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What You Need for Glowing Skin This Summer! + Bonus Review of Marc Jacobs Glow Stick

glowing skin marc jacobs glow skin

Who doesn’t want glowing skin? I want to be so bright that I knock a satellite out of space. (JK) But really, though.  Glowing skin = healthy skin.  Even when my skin isn’t at its best, I have a secret tool that helps me fake it even when my skin is dull and far from radiant.

First Step: Exfoliate

To make your secret tool super effective (Are they any Pokemon fans here? “Pikachu’s spark was super effective” anyway…), the first thing you need is a good exfoliant.  Dead skin makes skin look dull and lifeless so brush all of it off with a gentle exfoliant that won’t irritate your skin.  I love making facial scrubs at home.  They are the best and they’re super affordable.  Here’s my favorite recipe: Tea Bag Face Scrub (Bubz is the best!)

Exfoliation is the key to glowing skin.

Then, prepare your skin with a nice moisturizer.  Now, you’re ready to GLOW!

Second Step: Glowing Skin Makeup

Apply foundation down the center of your face and spread outward.  This will even out the skin while still giving you a natural look.  After your foundation is blended in. Grab your favorite highlighter.  I’m using the Marc Jacobs Glow Stick in Spotlight.  It’s a beautiful pearlescent highlighter that makes the skin glow without making my makeup look heavy.

For me, summer makeup should be light cause you want to feel comfortable and have fun outside without worrying about your whole face melting off.  Am I right?

I apply the glowstick to the tops of my cheek, the area between my eyebrows, the top of my nose, above my cupid’s bow, and on my chin.  Applying highlighter to the highest points of your face, help create dimension, giving you a glowy natural contour.

Bonus REVIEW: The Marc Jacobs Glow Stick is super creamy and blends easily in to the skin.  Plus, it gives your skin a natural radiance.  This highlighter stays on your face all day and never looks cakey.  Even though I have acne-prone skin, this stuff never irritates it and never breaks me out.

Check out how I use the glow stick in this Smokey Bronze Summer Makeup Look!

What are your favorite highlighters?

Comment Down below!

**Disclaimer: I received the Marc Jacobs Glow Stick for reviewing purposes.

All opinions expressed are my own.**

Review: Covergirl Supersize Fibers Mascara

Review Covergirl Supersize Fibers MascaraHave you tried the new Covergirl mascara with Supersize Fibers yet?

My Guidelines for a Good Mascara

  1. Lengthens lashes
  2. Holds lash curl
  3. Adds volume
  4. Doesn’t smudge
  5. Easy to remove

How does the Supersize Fibers rank?

Well it earns a 5/5.  Here’s why. Let’s start off by explaining my lash situation.  I’m Asian and we are known for having short (almost non-existent lashes).  Plus, they are stick-straight and almost never (like ever) hold a curl. Because my eyelids are oily, mascaras almost always smudge on me. So after a few hours, I tend to look like a panda.

But, good news guys!  I found the perfect mascara for me. That is smudge-resistant, volumizing, lengthening, and affordable!  SCORE!

And this mascara is the Covergirl Supersizer Fibers Mascara.  As you can tell from the title, the mascara contains supersize fibers to add volume and length to your lashes.  I’ve been using this mascara for months and it has never flaked or irritated my eyes like other fiber mascaras.  I’ve even put this mascara on when I have contacts in and I’ve never had a problem.

Plus, when I’m removing my makeup with micellar water, this mascara comes right off.  You don’t have to rub it off really hard (and risk losing some lashes) and you don’t need to have a really strong cleanser to get it off.

Covergirl definitely came up with a great mascara with a great formula.  The wand is the perfect shape and size.  It can cover your whole lash line including the bottom lashes! And trust me, I’m not the best with mascara.  Normally, I end up with those dreaded black dots on my crease and bottom lash line.  But this wand is narrow enough that I don’t have that problem!  It’s awesome. With the Covergirl Supersizer Fibers Mascara my lashes are not only visible but fabulously full.

Check out my first impressions in the video below!

***Disclaimer: I received the Covergirl Voxbox free for reviewing purposes.

All opinions expressed are my own.***

The Perfect Drugstore Dupe for the Cover FX Blemish Concealer

Drugstore dupe blemish concealer

Image Source: Svetlera Spring Mood

Lately, my skin has broken out like CRAZY!  I felt the blemishes on my chin and jawline but they were those annoying little bumps that you know will grow to giant massive red planets on my jawline.  After 3 days, I was tired of waiting for them to come out, so I decided to use my glamglow mask to start the purge.

