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Greek Yogurt for Your Hair? + The Benefits of Greek Yogurt for Hair and Body

By now, I know a lot of you already know about the benefits of Greek yogurt for your diet.  It’s packed with protein.

Greek Yogurt For Your Hair (that is NOT gross and sticky)

But did you know it’s also great for your hair?  Yes, I just said Greek yogurt for your hair.  Now, I’m not just talking about the DIY hair and face mask made with greek yogurt and honey.  Trust me, I made it before and it was slightly gross and a B**** to wash off.

Also an important reminder about DIY greek yogurt for your hair and face.  You have to get PLAIN yogurt so the sugars and other flavorings don’t break you out or leave your face and hair feeling sticky and you feeling slightly nauseated after having the mask in your hair for ten minutes. (You know just a quick FYI, since I see recipes for these DIY masks all over YouTube and Pinterest….)

What I’m actually talking about today is much more exciting and much less gross.  Greek yogurt for your hair in a brand new Shampoo and Conditioner sold at Walgreens!  And guess who’s it by? HASK! Of course!

I love HASK hair care because it’s affordable, smells great, and takes care of my hair without any sulfates or parabens!

HASK greek yogurt shampoo and conditioner comes in a variety of scents.  My favorite is Pomegranate.  It’s sweet and fruity- the perfect scent for summer!  Since I bleached me hair, I’ve been loving the Deep Conditioner from HASK!  It leaves my hair feeling softer, stronger, and shinier.  And did I mention that HASK is affordable??!??  I hate having sulfates and parabens in my hair products because they way down my already flat hair.  But many more affordable shampoos are packed with that stuff.

Plus, this Pomegranate scent also has color protection properties so no brassy hair here!

The Benefits of Greek Yogurt for Hair and Face

Greek yogurt as we probably all know by now is packed with protein.  These proteins can help moisturize skin and hair and help repair them.  Moisture promotes better skin elasticity and stronger hair follicles, so your skin and hair will be stronger and more radiant.

Being a student, I’m always looking for a good deal without compromising on ingredients.  For me, HASK has it all!  What scent would you choose?


**Disclaimer: I received the shampoo, conditioner, and deep conditioner free for reviewing purposes.

All opinions expressed are my own.**

Under $25 Products You NEED for Summer-Proof Makeup

The summer heat is in full effect. And when you’re a makeup lover like me then it’s a constant struggle to maintain a clean face.  After a few years of struggling with melting eye makeup, smudged eyeliner, and patchy foundation, I’ve finally found the solution for summer-proof makeup.  (YES! It’s possible.)

These products aren’t for a natural face either.  I understand those that are willing to forego the coverage for lighter, more natural makeup in the summer.  But, I’m in school and more stressed than ever.  Stressed, for me, means breakouts.  So, I’m not going to walk out of the house feeling like I’m not ready for the day.  When I have my eyeliner, foundation, and contour on point then I can take over the world (with a strong cup of coffee, of course!).

So, here are the five products you NEED for summer-proof makeup…


The Keys to Summer-proof Makeup

Prevention is key.  It’s hard not to look cakey when you’re piling on powder after a sweaty walk through the dry (or humid) heat.  When you pile on powder it collects, clogs your pores, and settles in fine lines (which is probably not the look you’re going for).

So, let’s start with skincare.  You may think, “Hey it’s summer. My primer is hydrating enough right?”

No, no, and NO!  You have to moisturize properly so you don’t have excess sebum.  When you don’t hydrate your face creates sebum to counteract the dryness and this leads to clogged pores (and possibly more breakouts).  So remember to hydrate and protect your face with SPF!

The two keys to summer-proof makeup are: hydrate and prime!  With these two tips, your makeup will last ALL day!

The Five Products

  1. Facial Spray
  2. Primer
  3. HD Powder
  4. Setting Spray
  5. Lipgloss

Now, for the makeup portion. Once your face is fully hydrated. Use a facial spray to really lock in that hydration!  I love using the EVIAN facial spray at this step because it’s cooling on the skin and really helps my skin feel more refreshed.

(TIP: I also keep a bottle of this stuff in my purse because it just helps me feel refreshed after a long day in the heat.)

The next step is:Prime it.  I like to use a BB cream or CC cream with SPF as my primer because sun damage is no laughing matter.

After I prime my face, I put on my favorite liquid foundation.  I believe that layering on too many powder products just leads to cake face so I avoid it at all costs.  Since it’s summer the heat will definitely test your makeup so I would use your favorite long-wearing foundation.  Currently, my favorite is the NARS luminous weightless foundation.

Once your foundation is on, powder with an HD powder.  My favorite powder at the moment is the NYX HD powder because it doesn’t break me out and leaves my face with a soft finish.

(TIP: if you have dry skin, use the EVIAN Facial spray as your setting spray to prevent skin tightness and keep your face hydrated with a natural glow!)

