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5 Korean Fashion Websites without Shipping Fees (That You HAVE to Check Out!)

korean fashion websites without shipping fees

Korean beauty and fashion is the BEST!  I’m in love with everything.  Unfortunately, I live in the US so it’s pretty hard to buy Korean stuff without being charged an insane shipping fee.

It’s awesome that TONY MOLY, BELIF, Dr. Jart, LANEIGE, and a few other Korean beauty brands can now be found at Ulta, Sephora, and Target.  But Korean fashion is still very hard to find in the US if not impossible to find.

After hours of browsing the almost too cute to be real pictures of Korean fashion, you click add to cart and just as you’re about to click “check out,” your heart stops.  You see the $60 shipping charge and you slowly close your web browser.  Your dream of shopping Korean Fashion Websites without shipping fees seems impossible.  After hours of window shopping, it seems like you’re just going to have to find “inspired” pieces at Forever 21 and H&M.

BUT I’m here to tell you that there are Korean Fashion Websites Without Shipping Fees. Yes, they aren’t the unicorns of the fashion industry anymore.  They’re real.  Seriously!

So, I have compiled a list of sites where you can shop for all your favorite styles on Korean Fashion Websites without shipping fees.

The 5 Korean Fashion Websites Without Shipping Fees

First on the list is my one and only love.  Stylenanda.  There aesthetic and style is just perfect!  They can do no wrong in my eyes.

Stylenanda has a great selection of 3CE cosmetics.  3CE is awesome and many of their products like blushes are under $15 and they’re nail polishes are all under $8!  When I saw this, I think my brain just melted.  Trust me, it took a lot of self-control to not buy one in every color.

Many Stylenanda pieces are under $40 which is amazing!  On the Stylenanda site, you get free shipping with a purchase of over $200.  I know that seems like a lot but for me, it’s worth it.  If you’re looking for trendy items, you won’t get any better than Stylenanda.  Korean fashion is generally two years ahead of the US and the UK so grab these pieces up and be the true trendsetter!

TIP: Watch for sales!  They just had a 30%-50% off apparel sale!  (I was impatient and already placed my order- so I could have saved like $20…)

Best Budget-Friendly Korean Fashion Websites Without Shipping Fees

If $200 is out of your budget, then ASOS will become your best friend.  They sell a few pieces from Stylenanda now and they have free shipping over $50 plus FREE returns.  Yes, you read that right.  If it doesn’t fit or look right or you just changed your mind, you can return it.  Thank you ASOS for stocking Stylenanda.

A recent discovery is Kooding.  It’s like a Korean marketplace with lots of trendy Korean brands such as CHUU.  For orders, over $75 you get free shipping!  CHUU is famous for their -5kg jeans.  I desperately want to get my hands on a pair!

**They’re called loose weight jeans on the site, if you’re searching for them on the Kooding site.

On the CHUU site, there will be an $8.99 shipping charge (no matter how much you spend).  Which actually isn’t that bad compared to Aland’s insanely high shipping charges.  I was looking at buying a bottle of sunscreen and the shipping charge was $40.  If I bought the sweater I wanted with the sunscreen, the shipping charge was $60.  WHAT??!??

Aliexpress and Ebay also sell a lot of Korean fashion stuff, but I would stick to head accessories on these sites.  The sizing can be off and the material of some of these clothes can be very hit or miss.  But the prices are super affordable so if you don’t mind losing a few dollars then go ahead and buy it.  Who knows? It might be one of the good ones.

Aliexpress and Ebay Reviews

From Aliexpress and Ebay, I’ve bought beanies, a hat, headbands, tank tops, and bralets.  Overall, I’m pretty satisfied with my purchases but here are the full reviews of each product.

I bought the super trendy, “Bad Hair Day” beanie from Ebay for $3. The material of the beanie is very similar to the ones they sell in Forever 21.

For the hat, it’s super structured and made of a weird felt-plastic material. But what should I expect for $3?  It’s cute for pictures or as decor for your walls.  You just can’t really wear it out without feeling like you’re wearing one of those Luck of the Irish green hats from Party City.

