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Music Festival Fashion on a Budget + the Seven Pieces You Need This Summer

It’s officially spring!  (Throws petals in to the air) So, music festival season is around the corner.  Be prepared this year by scoring the five pieces you need this summer.  I’m here to tell you that Music festival fashion on a budget is possible.  You just need to shop early and get in on those mid-season sales (before they sell out). OR if you’re a little lazy and prefer shopping while laying in bed, then I have the PERFECT solution for you! Keep reading to find my fashion secret.

The Seven Pieces You Need This Summer

  1. Glamorous sheer tunics
  2. Fringed kimonos
  3. Distressed cutoff shorts
  4. Comfy platform shoes
  5. Sporty crop tops
  6. Super cute sunglasses
  7. A fabulous Hat

First on the list are sheer tunics.  They are perfect for layering over crop tops or a cute bralet.  They prevent your skin from being overexposed to the sun.  Plus, they’re super light and won’t make you sweat in the summer heat because we all know that is not a pretty sight.

Pair your sheer tunics with a great belt and a large hat with some fabulous sunnies for a picture perfect Rachel Zoe approved outfit.

The next item on your packing list has to be a great kimono.  It’s going to get cooler in the night, so a kimono or maybe even a denim jacket depending on the climate is a very necessary item to pack.  Kimonos are light and add texture and interest to your tee and cutoffs outfit.

A floral fringed kimono is basically the most beautiful and perfect festival piece.  You can even wear it to the beach or the pool as a cover-up!

Next on the list are cutoff shorts because who can live without these in the summer?  They go with everything from crop tops to tees to blouses and everything in between.  Plus, they also look great under long tunics and short dresses too!

Now, if you’re a short girl like me then platforms are a must-have music festival fashion item.  These can come in the form of sandals, boots, or sneakers.

No summer wardrobe is complete without crop tops. You can style your favorite one with high waisted shorts, a ruffled skirt, or even a classic denim skirt.  Throw a kimono over your outfit and you’re festival ready!

Grab your favorite sunnies and a large brim hat because you’re now Instagram and Festival ready!  #outfitgoals

Music Festival Fashion on a Budget

Many of us are on a budget, so try shopping online for a great deal!  Currently, I’ve been obsessed with Tophatter.  They have a TON of great items for less than $25 including shipping!  If you love EBay shopping then you’ll love this.  Tophatter will actually notify you when bidding starts on your favorite items.  But if you’re impatient like me, you can also buy the items at the listed price.  I’m in love with this floral tunic I got from them.  It goes so well with denim shorts and a pair of strappy sandals.  The sheer fabric shows off my bralet in the most flattering way.

music festival fashion on a budget red sheer tunic

What do you think?

I also got this kimono from Tophatter.  Guess what? It was less than $15 and it is gorgeous, right?  It looks great with skinnies in the spring and fabulous over a dress once the weather starts warming up in RVA.

music festival fashion on a budget kimono

What’s your favorite way to style a kimono?

Music festival fashion on a budget is possible guys, especially if you’re willing to go digging for treasure at your local thrift store.  With thrifting, you’ll never know what you’ll find.  The thrift store is one of my favorite places to find jeans and cutoff shorts.  You can get your next favorite pair of high waisted shorts for less than $5!

When you find a super cool graphic tee at a thrift store, you can easily make it into a crop top or tie the hem in to a small knot for the perfect fit.  Remember music festival fashion on a budget is totally attainable if you use a little imagination and innovation.

Whether you’re going to a festival this year or staying at home these pieces are the perfect way to beat the summer heat in style!

**Disclaimer: I received the red sheer tunic and kimono from Tophatter for a discounted rate.

All opinions expressed are my own.**

How To Apply Fake Nails

Do you remember the first time you applied false lashes?  Yeah, I actually caused my eye to swell.  I kept on gluing and removing because I could not get the false lashes lined up with my natural ones.  It took me over an hour and my results were awesome lashes on one eye and a swollen eye lid on the other.

