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The Best Translucent Powders for Acne-Prone Skin (That I’ve Tried)

Best translucent powders #howdoyoutlsp #contest

After spending a good 30 minutes on your makeup, you want it to last.  You want your makeup to look (almost) as flawless as it did right after application, BUT if you get oily through the day we know that won’t happen (at least without multiple touch-ups and a crap ton of translucent powders).  My secret to flawless skin even four hours after application is a good translucent powder.

Since, I have acne-prone skin my skin is combination.  It’s oily around my T-zone and cheeks but super dry under my eyes and forehead.  This mean my face is a powder nightmare.  Many powder foundations and translucent powders look cakey and get stuck on dry patches.  So after powder application, my face is splotchy and looks like a snake molting its skin.  (NOT a good look.)  But after years of trial and error, I’ve found FIVE (yes five!) of the best translucent powders that are perfect for keeping the shine away and doesn’t get stuck on dry patches. Some of them are even drugstore ones!

The Five Best Translucent Powders

  1. Laura Mercier Translucent Powder
  2. Too Faced Primed and Poreless
  3. Tarte Smooth Operator Powder
  4. NYX HD translucent Powder
  5. Rimmel London Stay Matte Powder

Best translucent powders Laura Mercier translucent Powder

Review of Laura Mercier Powder

Currently, my favorite is the Laura Mercier Translucent powder.  It’s loose formula is also PERFECT for baking and it gives your skin a subtle glow and who doesn’t love radiant looking skin?  This powder blends beautifully in to the skin and just looks you’re glowing from the inside out. With this powder, I know my makeup looks flawless and stays flawless for most of the day which is a huge achievement.  Without this powder, my foundation tends to break up around my nose and t-zone areas. And when I go to re-powder my face with other powders, it gets cakey and gross looking.  I can honestly say that Laura Mercier is a life-saver and totally worth they hype!

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AND if you’re looking for even more AWESOME drugstore products, check out my US and UK roundups where I tell you the BEST products to pick up!

Top US Drugstore Products

Top UK Drugstore Products

What are YOUR favorite drugstore products? And have you tried Laura Mercier’s Translucent powder yet?

**Disclaimer: I received the Laura Mercier powder free from Influenster for reviewing purposes.

All opinions expressed are my own.**

What You Need for Glowing Skin This Summer! + Bonus Review of Marc Jacobs Glow Stick

glowing skin marc jacobs glow skin

Who doesn’t want glowing skin? I want to be so bright that I knock a satellite out of space. (JK) But really, though.  Glowing skin = healthy skin.  Even when my skin isn’t at its best, I have a secret tool that helps me fake it even when my skin is dull and far from radiant.

First Step: Exfoliate

To make your secret tool super effective (Are they any Pokemon fans here? “Pikachu’s spark was super effective” anyway…), the first thing you need is a good exfoliant.  Dead skin makes skin look dull and lifeless so brush all of it off with a gentle exfoliant that won’t irritate your skin.  I love making facial scrubs at home.  They are the best and they’re super affordable.  Here’s my favorite recipe: Tea Bag Face Scrub (Bubz is the best!)

Exfoliation is the key to glowing skin.

Then, prepare your skin with a nice moisturizer.  Now, you’re ready to GLOW!

Second Step: Glowing Skin Makeup

Apply foundation down the center of your face and spread outward.  This will even out the skin while still giving you a natural look.  After your foundation is blended in. Grab your favorite highlighter.  I’m using the Marc Jacobs Glow Stick in Spotlight.  It’s a beautiful pearlescent highlighter that makes the skin glow without making my makeup look heavy.

For me, summer makeup should be light cause you want to feel comfortable and have fun outside without worrying about your whole face melting off.  Am I right?

I apply the glowstick to the tops of my cheek, the area between my eyebrows, the top of my nose, above my cupid’s bow, and on my chin.  Applying highlighter to the highest points of your face, help create dimension, giving you a glowy natural contour.

Bonus REVIEW: The Marc Jacobs Glow Stick is super creamy and blends easily in to the skin.  Plus, it gives your skin a natural radiance.  This highlighter stays on your face all day and never looks cakey.  Even though I have acne-prone skin, this stuff never irritates it and never breaks me out.

Check out how I use the glow stick in this Smokey Bronze Summer Makeup Look!

What are your favorite highlighters?

Comment Down below!

**Disclaimer: I received the Marc Jacobs Glow Stick for reviewing purposes.

All opinions expressed are my own.**

Review: Covergirl Supersize Fibers Mascara

Review Covergirl Supersize Fibers MascaraHave you tried the new Covergirl mascara with Supersize Fibers yet?

My Guidelines for a Good Mascara

  1. Lengthens lashes
  2. Holds lash curl
  3. Adds volume
  4. Doesn’t smudge
  5. Easy to remove

How does the Supersize Fibers rank?

