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My Favorite Spring Outfits

Spring is finally here!  The rain is starting to get me down a little bit, but warmer weather is coming.  I can feel it.  It my eyes, nose, and throat.  Thanks, allergies.  Anyway, here is a video of my three favorite spring outfits!  These three outfits are super easy to just throw together and you’ll always look super chic even if you pushed the snooze button a few times too many this morning. 
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Five Reasons Why You Need a Garment Rack

It seems like every fashion blogger in the world has a garment rack.  Every time you go on to Pinterest or Instagram you see hundreds of pins and pics of lust worthy racks.  Whether they are color coordinated or monochromatic, these garment racks are the new HOT item in home decor.  And if the constant pics of garment racks on your feed isn’t enough to convince you to get one, here are five reasons why you need a garment rack.

1. It can be a functional art piece.

You can use a garment rack to artfully display your favorite accessories and pieces.  A garment rack is personalized home decor.  Garment racks come in a variety of sizes and styles.  Currently, I am loving the industrial looking ones with the pipe frames.

2. You can easily put different pieces in to your current wardrobe rotation.

I don’t know about you, but stuff just gets lost in my closet.  I probably wear about 25% of my closet most of the time. But with a garment rack, you can rotate out different pieces in your closet and wear more of your closet.
A garment rack is also great for changing seasons.  Garment racks make it so easy to transition your winter sweaters and jackets to the long sleeve tops and cardigans in the spring and to the summer’s crop tops and high-waisted shorts, then to fall’s flannels.

3. A garment rack stores your pre-planned outfits.

Every time I go on YouTube, Pinterest, or catch up on Fashion blogs, I get more inspiration for outfits. And because I see so many outfits, sometimes they just get lost in my head.  When I feel inspired, I create outfits with pieces I have in my closet and hang them up on my garment rack.  So, on days where I don’t know what to wear, I can just grab one of those pre-planned outfits.

Currently, my go-to outfits are a loose dress layered under a flannel and a crop top layered with a flannel and black skinnies because I love oversized things.

4. You can finally take those perfect Instagram closet pictures!

Garment racks are all over Instagram and Pinterest.  And as long as you keep your garment rack clutter-free, you will always have an inspirational and Instagram worthy closet.

5. A garment rack is the perfect place to put your favorite go-to shoes.

The little bars on the bottom of the garment rack are the perfect place to put your go-to shoes.  Since your shoes are right there in the open, it’s an easy grab and go.

If you’re looking for a garment rack now, go to Target.com and search for “garment rack.”

On Ikea.com, type in “Frame with rod” to see a variety of garment racks.  Have fun shopping!  Garment racks don’t actually cost that much you get some for less than $35, which is perfect for the college student on a budget! 

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