Since then, I have been hesitant to try applying fake anything.  But ImPRESS nails surprised me.  They made it super easy to apply fake nails.  Their self-adhesive nails came with easy instructions and I was done in half an hour!

To prepare your nails, remove all nail polish from your nails.  After your done, make sure to wash your hands with warm water and soap.  This will clean your nails and break down any oils or residue on them.

ImPRESS nails also comes with a “prep pad” that really cleans your nails and prepares for the nail adhesive. This step is important because any type of oil or residue on your nail will prevent the adhesive from really sticking to your nails.

Now, make some room.  You’re going to lay out all the fake nails and find which ones fit your nails.  A nail that fits covers the whole nail and touches both edges of your nails.  Once you found a match, lay them out.

Time for the fun part!  Peel off the adhesive backing and slide the nail to the bottom edge of your nail.  Press the nail firmly down the middle then on the sides.  Repeat this step with all your nails.
Pro tip: Always do your thumb nails last because you will be using your thumbs to peel off the adhesive backing.
For the first 30 minutes after applying your nails, repeated press the nails down firmly to ensure that the fake nail is adhered securely.  Unlike painting your nails, you can immediately start typing, playing the piano, or driving without any fear of chipping.  (Just don’t get your fingers wet, until an hour has passed!)
I love Impress nails because they are so easy to apply.  I have tried fake nails that come with a bottle glue and let’s just say, I’m never going back.  ImPRESS nails come with a self-adhesive strip on the nails, so no glue is needed.  Just peel the plastic backing off and stick them on!  Plus, the adhesive on Impress nails are safe on natural nails, so you don’t need to apply any base coats.
Since putting on my adhesive nails, I have typed three articles, washed the dishes, made salsa, cooked dinner, and cleaned my room.  And guess what?  These nails are still on my fingers!  If I painted my nails today, I probably would have chipped at least six nails already.  The Ultra-hold technology in ImPRESS nails is seriously IMPRESSive (See, what I did there?)
Impress nails have a gel-like shine that is hard to beat for the price and quality!  They can be found at Walgreens for only $7.99! Check out their site to see what amazing patterns they have in stock: www.imPRESSmanicure.com
Stay tuned, for my next post, where we’ll learn How to Remove Fake Nails!
**Disclaimer: I received this product free for reviewing purposes.
All opinions expressed are my honest opinion.**

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How to Find the Perfect Cage Belt for YOUR Style

At first glance, cage belts look quite intimidating like they someone just went back in time to Medieval times and stole the queen’s belt.  But designers have transformed this harsh style in to something classic and elegant.  I would never have thought I could successfully style a cage belt without looking like a cartoon character.

A cage belt that is classic in design with a minimalist style or even some pastel colors can look really cute paired with a loose dress or a maxi skirt.  The belt give the dress some edge while also giving you a great figure!  Win-win situation!

When looking at cage belts, I usually opt for one that has three or less belt buckles because I find that the more belt buckles the belt has, the bulkier it looks.  I want the belt to cinch me in, not add more bulk.  For color, I usually look for belts that have two tones because the belt looks less edgy and harsh with multiple colors or textures.

I love this belt I got from Ann Taylor, a few summers ago.  It’s the perfect caged belt because the bright pop of pink really creates a fun vibe that is not often found on caged belts.  Plus, the woven texture on the belt creates a cute boho vibe that is perfect for the summer!

I styled my belt with this loose white dress from Dresslink.  This outfit is 100% festival ready!  For a more fall appropriate outfit, you can style a cage belt with a loose dress with long sleeves.  It’ll give you a great boho vibe.  Just finish your outfit off with the perfect fringe bag and you will look like you just walked off the cover of a magazine!

To get my dress: Click HERE!
**This post is sponsored by Dresslink.  I received the product free for reviewing/ styling purposes.  
All opinions expressed are my honest opinion.**

New Dress Review and Haul + Online Shopping Tips

Guys, guess what? I have found an awesome new site where I can shop to my heart’s content without breaking the bank.  Dream come true, right?

