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First Impressions: Missha Magic Cushion + PMEL Essence Eyeliner

Missha Magic Cushion Review

Oh my gosh!  I’m so excited to share this product with you guys!  This is my first cushion foundation and guys…I’m in LOVE!  Missha has been a beauty brand that I’ve been super excited to try since I saw Bubz from Bubzbeauty rave about Missha’s BB cream a few years ago.  And I’m happy to say that Missha did not let me down.

Missha Magic Cushion

The Missha Magic Cushion gives my skin a radiant glow with a dewey finish.  The foundation makes skin look healthy and even toned without being cakey.  The magic cushion had a light to medium coverage and never feels heavy on the skin.  Plus, it’s perfect for the summer because it comes with SPF 50!!!  Protect your skin while making it glow!  What could be better?

Plus, the finish of this foundation is great for dry to normal skin.  But if you’re combination or oily, I would recommend getting a translucent powder especially for that t-zone area.  And to make sure this product lasts all day, use a primer and you’ll be set.

I use the Too Face Primed and Poreless primer and my foundation lasts all day!  The magic cushion has never broke me out and it doesn’t break up throughout the day.  Honestly, I think I found my favorite foundation.

The Missha magic cushion comes in four colors.   I have colors: 21 and 23.  One is tanner for my bronze summer skin.  And the other is lighter to match my winter skin tone.

PMEL Essence Eyeliner Review

In addition to having flawless skin, you’re going to need brighten up those under eyes for a truly radiant look.  And I think I found the perfect one.

Seriously, guys this is a major score!  If you’re looking for a natural looking under-eye highlighter then this eyeliner is perfect!  It’s slightly pink-toned and gives you a natural glow.  Plus, it makes your eyes look more bright and awake.

This is the perfect eyeliner for creating that cute No-makeup makeup look that Koreans have perfected!  For an easier to find alternative: I also like the NYX jumbo eye pencil in yogurt.  The NYX one is a bit shiner but you can blend it out for a more natural look.

For a more detailed review, check out my video!

Beauty Product Review: Laneige White Plus Renew Skincare Line

Laneige white plus renew

Let me just start by saying I love Korean skincare.  It is absolutely positively a miracle worker.  Their makeup, skincare, clothing, basically just everything is adorable and fabulous!  It’s like Christmas morning when I can get my hands on some Korean Skincare products.  I found the Laniege White Plus Renew Trial kit on Sasa.com for a great price!  I believe it was under $20 US dollars.

Since it was a total steal, I had to get it!  After waiting for what felt like the longest two weeks of my life, my package finally came.  In my skincare binge, I also ordered the SKII trial size products also.  I will be reviewing those next!  Until then, here’s my thoughts on the Laniege White Plus Renew skincare line.

For the times when my skin is clear, I love using the Laneige White Plus Renew Skincare Line because it revives my dull skin and gives it a healthy glow while also evening out the tone of my skin.  Every night I apply these skincare products, I wake up with super soft skin.

This 5 piece Laneige Trial Kit comes with: Essence, Skin refiner, Emulsion, Cream, and Capsule Sleeping pack.

After cleansing my face, I apply:

  • Essence
  • Skin Refiner
  • Emulsion
  • Cream
  • Sleeping Pack
I always apply the lightest consistency products first and the the thickest consistency products last because the lightest consistency products absorb in to the skin faster.
The Laneige products have a light florally scent that makes the experience of pampering your skin that much more luxurious.  After using this trial kit for a full month, I can honestly say that the sleeping pack is a miracle worker.  My skin never felt softer, looked brighter, and appeared more radiant.  There is only one sleeping pack capsule in this kit.  The nights where I just used the essence, refiner, emulsion, and cream my skin felt pretty good but it can’t compare to that one night I used the sleeping pack.  The very next morning I couldn’t stop touching my skin.  I know its terrible to touch your face but I couldn’t help it!  It felt so soft!
I am definitely thinking about splurging to get the full size sleeping pack when my paycheck comes this Friday!

Beauty Product Review: Tony Moly I’m Real Tea Tree Mask

If you haven’t noticed already, I am on a serious skincare and makeup binge.  I don’t know why, but I always thought that my skin would be so much better after college.  I thought that I would be less stressed after college.  I couldn’t have been more wrong.  With a new job, new schedule, and just new everything, I am more stressed than ever.  In these passed two months, I have learned so much more than my three years in college.

