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How Adidas Stepped Up Their Fashion Game

Don’t be fooled by the picture, I have a confession to make.  I buy A LOT of workout clothes. But am I regular at the gym?  Do I even workout?  (Maybe, once a week if I can actually get my butt off the sofa…)  Nope.  But I sit around and go out in workout clothes.  You know what the terrible thing is: I actually eat junk food in workout clothes.  Workout clothes are just soooo comfy.  And the only way I can ever justify owning that many pairs of yoga pants and cute trainers is that I will workout (someday).

I worked out yesterday and now everything hurts.  And because I worked out yesterday I feel justified in looking at more workout clothes and buying more workout clothes.  Because now I work out.  It might not be on a regular basis.  But hey, I actually did yoga in those pants like once a month, so obviously means that I can go out and buy more, right?  Who’s with me?

Workout clothes are just synonymous with comfort and messiness.  Walking around in workout clothes used to give off the idea that the person was lazy or messy.  But nowadays, workout clothes have come on to the street fashion scene.  Everything from patterns to panels, fit and shape have transformed workout clothes from messy, sloppy pieces of clothing you throw on to work out in to something trendy and chic.

Plus, I just did that Sport Luxe Trends post and now I’m in love with Adidas new line!  I worked out yesterday, so that means I can buy so much more workout clothes.  This is how my brain works.  Don’t judge.

Amazon is having an amazing sale for all those who are gearing up for the fall and winter and may or may not be working out.  For me, Nike and Adidas have redesigned sportswear and made it in to a fashion forward street style outfit that anyone will be proud to rock from the gym to the streets. Take a look at that picture of Jenn Im from ClothesEncounters.  She is one of my favorite bloggers and she is rocking that Adidas tee.  Adidas reinvented the t-shirt and made it trendy with cool mesh panels and a dark floral print.

Who else has seen Kris Wu’s campaign with Adidas?  I’m not going to lie, I saw the two minute video like a hundred times already.  He’s so adorkable!  I love it!  Everything from the t-shirt to the shoes is perfect for street wear.  Way to go, Adidas!  Adidas just proved to the world that workout wear does not have to stay in the gym.  Take out your trainers and enjoy a nice comfortable (and stylish) walk on the street.  I promise you won’t regret it and your feet will thank you.

Adidas has added mesh and leather panels along with fabulous patterns to their clothing and shoe line.  These fun and edgy styles are perfect for any gym nut or fashion enthusiast!  I may not workout often but when I do I will be dressed stylishly and ready to sweat!

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11 Pieces You NEED to Rock the Sport Luxe Trend

The sport luxe trend is taking over the runways and giving our workout gear new life.  Sport luxe lets us take our favorite work out gear in to the streets.  Who wouldn’t love that?  The comfort of workout gear + our favorite on-trend street style is a match made in heaven!  Here are 10 easy ways YOU can start rocking these runway looks!

  1. Sports Bras- We all have a few sports bras.  Some of which we wore to pieces but can’t seem to throw away and some of which we are proud to wear because it makes the girls look fabulous.  Take these super cute sports bras and pair them with high-waisted skirts or pants for the perfect street style outfit!
  2. Mesh Skirts– A cute mesh skirt can add a playful element to your plain t-shirt and sweatshirt routine.  I styled my mesh skirt with a fun-colored sports bra for a cute sporty look that is perfect for a day out!
  3. Tennis skirts- Wear your tennis skirts off the court and on your way to brunch.  Pair your tennis skirt with a button-up or blouse for a trendy, yet polished outfit.  
  4. Snapbacks/ Caps- For an instant sporty vibe, rock a snapback or cap.  
  5. Trainers/ Sneakers- Comfortable and stylish!  Personally, I love the black and white Nike Roche or Nike free trainers.  They go with everything and are super comfy!
  6. Statement Necklace- A statement necklace paired with a graphic tee will instantly spice it up!
  7. Statement Earrings- A pair of statement earrings will also glam up your t-shirt and joggers outfit!
  8. Leather accents- Recently, leather panels have made a huge splash in athletic wear.  Leather accents instantly add glam and edginess to any outfit!
  9. Blazer- To dress up your outfit, add a blazer and you’ll be ready to hit the town!
  10. Joggers- Dressed up sweatpants?  Yes, please!
  11. Heels- Heels add an element of style and sophistication to any sporty outfit.

Which outfit was your favorite?

How to Find the Perfect Cage Belt for YOUR Style

At first glance, cage belts look quite intimidating like they someone just went back in time to Medieval times and stole the queen’s belt.  But designers have transformed this harsh style in to something classic and elegant.  I would never have thought I could successfully style a cage belt without looking like a cartoon character.

A cage belt that is classic in design with a minimalist style or even some pastel colors can look really cute paired with a loose dress or a maxi skirt.  The belt give the dress some edge while also giving you a great figure!  Win-win situation!