Well it earns a 5/5.  Here’s why. Let’s start off by explaining my lash situation.  I’m Asian and we are known for having short (almost non-existent lashes).  Plus, they are stick-straight and almost never (like ever) hold a curl. Because my eyelids are oily, mascaras almost always smudge on me. So after a few hours, I tend to look like a panda.

But, good news guys!  I found the perfect mascara for me. That is smudge-resistant, volumizing, lengthening, and affordable!  SCORE!

And this mascara is the Covergirl Supersizer Fibers Mascara.  As you can tell from the title, the mascara contains supersize fibers to add volume and length to your lashes.  I’ve been using this mascara for months and it has never flaked or irritated my eyes like other fiber mascaras.  I’ve even put this mascara on when I have contacts in and I’ve never had a problem.

Plus, when I’m removing my makeup with micellar water, this mascara comes right off.  You don’t have to rub it off really hard (and risk losing some lashes) and you don’t need to have a really strong cleanser to get it off.

Covergirl definitely came up with a great mascara with a great formula.  The wand is the perfect shape and size.  It can cover your whole lash line including the bottom lashes! And trust me, I’m not the best with mascara.  Normally, I end up with those dreaded black dots on my crease and bottom lash line.  But this wand is narrow enough that I don’t have that problem!  It’s awesome. With the Covergirl Supersizer Fibers Mascara my lashes are not only visible but fabulously full.

Check out my first impressions in the video below!

***Disclaimer: I received the Covergirl Voxbox free for reviewing purposes.

All opinions expressed are my own.***

#LiveRadiantly with St. Ives

St. Ives is one of those products we see in every drugstore skincare aisle.  After being to Sephora, trying out GlamGlow we feel like we are too good for St. Ives.  But for me, St. Ives always has a special place in my heart because I grew up watching my mom scrubbing her face with the original St. Ives scrub.  I remember asking my mom if I could wash my face with it too.  She laughed and put a little bit on my nose.  I remember laughing at how funny my face looked with that exfoliating scrub covering my nose.  My mom always used St. Ives before she put on her makeup.  She said that it made her skin look brighter and smoother.

And whenever I go on trips, I always go out and buy the green tea apricot scrub.  I love the green tea because it reduces redness and leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth.  When I recieved the blemish control scrub from Influenster, I knew I would love it.  The scrub didn’t leave my skin dry or stripped like some blemish control scrubs.  The scrub was pretty gentle.  After years of going to the dermatologist and using the strongest acne fighting medicines, my skin might be used to most drugstore level blemish control cleansers.

St. Ives always leaves my skin feeling soft, radiant, and smooth.  I will always go back to St. Ives and remember the times I stood on a stool in my mothers bathroom watching her prep her face for makeup.  I love you mommy and thank you for teaching me everything I know!

**I received this product free for reviewing purposes. 
All opinions expressed are my honest opinion.**

College Campus Essentials featuring the Influenster Campus Voxbox

From late night parties to all night cramming sessions, college is a time where we work hard, play hard, and study even harder.  No matter what day of the week it is, our schedules are packed with classes, work schedules, and campus activities.  No wonder we look like zombies!

To combat this zombie effect, here are a few things that I can’t live without:

1) Candy- especially Sour Punch Straws and Sour Punch Punchies

Candy gives you the burst of energy that you need to finish that twelve page paper.  Plus, the sourness makes your face pucker and wakes you up when you are feeling tired.  If you love sour skittles, then you will love the Sour Punch Punchies!

2) Facial Scrub- late nights and bad eating habits will lead to dull skin.  To brighten up my skin, I love St. Ives Blemish Control Apricot Scrub.  This scrub smells fruity and leaves my skin feeling soft and clean.  And this blemish control really helps clean out my pores and stop breakouts.  For a more gentle blemish control scrub, I would try the green tea scrub by St. Ives because the green tea properties help reduce redness.

3) A good shampoo.  Because when you wash your hair, you need a good shampoo that gets rid of all that buildup from dry shampoo and styling products.  The L’oréal Paris Advanced Straight System is perfect for my hair.  My hair feels so smooth and frizz-free after using this three step system!

4) Chapstick.   All that caffeine leaves your body dry and you feeling thirsty.  You need a good chapstick to stop your lips from getting gross and dry and peeling.  To cure my chapped lips, I love my Softlips Cube.  This is my second cube.  And I can honestly say that the Pomegranate Blueberry smells amazing.  It’s so fruity and fresh, perfect for the summer.   Plus, the softlips cube has SPF!

5) A Tan.   Need I say more?  The more days I spend in the library, the more zombie like I look.  My skin needs sunshine.  But with exams coming up, I’m not going to be sunbathing anytime soon.  To give my skin a sun-kissed look, I use the Jergens Natural Glow Instant Sun Sunless Tanning Mousse.  This mouse goes on without streaks and leaves my skin looking naturally sun-kissed.  I never look orange with Jergens.  I also love Jergens BB body lotion to even out my skin tone!

**I received these products free for reviewing purposes.  All opinions expressed are my honest opinion.**