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How To Apply Fake Nails

Do you remember the first time you applied false lashes?  Yeah, I actually caused my eye to swell.  I kept on gluing and removing because I could not get the false lashes lined up with my natural ones.  It took me over an hour and my results were awesome lashes on one eye and a swollen eye lid on the other.

Since then, I have been hesitant to try applying fake anything.  But ImPRESS nails surprised me.  They made it super easy to apply fake nails.  Their self-adhesive nails came with easy instructions and I was done in half an hour!

To prepare your nails, remove all nail polish from your nails.  After your done, make sure to wash your hands with warm water and soap.  This will clean your nails and break down any oils or residue on them.

ImPRESS nails also comes with a “prep pad” that really cleans your nails and prepares for the nail adhesive. This step is important because any type of oil or residue on your nail will prevent the adhesive from really sticking to your nails.

Now, make some room.  You’re going to lay out all the fake nails and find which ones fit your nails.  A nail that fits covers the whole nail and touches both edges of your nails.  Once you found a match, lay them out.

Time for the fun part!  Peel off the adhesive backing and slide the nail to the bottom edge of your nail.  Press the nail firmly down the middle then on the sides.  Repeat this step with all your nails.
Pro tip: Always do your thumb nails last because you will be using your thumbs to peel off the adhesive backing.
For the first 30 minutes after applying your nails, repeated press the nails down firmly to ensure that the fake nail is adhered securely.  Unlike painting your nails, you can immediately start typing, playing the piano, or driving without any fear of chipping.  (Just don’t get your fingers wet, until an hour has passed!)
I love Impress nails because they are so easy to apply.  I have tried fake nails that come with a bottle glue and let’s just say, I’m never going back.  ImPRESS nails come with a self-adhesive strip on the nails, so no glue is needed.  Just peel the plastic backing off and stick them on!  Plus, the adhesive on Impress nails are safe on natural nails, so you don’t need to apply any base coats.
Since putting on my adhesive nails, I have typed three articles, washed the dishes, made salsa, cooked dinner, and cleaned my room.  And guess what?  These nails are still on my fingers!  If I painted my nails today, I probably would have chipped at least six nails already.  The Ultra-hold technology in ImPRESS nails is seriously IMPRESSive (See, what I did there?)
Impress nails have a gel-like shine that is hard to beat for the price and quality!  They can be found at Walgreens for only $7.99! Check out their site to see what amazing patterns they have in stock: www.imPRESSmanicure.com
Stay tuned, for my next post, where we’ll learn How to Remove Fake Nails!
**Disclaimer: I received this product free for reviewing purposes.
All opinions expressed are my honest opinion.**

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