New Drugstore Releases You HAVE to try (Seriously, go buy it and they are WORTH the Hype!)

I used to believe that drugstore products were second to higher end brands such as Tarte or Urban Decay.But Tati from GlamLifeGuru and Kathleen from KathleenLights have changed my mind.  Now, drugstores are treasure coves of unexplored makeup. And there’s always new drugstore releases and displays at CVS, Walgreens, Ulta, and Rite Aid.  (Which is super exciting!)

So, when I got the chance to try out Revlon’s new highlighter and blush duo.  I knew I had to jump on it!

new drugstore releases revlon highlighter and blush

And I have to say that these new drugstore releases seriously proved me wrong.  Revlon’s highlighter and blush duo is now my go-to product for a natural and healthy flush of color.

Review of Revlon Highlighter and Blush Duo

new drugstore releases Revlon highlight and blush duo photoready primer

These two cream sticks are the perfect combination for a flawless and natural look.  I have the Revlon Blush and Highlighter DUO in Medium which gives you the blush in NUDE Kiss and the highlight in Gold Light.

The blush blends beautifully in to the skin and the highlighter has the perfect amount of shimmer! And what I really love about the highlighter is that it doesn’t have chunks of glitter in it! For this reason, the highlighter looks super luxurious and high-end.  The texture of this highlighter is very similar to the Marc Jacobs glow stick but the color is a little more golden than the Marc Jacobs highlighter stick.

Plus, the blush is very similar in texture and consistency to the Makeup Forever HD blushes (which I’m currently obsessed with!). The Revlon blush in to the skin beautifully just like the Makeup Forever one.  I’m in love!  I definitely need to pick up more colors. And if you want to pick these things up, go now because the highlight and blush duo are limited edition!  However, you can buy them separately at CVS.

Now, whenever I see new drugstore releases from Revlon, I need to buy the whole display (LOL)!

Review of Revlon PhotoReady Primer

I have been a long-time user of Smashbox PhotoFinish Primer. BUT this one might take the cake.

I’ve also tried the Benefit That Gal Primer, which was recommended by BubzBeauty and I’d buy anything she recommends so…

Anyway, the Benefit That Gal primer is a brightening primer and leaves your skin with a natural glow.  Which is exactly what the Revlon PhotoReady Primer does!  Do I dare say its a dupe?

I’d say, “YES IT IS!” The Revlon PhotoReady Primer is not as pink as the That Gal primer but it still leaves your skin with a nice glow and subtle shimmer.

How To Save Money On New Drugstore Releases

CVS Extrabucks are LIFE!  Seriously, you can buy one product, get Extrabucks for your purchase, and use those Extrabucks on your next transaction!  So it literally pays to separate your transactions!

It’s insanely awesome! If you want to learn more, stay tuned for a new blog post!

new drugstore releases revlon highlighter and blush duo and photoready primer

**Disclaimer: I received the Revlon highlighter, blush, and Photoready primer free for reviewing purposes.

All opinions expressed are my own.**

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Links à la Mode, April 27th

5 Korean Fashion Websites without Shipping Fees (That You HAVE to Check Out!)

korean fashion websites without shipping fees

Korean beauty and fashion is the BEST!  I’m in love with everything.  Unfortunately, I live in the US so it’s pretty hard to buy Korean stuff without being charged an insane shipping fee.

It’s awesome that TONY MOLY, BELIF, Dr. Jart, LANEIGE, and a few other Korean beauty brands can now be found at Ulta, Sephora, and Target.  But Korean fashion is still very hard to find in the US if not impossible to find.

After hours of browsing the almost too cute to be real pictures of Korean fashion, you click add to cart and just as you’re about to click “check out,” your heart stops.  You see the $60 shipping charge and you slowly close your web browser.  Your dream of shopping Korean Fashion Websites without shipping fees seems impossible.  After hours of window shopping, it seems like you’re just going to have to find “inspired” pieces at Forever 21 and H&M.