Now, I’ve started working full time so I knew I had to get more office appropriate clothes.  My two blazer and dress pants can get old really quick since I work the traditional five days a week.  I wanted to get something that was perfect for summer and could easily transition in to the fall.  So, I got this amazing sheer navy trench-coat style cardigan and a classic white top.

New Dress is very similar to many other fashion sites.  They have a HUGE selection of clothes that does not cost an arm and a leg.  You can probably buy a whole wardrobe with a hundred dollars.  (I’m not joking, you seriously could.)  The quality of their clothes is pretty good for the price you pay.  I got a top and a cardigan for $20 including shipping.  The shipping I chose was the China Post with tracking number.  The package got here in about two weeks, which is pretty fast.  I have ordered from other sites before and got my package a month later.  To save some money, you can always order without a tracking number.  I would recommend ordering with the tracking number in case your package gets lost in transit.

If you really want to save some money and score some of their awesome deals, you can check out their “Free Shipping” section, where they have a HUGE selection of accessories and clothes that will ship to you for FREE!

When my package arrived, the pieces were individually wrapped and folded.  The trench-coat style cardigan had some loose threads, but after I cut them off it was good as new!  The cardigan is made of a material that frays really easily, so be careful and try not to snag the fabric on sharp corners or objects.  I ordered the cardigan in an XL and it was a bit snug around the shoulders and arms.  I am usually a small in most US brands.  They have the cardigan in an XXL, but I thought the XL would fit since I usually order a L on most Chinese or Korean sites.

For the top, I ordered it in an XL also.  The top has a slightly oversized fit, so it fits perfectly.  From the picture, I thought the sleeves on the top were slightly longer.  But after I played around with folding the cuff, the sleeves look great folded to a three-quarter length.  This top was less than $10 and is honestly quite well made.  I love how light it is.  This breathable cotton material is perfect for the hot summer months and will layer perfectly under a sweater without feeling too bulky in the fall and winter.

Lesson to learn from this is to ALWAYS:

  1. Check the measurements
  2. Know your body measurements
  3. Read up on reviews (to check for size references and quality measurements) 

You should always follow these tips when shopping online.  Because what looks right on the model, may not look right on you.   Online shopping is fun, but when the pieces don’t fit, it could be really frustrating.  So always do some research before you buy!  For more detailed online shopping tips, be on the lookout for my next blog post, coming out Monday @3PM EST

To check out more trendy pieces from New Dress click HERE!
*I received these products free for styling/modeling purposes.  All opinions expressed are my own.*

The Three Items You NEED to Survive This Summer (Office-wear edition)

The sun is out and the heat waves begin.  The last thing we want to wear on these 100+ days is a suit.  So, here are three things I can’t live without every summer:

  1. Lightweight Blouses
  2. Flowy Dresses
  3. Lightweight Cardigans
Lightweight blouses such as chiffon blouses or lightweight cotton blouses look polished and feel like air on your skin.  A light blouse paired with dress pants or a simple pencil skirt will give you a professional look while still keeping you cool and comfortable.  
Recently, I have been in love with this cotton blouse from New Dress.  It’s lightweight style, never leaves me feeling like I’m melting under the summer sun.  This top looks great with a pair of navy dress pants or a navy pencil skirt.  I love how the navy looks against the white top.  Plus, the navy bottoms really makes the stars on the top POP!

Flowy dresses speak for themselves in the summer.  Nice flowy dresses flow away from the body and really lets your skin just breathe under this super hot heat.  To make flowy dresses more appropriate for work, throw on a light cardigan.

I have been in love with this trench coat style cardigan from New Dress.  It looks cute with a dress and looks so chic with a sleeveless top and dress pants.
What do you like wear to work in the summer?  Comment down below!
**This post is sponsored by New Dress.  I received these products free for reviewing purposes.  All opinions expressed are my own.**

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