For those super cute bunny ear headbands, Aliexpress and Ebay are perfect.  I’ve bought five so far and they cost less than a $1!  They’re not the best quality but they look really cute.

The tank tops I bought from Ebay were actually pretty soft.  They were just a really awkward length, so I cropped it.  But other than that they were surprisingly good.  Sometimes on cheap clothing sites, it lists the material as cotton blend and you get a very itchy material that feels quite strange.

The bralets I wouldn’t really recommend buying from Ebay.  I bought knock-off Chiyo tops from Ebay and they are cute, but almost impossible to put on unless you’re and XS or S.  And the  material is really flimsy so they’re semi-see-through.  The thing that really bugs me is that you can see the pads in the bralet.  Plus, one of my bralets came with a bent pad so I had to replace it with one from my swimsuits.


Top 3 Tips for Shopping Online

Icon from: http://dryicons.com/icon/polygon-icons/shopping-bag/

Honestly, who doesn’t shop online?  Online window shopping has become my new hobby.  I seriously stalk the Nordstrom sale section every week.  And ShopMarkkit has become one of my favorite places to shop online.  I think after years of shopping online, I have gotten quite good at figuring out my size for various brands.  It can get quite confusing sometimes, so click HERE for a reference guide.

Let’s take the mystery out of online shopping, shall we?  Here are 3 tips to help you conquer that fear of online shopping.  Because who wants to order an amazing dress, skirt, trouser, or jean to only have it not fit when it arrives two weeks later?  Not me!  That’s for sure.

1. Know your body measurements!
Before you start ordering EVERYTHING online, you have to know your body measurements like the back of your hand.  You need to know how wide your shoulders are, the measurements of your bust, waist, and hips.  To make sure you are measuring yourself correctly, always refer to the diagrams provided by the retailers.  Personally, I love the measurement guide from Nordstrom.

Image Source: Nordstrom.com

This guide is great because it shows your wear each body part should be measured, so that your measurements will be accurate.  Plus, I love that Nordstrom actually tells you whether or not something is “true to size” or “fits smaller” or “fits larger” right on the product page.

2. Research the Brand
For some odd reason, brands all have their own concept of size.  One person can be a small in one brand and a medium/ large in another.  Brands that tend to run small are: American Apparel, American Eagle, Aeropostale, H&M, Hollister, Abercrombie and Fitch, Madewell, Topshop, and Zara.  Brands that tend to run either true to size or slightly larger: JCrew, GAP, Old Navy, Forever 21, Banana Republic,and  Free People.

3. Check the Measurements
Don’t always assume, I’m usually this size when online shopping.  Because the garment measurements around the bust or shoulder could lead you in to getting stuck with your arms in the air or experiencing extreme difficulty getting the top over your head because its stuck on your shoulders.  (I’m speaking from experience here.  I know we’ve all been through this struggle, right?)  A top in a size small can fit your everywhere except your arms.  A pair of trousers can fit everywhere except really snug on your thighs or fits everywhere BUT your waist.  By checking the measurements of the garment, you can prevent yourself the hassle of having to return that AMAZING piece you scored at such an AWESOME deal.

Those are my top 3 tips to shopping online.  If you have other tips to share, comment down below!

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New Dress Review and Haul + Online Shopping Tips

Guys, guess what? I have found an awesome new site where I can shop to my heart’s content without breaking the bank.  Dream come true, right?

Now, I’ve started working full time so I knew I had to get more office appropriate clothes.  My two blazer and dress pants can get old really quick since I work the traditional five days a week.  I wanted to get something that was perfect for summer and could easily transition in to the fall.  So, I got this amazing sheer navy trench-coat style cardigan and a classic white top.

