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5 Winter Essentials You can SCORE at (almost) ANY Thrift Store

It’s January and it’s cold.  Sadly, RVA is getting cold rain and not snow this month.  Since I started school again, I realized how expensive textbooks were.  I spent almost $900 on textbooks alone.  YIKES!

So, I can’t afford to get some new layering pieces for this winter.  Instead, I went to some of my favorite thrift stores in RVA.  Goodwill and Diversity Thrift.  As the temperatures start dropping in to the low 30s and 20s, I’ll be ready.  This winter I’m going to stay warm while being bundled up with some of my favorite winter essentials that you can score at a thrift store!

My Five Winter Essentials


This first one is my personal favorite (and weakness): Sweaters.  I love sweaters.  Sweaters are an absolute winter essential in my book.  I have at least 15 sweaters (or possibly more…I don’t think I want to count).  For $5-$7, I can get a super chic sweater from Banana Republic, JCREW, Forever 21 and some random brands I haven’t even heard of before.  You can find thick knit, thin knit, handmade, and every type of sweater there is at the thrift store.  Just remember to check the sweater for loose threads, holes, or stains.


Jeans.  Not only are they winter essentials but they’re wardrobe essentials.  So, it’s worthwhile to find a good pair.  I know some people that hate looking for jeans at a thrift store.  But I’ve honestly found a ton of good ones.  You just need to have some patience and take the time to try them on.  Because some jeans like Vintage Levi’s or Lei’s jeans are sized differently than they are now.  Not only can you find a a huge variety of vintage jeans but you can also find more modern fits like skinny jeans from American Eagle, Hollister, Abercrombie and Fitch, AEROpostale, PACSUN, you name it they probably have it.  In the past, I have found Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, 7 for all mankind, and Lucky Brand at the thrift store.


Turtlenecks are making a comeback people and they are quickly becoming winter essentials.  Turtlenecks are great for layering.  They look great layered under summer dresses or worn on their own with a cool pair of jeans.  Trust me, when you walk in to a thrift store it’s like walking through the 80s and 90s (which is not always a bad thing).  Especially if you love that 90s look.  And guess what the 80s and 90s have a lot of.  TURTLENECKS.  Go to the long-sleeve section of your thrift store and start treasure hunting.


There are always a HUGE pile of scarves, so get ready to dig.  Blanket scarves are definitely winter essentials, especially when the weather starts to drop to the teens.  I’ve found two blanket scarves at Goodwill that I’m absolutely in love with.  One was only $3.50 and the other was $5.  They’re both great deals, super soft, and super warm.


If you love a good deal, you definitely need to check out the jacket section at your local thrift store.  They sometimes have trendy puffer jackets, classic denim jackets, and sometimes even a cool leather jacket.  My friend actually scored a genuine leather jacket for $20 at Goodwill!  It’s slightly cropped and absolutely adorable.  For me, denim jackets are where it’s at.  I love seeing the patched denim jackets on Pinterest and the ones with cool banners on the back.  So, I’ve been hunting for loose-fitting boxy cut denim jackets ever since.  I’ve actually collected three of them already.

Whenever you go to a thrift store, just remember to have fun. Take each aisle one by one and don’t get overwhelmed.  There’s a lot of stuff.  Underneath all the stuff, your treasure awaits.

Quick tip: Remember if you like it, buy it.

You can always alter it, distress it, or customize it.

My top 3 Thrifting Tips will be coming soon to the blog!

It’s also FRIYAY! So if you’re in VA, check out this linkup!

Four Tips for Mixing Patterns

Hello Beauties,
I hope you guys are having a wonderful day and an awesome beginning of 2014!  In case you missed my guest post in NYC Fit Food and Fashion!  Here it is!

I am in love with the mixing patterns trend!  And I just thought I’ll share with you guys a few tips and tricks to mixing patterns!

  1. Color palette
  2. Size of patterns
  3. Fit/ Structure of the pieces
  4. Pulling it all together
What do I mean by color palette?
It means that the colors in both of your patterned pieces should somewhat match or one or both of the pattern pieces should be neutral colored.  Clashing colors on various patterns will create clashing outfits, and that is not a very pretty sight because the patterns could overwhelm you.
Why does the size of patterns matter?
The size of the patterns you’re mixing together matters because huge patterns on top of huge patterns will swallow you up!  You can mix big patterns with small patterns or small patterns with small patterns for a cute look.
What are the fit or structure of your pieces?
When mixing patterns its important not to go too oversized.  I know, I’m a sucker for oversized things too, but when mixing patterns the oversized look could look too overwhelming especially for those more petite sized.  Try something that is more fitted or only slightly oversized, so that when the patterns are mixed you still look put together and polished.
How do you pull the whole outfit together?
After mixing your patterned pieces, it is important that you finish off the look with some neutral pieces.  With a dress or skirt, pair the outfit with black tights and black shoes to elongate your legs.  Or if you’re wearing pants, pair the outfit with a nude pump or any neutral flat or heel.  When mixing patterns keep the accessories to a minimum because the mixture of patterns is enough of a statement.
All right, that’s it!  I hope your guys have some fun with mixing patterns!  I would love to check out some of your ideas!  Put the link below to your blog or your instagram, so I can check out your outfit!  Love your guys so much!  I’ll talk to you guys soon!  Bye!
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