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Where’s My Evian?

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Does anybody else remember that line from the Parent Trap?  What can I say, I’m a Disney child.  Anyway that was one of my favorite movies.  And has anybody tried Oreos and peanut butter?  It’s actually quite good…and probably really not good for you.

But this summer, I will definitely be asking for My Evian because the Evian Facial spray is cool and refreshing.  I can totally see myself using this in the summer.  The bottle is not too big, so you can easily carry it in your purse for a quick freshening up.  There is also no fragrance in the spray.  I love this stuff.  Plus, a light mist of this stuff gives you pretty dewey skin that looks fresh and hydrated.

I don’t think the Evian facial spray helps your makeup last longer, but it definitely refreshes and cools your skin, leaving it looking healthy and dewey.  I like this dewey effect because it won’t leave my face looking like an oil slick a few hours later.

When I use this Evian spray, I spray it about half an arms length away from my face so it just leaves a light mist.  If you spray too close to your face, you’ll end up with a wet face and smeared makeup, which generally not the look people are going for.  And who would want to mess up all that hard work you put in to your makeup?

I like to freshen my face throughout the day.  And I usually blot the excess oil off my face, then spray a light mist over my face for a dewey look.  I love my matte foundations, but sometimes you can look cakey and dry with completely matte foundations.  I like a little bit of dewiness, but sometimes dewey foundations feel too heavy and are too hydrating for my combination skin, making my skin look really shiny.

What do you like to use to freshen up?
**I received this product free for reviewing purposes.
And all opinions expressed in this post are my honest opinion**