My Acne Situation

After using glamglow, all those little red bumps became large red zits on my jawline.  And of course, I couldn’t show up to work with these huge painful red planets on my face without at least trying to conceal them.  So, I knew it was the perfect time to try out my FX blemish concealer and the Almay clear complexion concealer.

The Cover FX Blemish Concealer

Other than my jawline, I had pretty good skin, so I just applied a brightening primer to my whole face and concealed the zits on my jawline and the redness around my nose with the FX blemish concealer.

The FX blemish concealer is pretty drying, so it latches on to dry patches.  Before applying this concealer to your blemishes, I would apply a good moisturizer to the skin, so my face is hydrated and not flaky.  The concealer is easy to blend and covers pretty well.  I like to use my finger to gently dab away the redness and blend out the concealer, so my skin doesn’t look patchy.  I finish off my face makeup with a light powder.

After using the FX blemish concealer for a few days, I noticed my blemishes becoming less inflamed and swollen.  The salicylic acid in the concealer helps with calming down the skin and clearing out the pores, so the blemish heals faster.

The Almay Clear Complexion Concealer

The perfect drugstore dupe for the FX Blemish concealer is the Almay Clear Complexion concealer.  Both concealers are slightly drying BUT they have the same percentage of salicylic acid.  And they both have medium to high coverage.  The only difference is that the FX blemish concealer comes in a stick formula, while the Almay version comes in a tube with a sponge tip applicator.

One thing to be careful about with these concealers is that it can easily become cakey.  Both concealers have a thick consistency to really cover up blemishes, but it’s also drying so if you try to layer or powder over these concealed spots you could end up with a caked on mess (which brings more attention to your blemish- and nobody wants that).  I found that with these concealers I don’t have to apply powder.  Because of their thick consistencies, they really stick on the face and don’t migrate throughout the day.

After a full work day, the concealer does patch off slightly, instead of piling on powder or reapplying the concealer I generally remove the existing concealer before reapplying at the end of the day.

I have combination/oily skin, so if you have dry skin these concealers might be too drying for you.   If you have any questions about these concealers, or have one to recommend to me, comment down below!

World makeup made feature image

Where are YOUR beauty products made? (Drugstore Edition)

Have you ever wondered where your makeup was made?  Well, I’m here to tell you that the world is literally at your finger-tips when you do your makeup in the morning.  Check it out!

One of my favorite drugstore brands is NYX, there lip products are ahhhmazing!  The NYX soft matte lip creams are worth every rave and compliment!  All of NYX products are made in Taiwan.

Rimmel London has great foundations that don’t break me out!  I love the Rimmel London Wake me Up foundation and concealers.  The Rimmel London matte foundation is also great for people with oily skin!  The Kate Moss lipsticks have great pigmentation and feel soft on the lips.  Rimmel London products are usually made in England with some products made in Monaco.

Revlon has some great foundations and lipsticks.  There are beauty gurus that swear by their photo-ready foundation.  Plus, the Revlon super lustrous lipsticks feel super soft on the lips.  Many Revlon lip products are made in the US.  Some Revlon foundations, concealers, and powders are made in China.

Where beauty products are made 1

ELF (eyes lip face) is one of the most popular drugstore brands.  ELF is known for its unbeatable prices with makeup brushes starting at only $1 and powders for only $3!  For makeup beginners, ELF brushes are a great start.  I’ve had my ELF eyeshadow brushes for almost 2 years and they have still held up after monthly washes.  All ELF products are manufactured in China.

Simple products are perfect for people with sensitive skin.  I looooove their moisturizers and cleansing micellar water.  Their moisturizer never breaks me out and keeps my skin hydrated.  Plus, their micellar water removes all of my eye makeup without irritating my eyes.  Simple products are made in the USA.

Neutrogena has great skincare and makeup items.  When I first started wearing foundation, I loved to use the Neutrogena Healthy skin foundation.  The light foundation gives me a dewey finish and is super easy to blend out because of its watery consistency.  When I started breaking out, I used the Neutrogena skin clearing foundation.  The salicylic acid in the foundation kept my breakouts at bay.  Plus, Neutrogena’s grapefruit scrub is one of my favorites.  I love the fruity scent and I especially love how soft my skin feels after using it.  And we can’t forget about Neutrogena’s ahhhmazing makeup cleansing wipes and their fabulous sheer dry sunscreen.  Neutrogena products are made in the following countries: Germany, USA, and the UK.

Bourjois is one of my favorite UK brands.  When I went to Canada, I knew I had to stock up on some of these fabulous products.  I love the Bourjois healthy mix serum foundation.  The serum tones and brightens my skin while the foundation covers and blurs imperfections.  Bourjois products are made in France.

