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Book Review: Girl Boss by Sophia Amoruso l Should You Read It?

girl boss book

Girl Boss is a hit! Ever since HULU released their exclusive show, the book’s popularity has soared once again.  Quite frankly, I read this book a few months ago amidst the Nasty Gal bankruptcy and Sophia Amoruso controversy. Despite working insanely hard to grow Nasty Gal in to a huge fashion franchise, Amoruso stepped down as CEO once the company started taking financial hits.  Instead she focused on her own new-found popularity as a Girl Boss (or to her playing a more important role as an author and general famous person).

I started reading Girl Boss around November and didn’t actually finish the book till mid-January.   It was one of those books that I read a chapter of and tossed aside.  But as I was back in school again (after swearing up and down that I’ll never go back).  I needed a pick-me-up so I thought hey, why not?  And picked up Girl Boss to continue reading where I left off.

Book Review: Girl Boss

At this point in the book, Amoruso is just starting to get her sh** together.  She works harder than ever before and starts devoting most of her time building her ebay store.  Her hard work pays off (sort of).  Spoiler alert! She starts getting regular customers at her ebay store.  After getting a few good checks from Ebay, Amoruso took the plunge and quit her job.  She devoted every second of her life to fixing pictures, answering questions, writing descriptions for each vintage piece, and styling them for cover photos.  Her devotion and concentration paid off because just a year from that day she started up her own website.  The the website got bigger so she expanded.  She built a company that had to move in less than a year because they simply outgrew the space.

The book documents the growth of Amoruso’s company and her own personal growth.  It’s an inspiring novel that speaks to younger generations who are fed up of hearing about their parent’s hard work pays off lecture.  Amoruso speaks to us in a fun and encouraging way.  She has a call-to-action in her book that is simply too hard to ignore.

The Nasty Gal Controversy

However, as we’ve read from financial reports Nasty Gal did take a financial hit and to the media, it seemed like Amoruso was jumping ship when she stepped down as CEO.  But some financial advisors said it was smart, praising her for getting as far as she did with no prior knowledge of the inner workings of business.

What do you think? Did you like Girl Boss? Are you watching it on HULU?

Falling for Books: Neil Patrick Harris Choose Your Own AutoBiography

It’s officially fall!  Time to break out the sweaters, candles, vampy lipsticks, dark nail polish, boots, cozy blankets, and books.  Lots and lots of books.  After I light a candle, I love to put a blanket over my legs, grab a cushion to put over my lap, and start reading my book.

I just finished reading Neil Patrick Harris’ autobiography.  This book matches NPH’s personality perfectly.  It’s funny, witty, and heartwarming.  The “Choose Your Own” Autobiography option makes you want to re-read the book and choose a different life.

There are some memoirs where the author loses sight of their own voice.  But as you read through the pages of NPH’s book, you can almost hear him say everything word for word.  If there is an audiobook version of NPH reading his book.  I need it.

This autobiography is really well written and well organized.  “Choose your own Adventure” books can become really unorganized and even confusing at times.  But this autobiography (no matter what life path you chose) made sense and was in chronological order.  I have read through two life paths already and both were equally entertaining.

I fell in love with NPH all over again after reading this book.  He is amazing, funny, and knows how to make an impression.  “How I Met Your Mother” may have ended but I’m definitely going to go re-watch the whole series now.

WARNING: Don’t read this in the library or with a face mask on because you will laugh out loud reading this book.  And laughing with a face mask on just hurts and makes you feel like your face is going to crack off.

I don’t want to give any spoilers in this “falling for books” series, so I’ll leave it at that.
What book are you currently reading? Comment down below!*Disclaimer: I received this book free for reviewing purposes.  All opinions expressed are my own.*

Book Review: He Wanted the Moon

Here’s the first of many book reviews on my blog!  

This book was a surprisingly easy read.  I loved how the text flowed and how easy it was to just sit down and read it cover to cover.  The style of writing in her father’s manuscript is interesting and something I have never encountered before.  His style of writing is distinct and straight-forward. There is no flowery language or rose-colored glasses in this book.  Dr. Perry Baird’s writing definitely reflects his occupation and reputation.  His manuscript is almost like an entry in a scientific journal.  Baird’s moments of clarity and mania are very distinct in his manuscript.  It is definitely something I have to read again to get all the details.  Being a Biology minor, I found a lot of the science and biological concepts interesting.  Dr. Perry Baird researches in great detail his family tree and how the disease is passed on.  I also found it interesting how diseases such as manic-depression were perceived in society.  I cannot imagine a doctor telling family members to just forget their loved ones and move on.  It’s interesting to see how medicine has advanced in such a short time-span.

Mimi Baird seamlessly blends her side of the story with her father’s manuscript.  The change in narration never felt abrupt.  I also found the pictures, charts, and clips from her father’s manuscript interesting.  Because at some points of the novel, I forgot this book was non-fiction.  The manuscript and the pictures help bring the people to life because I could actually see them and their handwriting.  
Once you get in to this book, it will definitely become a tear-jerker.  (WARNING!)  Dr. Perry Baird describes in great detail the various treatments doctors used to treat his manic-depression.  

If you like reading about society in the early 1900s and various medical treatments during that time, this book is perfect for you.  This book gives you an in-depth look on every aspect of manic-depression from the patient, family members, society, and psychological institutions.

I am always looking for more books to read, so if you have a good one, leave it in the comments below!

**I received this book free for reviewing purposes.  All opinions expressed are my honest opinion.**