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The Perfect Drugstore Dupe for Urban Decay 1993 and Kat Von D Lolita

drugstore dupe

Drugstore dupe?

Heck yes!  What a great way to finish off the holiday season, am I right?

Since I had a day off from work today, I decided to have a little fun with makeup (as you do).  And I put on my latest obsession which is a warm matte eye look.  Then, finished off the look with my favorite nude lipstick, Urban Decay 1993.  As I was applying my go-to NYX lip liner I discovered that I had a dupe in my hands.

From the perspective of a working college student, I knew I had to share this amazing revelation.  I’ve searched google and Pinterest for thousands of dupes.  What can I say?  I have expensive taste.

I love how the cool toned nude balances out the warm-toned eyes.  Currently, my go-to lipsticks are Urban Decay 1993 and Kat Von D Lolita.  And with some quick swatches, I actually found out that they are almost identical.  What???

I’ve had these two in my collection for over a year now and just discovered this.  It’s honestly mind-blowing.  But save yourself some cash this New Year and grab up these awesome dupes!

The Drugstore Dupe

drugstore dupeFor this dupe, you need the NYX lipliners: Nude truffle, natural, and mahogany.   Now mix and blend.  Congrats, you have an identical shade to the Urban Decay 1993 lipstick and Kat Von D Lolita!

This dupe matches perfectly in both shade and tone.

Plus, the NYX lipliners are super creamy, blendable, and don’t have that harsh pencil smell.  These lipliners give you that perfect brownie nude pout without the hefty price tag!  Plus, I love using these lipliners on their own too.

FYI, Nude Truffle is the perfect brown nude.  It’s cool toned without looking too harsh.  Honestly, it is the perfect shade in my humble opinion.

Quick makeup tip: Mixing and blending lipliners is a great way to create an endless number of looks with just three lipliners!

Playing with makeup is fun.  When I’m mixing lipliners I feel like I’m five again, mixing all my lipsmacker lip glosses to create my favorite shade, ultra glittery.  I’m like an evil genius. MUHHAHAHAHA!  Anyone else have that Dr. Jekyll and Hyde song stuck in their head from Arthur now?  Just me?  Cool, I’ll see myself out.

What’s your favorite lipstick at the moment?

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