When looking at cage belts, I usually opt for one that has three or less belt buckles because I find that the more belt buckles the belt has, the bulkier it looks.  I want the belt to cinch me in, not add more bulk.  For color, I usually look for belts that have two tones because the belt looks less edgy and harsh with multiple colors or textures.

I love this belt I got from Ann Taylor, a few summers ago.  It’s the perfect caged belt because the bright pop of pink really creates a fun vibe that is not often found on caged belts.  Plus, the woven texture on the belt creates a cute boho vibe that is perfect for the summer!

I styled my belt with this loose white dress from Dresslink.  This outfit is 100% festival ready!  For a more fall appropriate outfit, you can style a cage belt with a loose dress with long sleeves.  It’ll give you a great boho vibe.  Just finish your outfit off with the perfect fringe bag and you will look like you just walked off the cover of a magazine!

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**This post is sponsored by Dresslink.  I received the product free for reviewing/ styling purposes.  
All opinions expressed are my honest opinion.**

Three Ways to Style Backless Dresses

Backless dresses are one of the biggest summer trends.  At first, these dresses can seem intimidating.  But it’s super easy to style.  Here are three ways I love to style my backless dresses:

The first way is with a cami.  When I first got a backless dress, I was self-conscious and super nervous to walk around with my whole back open to the world.  So, I paired my backless dress with a matching cami.  The matching colors create the idea of a set and makes the outfit look more polished and chic.

Another way to style a backless dress is with a bralet.  I love the look of a caged bralet under a backless dress.  It creates an effortless summer look that is perfect for concerts, festivals, or a day at the park.  The bralet gives you a little bit of coverage, so you won’t feel too exposed.

The third way to style a backless dress is to wear it with a stick-on bra, so you’re back is completely open.  This third way is perfect for backless evening gowns or cocktail dresses because there is no bra that takes away from the design of the dress.

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Which way will you style a backless dress?
**Sponsored by Dresslink.  I received these products free for reviewing/ modeling purposes. 
All opinions expressed are my honest opinion.**

New Dress Review and Haul + Online Shopping Tips

Guys, guess what? I have found an awesome new site where I can shop to my heart’s content without breaking the bank.  Dream come true, right?

Now, I’ve started working full time so I knew I had to get more office appropriate clothes.  My two blazer and dress pants can get old really quick since I work the traditional five days a week.  I wanted to get something that was perfect for summer and could easily transition in to the fall.  So, I got this amazing sheer navy trench-coat style cardigan and a classic white top.

New Dress is very similar to many other fashion sites.  They have a HUGE selection of clothes that does not cost an arm and a leg.  You can probably buy a whole wardrobe with a hundred dollars.  (I’m not joking, you seriously could.)  The quality of their clothes is pretty good for the price you pay.  I got a top and a cardigan for $20 including shipping.  The shipping I chose was the China Post with tracking number.  The package got here in about two weeks, which is pretty fast.  I have ordered from other sites before and got my package a month later.  To save some money, you can always order without a tracking number.  I would recommend ordering with the tracking number in case your package gets lost in transit.

If you really want to save some money and score some of their awesome deals, you can check out their “Free Shipping” section, where they have a HUGE selection of accessories and clothes that will ship to you for FREE!

When my package arrived, the pieces were individually wrapped and folded.  The trench-coat style cardigan had some loose threads, but after I cut them off it was good as new!  The cardigan is made of a material that frays really easily, so be careful and try not to snag the fabric on sharp corners or objects.  I ordered the cardigan in an XL and it was a bit snug around the shoulders and arms.  I am usually a small in most US brands.  They have the cardigan in an XXL, but I thought the XL would fit since I usually order a L on most Chinese or Korean sites.

For the top, I ordered it in an XL also.  The top has a slightly oversized fit, so it fits perfectly.  From the picture, I thought the sleeves on the top were slightly longer.  But after I played around with folding the cuff, the sleeves look great folded to a three-quarter length.  This top was less than $10 and is honestly quite well made.  I love how light it is.  This breathable cotton material is perfect for the hot summer months and will layer perfectly under a sweater without feeling too bulky in the fall and winter.

Lesson to learn from this is to ALWAYS:

  1. Check the measurements
  2. Know your body measurements
  3. Read up on reviews (to check for size references and quality measurements) 

You should always follow these tips when shopping online.  Because what looks right on the model, may not look right on you.   Online shopping is fun, but when the pieces don’t fit, it could be really frustrating.  So always do some research before you buy!  For more detailed online shopping tips, be on the lookout for my next blog post, coming out Monday @3PM EST

To check out more trendy pieces from New Dress click HERE!
*I received these products free for styling/modeling purposes.  All opinions expressed are my own.*