimalism.  From home decor to my closet, minimalist style is clean and chic.  To achieve the minimalist style focus on three things:

  1. Fit
  2. Length
  3. Cut

Right now, I’m in love with oversized, boxy fits.  This simple shape is classic and looks effortlessly sophisticated.  For example, a boxy white collared shirt would look amazing with some fitted skinny trousers.  Or to play with volume, a boxy collared shirt would look fashion week ready with a pair of wide leg trousers.

Length, length, length.  Length is everything.  It can make or break an outfit.  Cropped or Tunic length tops are super chic and can be paired with a variety of things.  Such as fitted trousers, wide leg trousers, fitted skirts, and maxi skirts. For the fall, my favorite combination is combining a tunic length collared blouse with a cropped sweater.

DressIn 2

For cuts, I love the trendy unfinished hems on workwear pieces such as collared blouses, dresses, and jackets.  Draping is also a beautiful detail that can give any outfit some Hollywood Glamour.  The slightly loose fit on this top makes it perfect to layer with jeans or a classic pair of trousers.

The asymmetrical cut is super trendy right now.  Whether this angled cut is on t-shirts or blouses, it looks chic and sophisticated.  Angled shirts can be hard to style, so try to pair them with fitted trousers for a easy, yet polished look.

When putting together a minimalist style outfit, remember to always KISS (Keep it simple stupid).

Outfit Details

Cropped top from DressIn: http://bit.ly/1NjwAox

Long-sleeved top from DressIn: http://bit.ly/1KiJzSL

Necklace: http://bit.ly/1W1jmV2

Jeans: Thrifted

My Lookbook: http://lookbook.nu/julietly94

**Sponsored by DressIn: I received their products free for styling purposes.**

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3 Fall Trends You Can Score At the Thrift Store

Fall is officially here!  I was ready for fall.  Totally 100% bouncing off the walls excited.  But RVA weather did not share the same excitement because since the official day of fall, we’ve had nothing but humid, rainy 80 degree days.  And that is soooo not sweater weather.  That is gross, humid, sweaty, hair-stick-to-my-face weather.

But I decided to not let that get me down.  And retail therapy has always done me wonders.  For less than $50, I scored all 5 of this years most popular Fall Trends!

First Trend: Sleeveless Turtlenecks
It’s called menswear, but your definitely don’t have to look in the mens section (unless you want to- personally I love buying shirts from the mens section because I love oversized t-shirts and button ups).
Menswear is a simple style that is clean and polished.  Button ups, fitted slacks, and anything that has a clean line is considered menswear inspired.  I found this cream colored turtleneck sweater for $4.

Layered over a long-sleeve shirt, this sweater will look polished and chic.  Add that combination with a pair of fitted slacks and a pair of oxford flats, and you have yourself a winning combination!

I think that the sleeveless turtleneck is a fall essential this year.  I’ve seen them at Banana Republic, JCrew, and Ann Taylor.  At these retail stores, these sweaters were $50 dollars or more!  Lucky for me, I knew I could score these at a thrift store.  And I wasn’t wrong.  I found a TON of these at the thrift store.  In every color imaginable.  I bought the cream colored one because I know I wouldn’t get much use out of pastel pink/ purple/ blue.

Second Trend: Wide Leg Trousers
The wide leg trouser trend has been popular for a while now.  The comfort and minimalist style of these pants just make every outfit look effortlessly chic.  I love it!

There are definitely quite a few of these at the thrift store, unfortunately none (except for one) was in my size.  But don’t worry guys, I’m going to keep looking.

Third Trend: Denim dresses
I fell in love with a button-up denim dress from Zara.  But it costs $29.90!  I know that doesn’t seem like a lot but I was sure  I could find the same dress at the thrift store for a fraction of the price.  And I was right!  I actually found 2 for only $13!

I already cut the hem off of one of the dresses and it looks exactly the same as the Zara dress.

(I found all of these pieces at one of my favorite thrift stores: CHKD on Broad Street!)


If you found any cool things at the thrift store, share them below!


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How to Find the Perfect Cage Belt for YOUR Style

At first glance, cage belts look quite intimidating like they someone just went back in time to Medieval times and stole the queen’s belt.  But designers have transformed this harsh style in to something classic and elegant.  I would never have thought I could successfully style a cage belt without looking like a cartoon character.

A cage belt that is classic in design with a minimalist style or even some pastel colors can look really cute paired with a loose dress or a maxi skirt.  The belt give the dress some edge while also giving you a great figure!  Win-win situation!

When looking at cage belts, I usually opt for one that has three or less belt buckles because I find that the more belt buckles the belt has, the bulkier it looks.  I want the belt to cinch me in, not add more bulk.  For color, I usually look for belts that have two tones because the belt looks less edgy and harsh with multiple colors or textures.

I love this belt I got from Ann Taylor, a few summers ago.  It’s the perfect caged belt because the bright pop of pink really creates a fun vibe that is not often found on caged belts.  Plus, the woven texture on the belt creates a cute boho vibe that is perfect for the summer!

