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October Book Review: Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami

Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami

I first found out about Murakami’s book from Clothesencounters favorites video.  She recommended 1Q84. Jenn has amazing tastes in books so I had to buy it.  While I watched the video, I looked on Amazon for the book.  Then, after reading 1Q84, I couldn’t stop. I need more Murakami books.

Murakami is an amazing writer.  In his books, the settings and character development are always detailed and amazing. He plays with complex ideas and presents them in a very well thought-out manner. So, here’s my review of Kafka On The Shore.

The Main Characters: Kafka and Nakata

In this novel, Murakami plays with the concept of time and memories.  Like many of Murakami’s books, he focuses on two characters.  Kafka Tamura and Nakata are the main characters of Kafka on the Shore.

The readers follow young Kafka Tamura as he runs away from his home in Nakano Ward to the mysterious library in the outskirt of town.  After he runs away, strange things start happening around town.  In the center of these strange things is Nakata. He is an older gentlemen that can’t understand all the things that happen to him. So, Nakata simply accepts everything without question.

Kafka and Nakata’s Friends

Along the way, the two make friends that help them through their journey to self-discovery.  The first friend is an attractive young girl named Sakura.  He has an immediate attraction to her and quickly develops an odd sibling relationship with her.

But when Kafka wakes up covered in blood one day, he runs away (again). He leaves Sakura a note and continues on his journey.  Kafka’s love for reading leads him to a library where he meets Oshima.

Oshima is an employee at the library that Kafka learns to confide in when dangerous circumstances start appearing. He works at the front desk and greets every person coming in.  He has a love for music and philosophical topics.

At the library, Kafka also meets Miss Saeki.  In the story, Miss Saeki is a quiet woman.  She keeps to herself and usually stays in her office unless she’s giving people a tour of the library.

However Kafka’s feelings toward her are unsettling.  In other words, he’s young and confused.  So he goes out to search for answers.  But his search quickly got him tangled in situations he shouldn’t be in.

Conclusion: The review of Kafka on the Shore

Murakami weaves a beautiful story about the fluidity of time, growing up, and discovering one’s purpose in life.  Every character has a past and in these pasts, Murakami creates characters that are genuine and captivating.

Murakami weaves these different stories together in a magical way.  His method of writing takes you on a journey through the eyes of a variety of characters.  The character’s stories blend seamlessly together.  And funny enough, the adventure for this book starts at a library.

Murakami’s Kafka On The Shore is definitely a book worth re-reading. My descriptions are kept purposefully vague because I don’t want to give spoilers! But this book is definitely a page-turner. After the reading the book, you’ll question, “What is truly real?”

What book would you recommend reading?

September Book Review: Eleanor By Jason Gurley

Eleanor by Jason Gurley Book Review

Guys, I love a good book.  Especially since it’s fall and I can light my candles, curl up under a fuzzy blanket and read a great book without sweating my makeup off.  Anyway, I’ve been concentrating so hard on work that I honestly forgot how much I loved to read.  Now, my goal is to read a book a month.

Recently, I just finished Eleanor by Jason Gurley and it was one of those books that really took me by surprise. And before I get all English Major on you, don’t worry.  I won’t spoil the book for you. I’m just going to highlight a few scenes.

Character Development: Eleanor

In Eleanor, Jason Gurley brings the book to life with character development and imagery.  From the very first words, Eleanor comes alive.  Eleanor’s analysis of the rain falling outside tells readers so much about her outlook on life and the state of her mental health.  Gurley’s writing focuses on the subtle details.  And his attention to detail is what makes Eleanor a dream to read.

For example, Gurley describes the way Hob’s slurps his hot tea.  This point let’s the reader learn that he was a soldier in the Korean War.  From this fact, we learn that he spent enough time in Korea to actually learn some of their customs and use them in everyday life.


In addition to character development, Gurley also uses imagery. An example would be the dust on the piano.  This small details tells readers about the critical relationship of Eleanor and her mother.  These small bits of imagery place the readers into the character’s shoes.  Gurley teaches readers that imagery doesn’t have to be graphic to be powerful.

As you read, the story unfolds and time gets lost.  But keep reading.  My advice to you is don’t stop.  Once you get to the end, it’ll all make sense and you’ll want to read it again to catch all the small details.

Stay Tuned for next month’s book review!

Disclaimer: I received this book free for reviewing purposes.  All opinions expressed are my own.

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Book Review: Why Not Me?

Why Not Me? by Mindy Kaling is funny, witty, and smart.  It’s a great read after a long day of work.  And personally, I think it’s kind of fun to be in someone else’s brain for a brief moment.