New Dress is very similar to many other fashion sites.  They have a HUGE selection of clothes that does not cost an arm and a leg.  You can probably buy a whole wardrobe with a hundred dollars.  (I’m not joking, you seriously could.)  The quality of their clothes is pretty good for the price you pay.  I got a top and a cardigan for $20 including shipping.  The shipping I chose was the China Post with tracking number.  The package got here in about two weeks, which is pretty fast.  I have ordered from other sites before and got my package a month later.  To save some money, you can always order without a tracking number.  I would recommend ordering with the tracking number in case your package gets lost in transit.

If you really want to save some money and score some of their awesome deals, you can check out their “Free Shipping” section, where they have a HUGE selection of accessories and clothes that will ship to you for FREE!

When my package arrived, the pieces were individually wrapped and folded.  The trench-coat style cardigan had some loose threads, but after I cut them off it was good as new!  The cardigan is made of a material that frays really easily, so be careful and try not to snag the fabric on sharp corners or objects.  I ordered the cardigan in an XL and it was a bit snug around the shoulders and arms.  I am usually a small in most US brands.  They have the cardigan in an XXL, but I thought the XL would fit since I usually order a L on most Chinese or Korean sites.

For the top, I ordered it in an XL also.  The top has a slightly oversized fit, so it fits perfectly.  From the picture, I thought the sleeves on the top were slightly longer.  But after I played around with folding the cuff, the sleeves look great folded to a three-quarter length.  This top was less than $10 and is honestly quite well made.  I love how light it is.  This breathable cotton material is perfect for the hot summer months and will layer perfectly under a sweater without feeling too bulky in the fall and winter.

Lesson to learn from this is to ALWAYS:

  1. Check the measurements
  2. Know your body measurements
  3. Read up on reviews (to check for size references and quality measurements) 

You should always follow these tips when shopping online.  Because what looks right on the model, may not look right on you.   Online shopping is fun, but when the pieces don’t fit, it could be really frustrating.  So always do some research before you buy!  For more detailed online shopping tips, be on the lookout for my next blog post, coming out Monday @3PM EST

To check out more trendy pieces from New Dress click HERE!
*I received these products free for styling/modeling purposes.  All opinions expressed are my own.*

WTF? Women’s sizing and Body Image

Hello Beauties,
It’s monday!  And if it’s your first day out from school, I’m really jealous.  I still have two more weeks, well three weeks if you count exam week.  Today, I’m going to tackle the problem with women’s sizing.
I’m pretty sure all of us have noticed that every brand has their own perception of size.  Even though the number on the pants is the same in two different stores, the size is very different.  Here’s an example of what I mean:

In H&M, I wear a size 6/8
GAP: 2
Old Navy: 2
Decree (JCpenney brand): 5
JCrew: 26
Levi’s: 28 or size 3
Calvin Klein: 29
Aeropostale: 4
American Eagle: 3
Celebrity Pink Jeans: 9
American Apparel: L/27/28/29

See the problem?  All of these sizes equal to the same 26/27 inches in waist, but they all have a different number.  WHY???

A lot of girls, including me a few years ago, would be horrified at how they can be a size 2 in one store and an 8 in another one.  But all those pants sizes are just a number.  What is important is being healthy by eating right and exercising.  If it helps, go grab a few pants sizes to take to the dressing room, mix them up, and when you’re trying them on DON’T look at the number.  Get pants that fit, not pants that will fit when you lose those five pounds.

I can honestly say I will never be a size 0.  I will never be 5’8”.  And I will never look like a supermodel.  The best thing I can do is be the healthiest best ME possible.  Growing in an Asian family, I’ve been called fat.  My thunder thighs have been repeatedly pointed out.  Asian families say these things in order to help you, supposedly.  But what most of them don’t understand is how hurtful those words can be when you’re young.  They don’t mean to be mean, but it just comes across that way to a young, self-conscious girl.

But I work, I exercise and I try hard to keep a fairly healthy diet.  I will never be as thin as those Korean drama stars.  It took me 20 years to understand this.  I have always been self-conscious of my weight and my fat legs.  But I am healthy and that is what matters.  I am not fat and I am healthy.  And those pants sizes don’t matter because there just a size.  As long as the pants are flattering and feel good on my body and make me feel good to wear them, why does it matter what size they are?