I styled my belt with this loose white dress from Dresslink.  This outfit is 100% festival ready!  For a more fall appropriate outfit, you can style a cage belt with a loose dress with long sleeves.  It’ll give you a great boho vibe.  Just finish your outfit off with the perfect fringe bag and you will look like you just walked off the cover of a magazine!

To get my dress: Click HERE!
**This post is sponsored by Dresslink.  I received the product free for reviewing/ styling purposes.  
All opinions expressed are my honest opinion.**

Minimalist Time

Hello Beauties,
I made another collage on Polyvore!  It’s the result of procrastinating on my paper that’s due tomorrow.  Sometimes when I’m working I just feel like I need a short break.  And what better way to spend my break than to make a collage and look at super cute shoes?  And honestly looking at shoes and making collages on Polyvore is safer for a short twenty minute break than going on YouTube.  I go on YouTube look up one video and end up being on YouTube for the next three hours.  I look at the clock and wonder where did the time go? Okay, I have to stop procrastinating at some point, so let’s get on with the fashion post.
I have been in love with minimalist sandals!  And I can really close to buying a pair with a platform heel like the one beneath the clock.  But they didn’t have my size!  The minimalist sandals have such clean lines.  They are a classic shoe that will be perfect with almost every outfit.  Personally, I love the platform sandal and the sandal with the chunky heels.  Plus, the platforms and chunky heels provide great support for your feet while you’re walking and they’re super comfy!
Minimalist Time


Chloé 2 tone shoes


Jo Mercer shoes
$140 – theiconic.com.au


Seychelles sandals


SPURR sandals
$46 – theiconic.com.au


Matiko sandals


Stuart Weitzman sandals


Joes sandals


Rosendahl clock
$265 – connox.com

Love these shoes?  Check them out!  Links are all here!  Wanna splurge on them?  I won’t tell anyone.  Comment down below with any questions or if you just want to leave a message!
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Fall Fashion Staple: The Striped Top featuring Sweet Stripes Collage

Hello Beauties,
School has just begun for a few weeks and I already feel like I need a vacation.  It’s pretty sad.  And I don’t have time to blog!  But guess what?  I’m back!  Miss me?  Even if you didn’t, it’s time to get ready for fall.  So, here is my first fall fashion staple (try saying that five times fast…)!  It is the striped top.  So it’s not actually cold enough for me to start piling on the layers of fall and winter quite yet.  But I know some places like San Francisco has already gotten some chilly winds.  So, this fall fashion staple is one of my favorite pieces.  Can you tell what it is?
Sweet Stripes

I have no idea why, but I just have a sudden love for stripes.  Stripes are such a classic print and a perfect layering piece for the fall.  For the summer, I got a striped tank from Old Navy that I have been loving.  And I still have my trusty long sleeve striped top that I thrifted two years ago.  Plus, I also have a three quarter sleeved striped top from People Tree.  These three tops will become great bases for some cute outfits this fall.   This collage called Sweet Stripes from Polyvore features a sweet taste of pieces similar to the ones in my closet!

Since it’s really not that cold in RVA.  I’ll start with the striped tank.  So, is it just me or all college classrooms as cold as freezers?  To compensate for frigid temperatures in the classrooms and hot humid air outside, I like to layer my striped tank under a denim shirt.  I love my denim button-up.  This denim button-up has been well-loved through the years.  I actually got this denim button-up from my mom, who wore it in the eighties.  This Calvin Klein button-up has withstood many, many washes.  I love the washed-out, faded look of the denim shirt.  Mixing classic pieces such as the denim button-up and the striped tank is an outfit that looks effortless and chic.  To add some more interest in this classic outfit, add a circle skirt or a pair of distressed jeans or maybe even a trouser jean to amp up the classiness!

Here’s striped top with a bit of color.  The purple stripes are fun and remind me of those giant lollipops that I loved and still love and would probably eat a whole lot more often if my mother didn’t keep on telling me all my teeth would fall off if I keep on eating lollipops.  Anyway, this striped top is in a fun color and a classic pattern.  This top is also from People Tree, so it is fair trade.  Yay!   And the top is also made from organic cotton, so it’s super soft!  With this three-quarter length top, I like to pair it with a solid skirt or a pair of jeans.  And to play up the color, I like to pair the top with a great statement necklace.

I also love mixing prints, so pairing stripes and florals together is a must.  The combination is an interesting, yet classy outfit.  And if you’re going out don’t be afraid to add metallics!  Metallic accessories like a gold shoes or some gold or silver jewelry will add texture and another interesting dimension in the outfit.


Clu top



Viyella top
$88 – johnlewis.com


Vince top
$80 – harveynichols.com




Motel short flared skirt
$40 – motelrocks.com





Tory burch jewelry



Danny Black Top
$24 – peopletree.co.uk 

As always thank you guys so much for visiting my blog!  And I hope to talk to you guys soon!  And I promise soon will be soon!
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