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Dresslink Haul, Review, and Lookbook

(Image Source: Brandymelville.com)

Ever since 2013, I have been obsessed with the Brandy Melville Jada Dress.  And every time I see Anna from Annaleeandjesse wear the dress, I think about paying the $30 for it.  BUT every time I go to check out, I decide not to get the dress.  I just can’t pay $30 for it, especially since I can’t wear this dress to work.

At Dresslink, I got this dress for $6.22!  The style is definitely similar to the popular Brandy Melville dress.  If you want the true Brandy Melville style then you should get the dress in black from Dresslink.  The black dress is shorter and more like the Jada dress from Brandy Melville.  The black dress is a little short, so I love pairing it with a pair of jean shorts.  The white dress, oddly enough, is longer and about two inches above my knee (Measurement reference: I’m 5’3”).  The white dress is also more see through than the black one.  I recommend wearing shorts and a bralet with the white dress.

I wore my caged bralet from ebay with these dresses and I love it!  It looks super cute with these low back dresses.  These dresses are made of a stretchy polyester material unlike the Brandy Melville dresses which are made of cotton.  When the dresses arrived from Dresslink I noticed that the black dress had some loose threads.  After I cut the loose threads the dress looked fine and the seams did not unravel.  The white dress came in perfect condition.  The material on the white dress seems more substantial and is also bit heavier than the black dress.

I placed my Dresslink order on May 28 and my package arrived on June 15th.  Including shipping and handling, my purchase was $19.50.  The package came in a white bag and each dress was packaged in a clear plastic bag.

When I first ordered these dresses, I thought that the one size fits all wouldn’t fit me.  On the site, it said the dress had a 32 inch bust and my bust was 34 inches.  But when my package arrived and I tried the dresses on, they fit perfectly.

If you place an order on Dresslink, always size up if there are size options and always give the package a month to arrive (it has to ship all the way from China!).  I have shopped at this site and many other similar sites before.  Their sizing is usually quite small.  I generally wear a small at Forever 21, Gap, Banana Republic, JCrew, and many other brands but on these sites I’m usually a large.  Remember to always check the garment measurements on their site before purchasing an item!

On the ordering process, Dresslink processes your order pretty quickly and usually ships it within one to two days, but it still takes about a month to get to you because US customs usually keeps it for about a week or two.  For cute, trendy items at a super low price, I would definitely check out Dresslink.  Plus, they always have a great discount code!  If you’re a trendspotter then you will love Dresslink!

**Sponsored by Dresslink.  I received these items free for modeling purposes.  
All opinions expressed are my honest opinion.  All clothing pieces were picked and styled by me.**