Covergirl is one of those trusted makeup brands that everyone has in their collection.  I remember buying my first bottle of foundation when I was in Middle School Personally, I love their mascaras.  The Supersizer mascara adds both volume and length to my short lashes.  Another great mascara for people with straight lashes is their Bombshell Curvacious mascara.  And the IntesifyMe eyeliner gives me the perfect cat-eye every time!  Covergirl foundation, powders, and eyeshadow are made in the USA.  Their eyeliners and mascara are mostly made in Germany.

Who hasn’t seen a Maybelline commercial?  Maybe she’s born with it…maybe it’s…. Who couldn’t finish that sentence?  Maybelline has great products.  I love their Babylips lip balms and their FitMe concealers and foundations.  Tati from GlamLifeGuru raves about the FitME concealers all the time.  And of course, YouTube made me buy it.   They also have a rocket mascara that I have been wanting to try for ages!  I’ve seen Claire mentioning the mascara as one of her favorites.  All in all, if YouTube says its good, then I’m buying it.  Maybelline products are made in the USA.

Pacifica Beauty is not mentioned often but I’ve recently discovered this brand and fell in love!  Their makeup wipes are amazing and they smell like summer with a delicious coconut scent.  The wipes are gentle and remove all of my waterproof liner and mascara.  I use their eyeshadow palettes every. single. morning.  And I even featured their products in a video!

Almay  is one of those go-to brands I always reach for.  I needed makeup for prom and what did I grab in CVS?  Almay blush, lipstick, and concealer.  What I love about Almay is that there is always a coupon and you know me, I love a good deal.  Currently, I’m using the Almay lash care eye makeup remover.  I love that this eye makeup remover takes off my mascara without rubbing off my lashes.  I actually stopped wearing mascara for a few months for this very reason.  I kept losing lashes whenever I took my mascara off.  But now, it’s no longer a problem!  Almay foundations, concealers, and mascaras are made in the USA.  Their eyeliners are made in Germany like many other drugstore eyeliners.  Almay’s newest smart shade powder blush is made in China.

To find out more about your favorite drugstore products, check out shop.riteaid.com and click on “specs” for your favorite products!  They give you a list of the ingredients plus where they are made.

If you have a brand you want me to include, comment down below!

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Telomerase serum feature

5 Ways to Mix Foundation

Foundations do so much more for our skin than just even out and conceal.  Many foundations nowadays have healing properties to help improve skin.  Rather than go out and buy a whole new bottle of foundation, you can make your own miracle by following the 5 ways to mix foundation.

  1. Oil- For people with dry skin, mixing a foundation with one to two drops of jojoba oil will make the foundation apply smoothly over any dry spots.  For people with acne-prone skin, a drop or two of tea tree oil will make your foundation into an acne-fighting foundation.
  2. Moisturizer- This is the perfect way to create your own BB cream at home.  Mix a drop of foundation with moisturizer/ face cream for a BB cream that matches your skin perfectly!
  3. Serum- One of my favorite ingredients to mix with foundation.  My skin has been loving the TelomErase Serum. I put one drop of this serum on the back of my hand and add two drops of foundation.  I mix the two together and I end up with a foundation that covers and works to erase dark spots, brightens, and moisturizes.  Reviv Serums TelomErase Serum has really helped my foundation step it up.   Sometimes my foundation emphasizes dry spots around my eyes and nose area.  Now, my face feels soft and hydrated because this serum has the same texture and moisturizes like an oil. Whether I have my makeup on or my makeup off, my skin just looks brighter and more radiant.  I love how soft and smooth my face looks after mixing this serum in to my foundation! (Tip: When mixing serums with your foundation make sure you apply the mixed foundation quickly to your skin because serums are meant to absorbed quickly or it will become dry and hard to apply.)
  4. Other foundations- I know we have all done this before.  We have stood at the makeup display, debating between two bottles of foundation, unsure which one really matches our skin tone.  After standing there for a full hour, I go home and find out that I still bought the wrong color.   To fix this mistake, I mix my foundation with another bottle of foundation.  I add a drop of foundation of the back of my hand and mix it with another drop or two of the other foundation to create a foundation that actually matches my skin.
  5. Concealer- Sometimes foundation doesn’t cover as much as we like, rather than buying a whole new bottle of foundation, I mix my foundation with a bit of concealer.  I take my concealer and apply a small amount to the back of my hand, then I apply two drop of foundation and mix well.  So my face doesn’t look cakey, I apply this mixture with a beautyblender.

Have you ever mixed your foundation before?  If you try one of these formulas, comment down below!  I would love to hear from you!

Telomerase serum

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**Disclaimer: I received the serum free for for reviewing purposes.

All opinions expressed are my own.**