BUT I’m here to tell you that there are Korean Fashion Websites Without Shipping Fees. Yes, they aren’t the unicorns of the fashion industry anymore.  They’re real.  Seriously!

So, I have compiled a list of sites where you can shop for all your favorite styles on Korean Fashion Websites without shipping fees.

The 5 Korean Fashion Websites Without Shipping Fees

First on the list is my one and only love.  Stylenanda.  There aesthetic and style is just perfect!  They can do no wrong in my eyes.

Stylenanda has a great selection of 3CE cosmetics.  3CE is awesome and many of their products like blushes are under $15 and they’re nail polishes are all under $8!  When I saw this, I think my brain just melted.  Trust me, it took a lot of self-control to not buy one in every color.

Many Stylenanda pieces are under $40 which is amazing!  On the Stylenanda site, you get free shipping with a purchase of over $200.  I know that seems like a lot but for me, it’s worth it.  If you’re looking for trendy items, you won’t get any better than Stylenanda.  Korean fashion is generally two years ahead of the US and the UK so grab these pieces up and be the true trendsetter!

TIP: Watch for sales!  They just had a 30%-50% off apparel sale!  (I was impatient and already placed my order- so I could have saved like $20…)

Best Budget-Friendly Korean Fashion Websites Without Shipping Fees

If $200 is out of your budget, then ASOS will become your best friend.  They sell a few pieces from Stylenanda now and they have free shipping over $50 plus FREE returns.  Yes, you read that right.  If it doesn’t fit or look right or you just changed your mind, you can return it.  Thank you ASOS for stocking Stylenanda.

A recent discovery is Kooding.  It’s like a Korean marketplace with lots of trendy Korean brands such as CHUU.  For orders, over $75 you get free shipping!  CHUU is famous for their -5kg jeans.  I desperately want to get my hands on a pair!

**They’re called loose weight jeans on the site, if you’re searching for them on the Kooding site.

On the CHUU site, there will be an $8.99 shipping charge (no matter how much you spend).  Which actually isn’t that bad compared to Aland’s insanely high shipping charges.  I was looking at buying a bottle of sunscreen and the shipping charge was $40.  If I bought the sweater I wanted with the sunscreen, the shipping charge was $60.  WHAT??!??

Aliexpress and Ebay also sell a lot of Korean fashion stuff, but I would stick to head accessories on these sites.  The sizing can be off and the material of some of these clothes can be very hit or miss.  But the prices are super affordable so if you don’t mind losing a few dollars then go ahead and buy it.  Who knows? It might be one of the good ones.

Aliexpress and Ebay Reviews

From Aliexpress and Ebay, I’ve bought beanies, a hat, headbands, tank tops, and bralets.  Overall, I’m pretty satisfied with my purchases but here are the full reviews of each product.

I bought the super trendy, “Bad Hair Day” beanie from Ebay for $3. The material of the beanie is very similar to the ones they sell in Forever 21.

For the hat, it’s super structured and made of a weird felt-plastic material. But what should I expect for $3?  It’s cute for pictures or as decor for your walls.  You just can’t really wear it out without feeling like you’re wearing one of those Luck of the Irish green hats from Party City.

For those super cute bunny ear headbands, Aliexpress and Ebay are perfect.  I’ve bought five so far and they cost less than a $1!  They’re not the best quality but they look really cute.

The tank tops I bought from Ebay were actually pretty soft.  They were just a really awkward length, so I cropped it.  But other than that they were surprisingly good.  Sometimes on cheap clothing sites, it lists the material as cotton blend and you get a very itchy material that feels quite strange.

The bralets I wouldn’t really recommend buying from Ebay.  I bought knock-off Chiyo tops from Ebay and they are cute, but almost impossible to put on unless you’re and XS or S.  And the  material is really flimsy so they’re semi-see-through.  The thing that really bugs me is that you can see the pads in the bralet.  Plus, one of my bralets came with a bent pad so I had to replace it with one from my swimsuits.