But in the process of learning this lesson, I got huge planets around my jawline and my chin.  I was worrying and stressing so much that I don’t sleep till 2AM.  One thing that has been saving my skin is definitely my tea tree oil infused sheet masks.  The Tea Tree oil calms the skin and helps the acne to heal faster.  I savor every drop of this tea tree oil infused sheet mask.

When you take the sheet mask out of its packaging, it is dripping in serum.  Instead of just wasting all that serum, I carefully take out the sheet mask and squeeze all the leftover serum from the bag in to a small jar.  (I got my jar from the travel section in Target.)  I use this serum every morning and every night until my acne clears up.  I can usually use this jar of serum for a good week and a half.  And if my skin still has not cleared up by then, I will break open another mask.  Two weeks later, my skin will be completely clear.

The mask definitely smells like tea tree oil.  So, if you don’t like that herbal scent then you might not like this mask.  The serum (at first) feels a little sticky on your skin, but after your skin absorbs all the goodness.  Your skin feels soft and looks absolutely radiant!  I love this stuff!  What’s your go to sheet mask?

Stay tuned for my review of Dr. Jart’s Clearing Solution mask!
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3 Reasons Why Tea Tree Oil is AMAZING for Your Skin

My cousin (who loves all things organic and natural) introduced me to tea tree oil when I was in middle school.  I started getting zits and blackheads when I was in 6th grade.  She suggested that I use this Chinese herbal serum infused with tea tree oil.  The serum smelled gross to my Middle School self.  It smelled like the gross herbal supplements my mom always made me drink because “it’s good for me.”  I still wonder how something that tastes that bitter can actually be good for me because all I want to do is gag while I chug the hot herbal tea.

But that’s not what we’re here to discuss.  Let me give you 5 good reasons to why YOU should add tea tree oil to your daily routine.

1. It calms and soothes your skin.
Let’s be real.  We put a whole lot of crap on to our skin (like makeup) and sometimes even food gets on there or that drop of toothpaste that drips out of your mouth as you brush your teeth.  Or when you go outside for long periods of time that much sun can damage your skin and expose it to all the pollution that is floating in the air.  All of that can irritate your skin on a daily basis.  So, why not treat your skin with care and pamper it a little.
Tea tree calms your skin much like green tea.  It also cools your skin, reducing any type of redness on your face.  Once the tea tree oil is absorbed, your skin feels instantly smoother and softer.  Your skin will look like its glowing from within!  And who wouldn’t want that?

2. It reduces acne.
Everybody has experienced the dreaded zit on their face.  We all know that it’s not pleasant.  That little red dot is sore and painful and makes us feel like EVERYONE we meet is ONLY looking at the zit and not us.  Regular use of tea tree oil can help fight and prevent acne.  The anti-bacterial properties in tea tree oil kills acne-causing bacteria, leaving your pores clean and your skin blemish-free.

3. It gently exfoliates your skin.
Exfoliating can be painful sometimes with those rough grains and micro-beads, irritating your skin even more.  But tea tree oil, naturally exfoliates the skin without any beads or sugar.  Tea tree oil gently removes dead skin as you massage the oil or serum on to your face.  This gently process is great for people with sensitive skin!

Some of my favorite tea tree oil products are:
Tony Moly “I’m Real” Tea Tree Soothing Sheet Mask: CLICK TO BUY!
The Body Shop Tea Tree Night Cream (Honestly, that whole line looks amazing!): CLICK TO BUY!
Leaders Insolution Tea Tree Relaxing Skin Renewal Sheet Mask: CLICK TO BUY!

Tea Tree Oil Set

Guest Post: Why YOU Should Try Korean Beauty Products

Korean products are everywhere now.  I’ve even seen some Tony Moly products in Ulta!  It’s so exciting.  Just a few months ago, I bought a bunch of stuff from Etude House and paid over $30 in shipping costs!  Now, I can save some money in my wallet and still get the awesome Korean Beauty Products I love!


Check out my Guest Post on Naturalbabydol for more info on Korean Beauty Products and why YOU need to try it!  I give you a list of the BEST skincare products and what they do for your skin.  Seriously, check it out if you’re curious about this new skincare trend!


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