Mindy Kaling brings her audience in to her brain and shows her readers exactly who she is.  Kaling is relatable and a person we all want to be our best friend.

Before you guys ask, the answer is “No.”  You don’t have to read Kaling’s first book to understand this second book. I didn’t read the first one and I still found this book to be just as funny or funnier than Amy Poehler’s book “Yes Please.”  There are a few jokes here and there and references to Kaling’s first book, but you get the picture.

After laughing out loud while reading this book, I’m definitely going to pick up Kaling’s first book and read it cover to cover.  Kaling’s book gives your brain a break and your lungs a good laugh and sometimes that is exactly what you need at the end of the night.

What books have you been reading? Comment down below!

29 Perfect gifts for gals under 200

29 Perfect Gifts for Gals under $200

There is soooo much stuff out there now.  From makeup to accessories to jewelry and gadgets, what is the perfect gift for your favorite gal?  Narrow down your ideas with this list of the 29 Perfect Gifts for Gals under $200.

Plus, Amazon’s two-day shipping will guarantee that you get it before Christmas!

Urban Decay’s smokey makeup palette is every makeup lover’s dream. ($72)

 If anyone you know is obsessed with rose gold then this palette is perfect! ($86)


From letft to right: NARS matte lip pencil $17, NARS sheer lipstick Dolce Vita $27,  NARS cinematic lipstick full frontal $26

With lipsticks, you can never pick just one, so give her a bunch of them in these great colors!  NARS lipsticks are buttery soft and super pigmented.  She’ll be delighted with just one swatch!

Get her a closet staple she’ll never stop wearing!  This Levi’s denim jacket is great for layering in the winter or worn over a dress in the spring.  ($45)

 Cole Haan gold tip flats- stylish and comfortable ($119)

 Cole Haan Chelsea boots are a fall and winter staple! ($180)

 Kate Spade Gayla sunglasses are cool and chic with its stylish gold hardware ($87)

Ray Ban Erika is a classic frame- perfect for any fashionista! ($67)

Madden Girl Parka is warm, cozy, and don’t forget super cute! ($56)

Anne Klein Wool coat is classic and perfect for the college graduate! ($110)

Anne Klein’s Camel Coat features this year’s trendiest color!  Camel is making a comeback guys!  This neutral is seen everywhere from the runways of Chanel to the classic Burberry trench coat.  So, give your girl a taste of luxury with this beautiful camel coat. ($190)

Nautica Parka is the perfect coat to throw over any winter outfit! ($75)

 Rebecca Minkoff Quilted mini is a classic bag, perfect for any Audrey Hepburn fan! ($190)

Rebecca Minkoff Mini Crossby with Fringe brings Coachella’s easy-spirit style in to the winter months! ($150)

 Rebecca Minkoff Mini Crossby is classic and the perfect addition to any outfit!   ($166)

 Rebecca Minkoff Mini Love is perfect for all Chanel lovers, the quilting, chain, and gold hardware- makes this bag a classic that you can’t miss!   ($195)

 Rebecca Minkoff Mini Moto is edgy and functional! ($195)

Rebecca Minkoff Mini Avery adds a great pop of color to any winter outfit! ($128)

Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac is a classic Rebecca Minkoff bag that every fashion enthusiasts needs in their closet! ($195)

 Kate Spade Cedar Street is minimal and chic, great for a girl on-the-go! ($198)

 Kate Spade Glitter wallet is girly and cute, an amazing addition to any classic black bag!  ($110)

Prada Sunglasses are a luxury item that any girl would be delighted to get!  ($144)

 Who wouldn’t love a Samsung Galaxy Tablet? ($179)

Sterling Silver Ring with beautiful turquoise and coral stones.  These rings are great for layering. ($132)

Handmade Sterling Silver Ring, silver rings are in!  So, grab them now and get Lua’s (from Le-happy) effortlessly chic look! ($120)

Small Sterling silver ring, perfect for stacking!  ($15)

Engraved gold bar necklace is personalized and super cute!  This 18 karat gold plated necklace is perfect for layering or worn on it’s own!  ($35)

 These pineapple Stud earrings are in 10 karat gold and add a touch of fun to any outfit! ($44)

Minimal chic is super trendy, so grab these 10 Karat gold bar studs for her this Christmas.  She’ll be wearing them all the time!  ($32)

And that concludes the list for the 29 perfect gifts for gals under $200!

What gifts do you like to receive for the holidays? Comment down below!

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