Facial Peels vs Exfoliating Scrubs: What You Need to Know

facial peels vs exfoliating scrubs
The importance of exfoliation has literally been pounded in to our heads.  But now there’s a new trend going around, facial peels (AKA chemical exfoliants or chemical peels).  So what’s the difference between facial peels vs exfoliating scrubs?

For a beauty and skincare junkie like me, I’ll give anything a fair shot.  So, when I got a chance to try a facial peel, I jumped at it.  Here’s what I found.

What’s the Difference Between Facial Peels vs Exfoliating Scrubs

Many facial peels have a negative connotation.  They bring to mind scary red faces and maybe even a painful procedure.  Well, I’m here to banish those thoughts.

Before trying out the D’OR24k multivitamin Recovery Facial Peel, I had no idea how gentle a facial peel can be.  I thought for sure my face is going to feel that advertised “refreshing tingling sensation” that can sometimes be better equate to my face feels like its being burned off.

The D’OR24K facial peel is super gentle.  It has a gentle gel-like texture and feels like those popular Asian Jelly Masks that you leave on your face for 20 minutes.  After spreading the gel over your face, you’re going to gently massage the gel over your face in circular motions.  It feels amazing. Plus, the gold flecks in the facial peel makes it super luxurious.

After you’ve rubbed the product thoroughly over your face (I’d say about two-three minutes) rinse your face with warm water.  Your face now feels baby soft and surprisingly not stripped or tight.  Now follow-up the peel with your favorite toner, essence, serum, and finish off with the D’OR24K multi vitamin day cream. This cream is thick and super hydrating.  It absorbs quickly in to your skin without leaving any greasy or sticky feeling.

facials peels vs exfoliating scrubs will facial peels irritate my skin

FAQs: Will Facial Peels irritate my skin?

Maybe.  There is no definitive answer unless you’ve actually given it a try.  But in our comparison between facial peels vs exfoliating scrubs, I would say exfoliating scrubs are much harsher than facial peels because the little beads or granules in the scrub are rough against the skin.  This leads to irritation and redness.

But I know, the term facial peel puts a scary image in many people’s head including mine.  Before I actually tried a facial peel, all I could imagine is a red splotchy face with skin peeling in all directions. But the two facial peels I’ve tried so far have been quite gentle and leave my skin feeling smooth without feeling completely stripped of moisture.

I have acne-prone skin and have breakouts like 80% of the time.  So I tend to not exfoliate because it actually hurts to do so.  However, by not exfoliating my skin, my pores get clogged and even more breakouts emerge.  It seemed like a lose-lose situation.

But, since I discovered the D’OR 24K facial peel. My skin feels so much smoother because the hyper-pigmentation has diminished and my acne scars significantly less noticeable.  When using a facial peel, ALWAYS try out a test area first to make sure you’re not allergic.

Once you have rinsed off your facial peel, always hydrate and moisturize with serums because this is the optimal time for product to absorb in to your face.  I love using the D’OR 24k cream because it’s hydrating without being sticky.

If you have sensitive skin, you should definitely give D’OR24K a try because their products are packed with vitamins that are good for your skin and it’s completely unscented.

**Disclaimer: I received the D’OR24K facial peel and cream free for reviewing purposes.
All opinions expressed are my own.**

The Bleaching Process: Going from Virgin Asian Hair to Ash Blonde

the bleaching process virgin asian hair to ash blonde

Soooo, a few months ago I decided to knock an item off my bucket list.  I wanted to be blonde.  But going from virgin Asian hair to blonde is not an easy process and not a process that should be done overnight.  Both of which I did.

I am by NO means a hair professional but this is my story about going blonde.  The best and SAFEST way to dye your hair is through a professional.  That is my disclaimer.  Now, onto the fun part.

The Research

Before starting the bleaching process, I googled (as many people do) how to bleach my hair at home.  I don’t recommend doing this but I’m a college student on a budget and could not afford to do this in a salon.

After buying a bleaching powder and volume developer on Amazon, I waited (not so patiently) for the package to arrive.  Those seven to fourteen business days felt like five million years.  I just wanted to be blonde.

Surprisingly, there isn’t much on the internet about Asians going blonde.  There are a ton of pictures but no “How To” guide other than Wengie and a few other beauty blogger posts.

Wengie’s post about dyeing Asian Hair is super helpful.  I would definitely check it out.  Click HERE to read her post.

The Bleaching Process

Going from Asian hair to blonde, you will encounter roughly three bleaching phases: the red, the orange, and the yellow.

For my hair, I used the Loreal true blue bleaching powder and a 40 volume developer.  Because I was impatient, my bleaching process was all done in one sitting.  (CUE the dramatic gasp of EVERY hair stylist in world).  Essentially, I went from dark virgin Asian Hair to yellow colored hair in one night.  I know, I know that it’s terrible for my hair and I just damaged my hair to oblivion. Trust me, I felt the damage too.  My hair felt like straw that’s been laid out in the sun to dry.

There is absolutely NO way I can recommend that you do this. By the second round of bleaching, my scalp felt itchy and a slight burning sensation. When my friend and I finally applied the box dye to my head after two rounds of bleaching, it stung quite badly.

Plus, there are horror stories about people’s hair falling out after harsh bleaching so be careful and you’ve been warned.  When bleaching your hair, patience is definitely a virtue (that I wish I had).

After the first round of bleaching

the bleaching process first round of bleaching

Second round

the bleaching process second round of bleaching

*If I was to bleach my hair again, I would definitely go for a 20-30 volume developer because my hair felt like straw after bleaching with the 40 volume.

The Dyeing Process

the bleaching process asian to ash blonde hair

I just used a box dye, the Clairol Light Ash Blonde.  The color turned out pretty well. After the bleaching process was finally over, I was so excited.  I already washed my hair like five times already LOL.

How to Maintain Blonde Hair

The bleaching process takes away color.  But since my asian hair is so dark, there is a definite warm tone to it.  Without the proper shampoo, my hair will be brassy and orange very quickly (which is definitely not a look I”m going for).

the bleaching process my ash blond hair

Whenever you dye your hair, you want to maintain it for as long as possible and that means less hair washing which means dry shampoo is your best friend.

But if you wash your hair only once or twice a week, then you’ll have a lot of product build up from all the styling cremes, dry shampoo, and leave in conditioners you put in your hair.

The Products: Shampoo and Conditioner

the bleaching process shampoo and conditioner

I’ve been using Finesse shampoo and conditioner once a week to clean up product build-up. It’s amazing. It gets rid of the powdery white specks on your hair after too many days of dry shampoo and it gets rid of that sticky feeling in your hair when you have used too much texturizing spray.

My hair feels truly clean after messaging the shampoo in to my scalp.  Plus, it smells fabulous.  I’ve never been a huge fan of Kendall Jenner but she chose a seriously great shampoo.  Finesse is also super affordable, you can find it at your local Walgreens. (Collect up your points there and save a TON of money on drugstore products!)

To prevent my hair from getting brassy, I wash my hair with blue shampoo about four times a month.  JOICO’s purple shampoo is seriously amazing.  It leaves my hair feeling soft and my hair is NOT orange or brassy.  WIN!

The Products (AKA giving life back to my hair)

After bleaching my hair twice in one night, you can probably imagine how dry and damaged it is.  Yeah, figure that in and multiply by ten.

I use Argan oil and the John Frieda Detangling leave in conditioner. I apply Argan oil to my mid-shaft and ends after washing my hair.  After my hair has air dried for a bit, I spray an insane amount of the John Frieda leave-in conditioner all over my head.

These two combined leave my hair much softer and less tangled.  My hair is seriously a tangled mess after bleaching and dyeing it. There is a tangle or a knot in my hair, the second after I finish brushing it.

That’s it.  It was fun being blonde for a month but my hair grows fast and my roots took over.  I’m now a light ash brown.  But if you have any questions or an experience you want to share, please comment down below!

**Disclaimer: I recived the Finesse Shampoo and Conditioner FREE for reviewing purposes.

All opinions expressed are my own!**