After powdering my whole face and completing the rest of my makeup, I set it all with a setting spray.  I love the LOREAL Infallible setting spray.  Ever since hearing TATI from GLamLifeGuru rave about it, I knew I had to pick it up.  And coming from an oily girl, this stuff is amazing. My foundation lasts so much longer now!  No gross patches here!

Now, finish off your look with your favorite lip gloss.  In the summer, I like to carry around a lip gloss instead of lipstick because no one wants a tube of melting lipstick in their purse right?  RIP to all the lip balms and lip sticks I have lost to the summer heat…

And that’s it!  What tricks do you guys use to summer-proof your makeup? Comment down below!


**DISCLAIMER: I received the EVIAN Facial Spray free for reviewing purposes.

All opinions expressed are my own.**

AHA vs BHA and the Alphabetical Lingo of Skincare Products

AHA vs BHA Neostrata Glycolic Wash

So, you’ve just run out of your favorite cleanser.  You head to your local pharmacy or beauty shop to pick up a new one.  But as your browsing the aisle, you’re shocked at all the new product releases.  You pick a few up and scan the bottle.  Okay, deep cleansing…brightening…hydrating…that words are familiar.  Then you get deeper in to the aisle and you start seeing: PH balancing…AHA…BHA…

Now, you’ve wondered in to unfamiliar territory.  All the “new” products just confuse you.  Like what are they supposed to do for your skin? You think,”The packaging looks cool, so it must be good right?”

If this sounds like you, then you’re in the right place.  I’m here to decode the alphabet for you because when it comes to skincare products you shouldn’t buy blind.


Nowadays, it just seems like skincare products should come with their own dictionaries.  What does it all mean? Well, there are two very popular ingredients in skincare: AHA vs BHA.

Both AHA and BHA help with exfoliating the skin and improving collagen levels.  Basically it gets rid of the GUNK and leaves you with smoother, plumper, and more radiant skin.  If you want to know about the importance of exfoliating regularly click HERE.  Now what’s the difference between AHA vs. BHA?

Let’s start off with what it stands for.  AHA is an acronym for Alpha Hydroxy Acid.  It’s a gentle exfoliant that clears away the lingering dead skin cells the surface of your face.  Plus, AHA restores moisture and builds up the collagen.  For this reason, people with sensitive, dry skin love this stuff.  And if you’re still looking for the perfect mother’s day gift.  Any type of skincare with AHA will be great for her because AHA builds up collagen (which plumps up the skin) and prevents sun-damage by strengthening the epidermis.

BHA is short for Beta Hydroxy Acid.  It’s a deep-cleansing acid that is amazing for treating acne-prone skin and clogged pores. Unlike many cleansers in the market, BHA can get through the excess sebum on acne-prone faces.  By penetrating through this gross layer, BHA can kill the bacteria and reduce the inflammation of blemishes from the inside out.  Because BHA exfoliates while treating blemishes, BHA also is great for treating hyper-pigmentation.

Remember, to always use a good moisturizer and serum after exfoliating because that’s when your products absorb best!

For more detailed info, check out Skinstore and Stylecaster.

Which One Do You Need?

I prefer a combination of both.  AHA in the morning and BHA at night.  I use the NeoStrata Foaming Glycolic Wash every morning to gently exfoliate my face and prepare it for smooth makeup application.  I love how the Neostrata wash foams up and never leaves my face tight or stripped of moisture.  After using this was for a month, I’ve noticed less bumps on my forehead and reduced pore size around my t-zone.  Plus, the wash is fragrance-free so it doesn’t irritate my skin or cause any breakouts.

For days when I have a major breakout or I’m starting to noticed some pretty large blackheads, I go in with the BHA Blackhead Power Liquid from CosRX.  I take a toner pad and soak it with the liquid and just wipe it gently over my t-zone to get rid of the blackheads.

But for dryer skin, I definitely recommend the AHA vs BHA because BHA is definitely dries out my skin if I use it too frequently.  AND FYI, I have acne-prone combo skin, oily in the t-zone and dry under the eyes and around my chin.

Would you give AHA or BHA a try?

Comment down below!

**Disclaimer: I received the NeoStrata Foaming Glycolic Wash free for reviewing purposes.

All opinions expressed are my own.**

So, when’s the best time to moisturize? and The Three Step Skincare System You HAVE to Try

best time to moisturize Jan Marini Hyla3D

It seems like there is a new step or a new product to try every day.  Like it never ends. And with so many bottles of toner, serum, essence, lotion, emulsion, and whatever else I have on my vanity cause a beauty guru told me I needed it.  (I know you guys feel me.  I mean who else’s vanity is cluttered with #youtubemademebuyit?)

Anyway, where do I even start? What exactly goes on my face first? Because on days that I wear makeup, it feels like I’m putting everything except the kitchen sink on my face.  But that’ll probably be a new DIY mask coming soon! Am I right?

Well, this is the no-fuss skincare routine for all my lazy girls out there.  I love the Korean Skincare routine but there are days (sometimes weeks, possibly a month) where I just need to be done in five minutes flat.  So, here we go…

What’s the Best Time to Moisturize?

Well, the best time to moisturize is when the clock is exactly 11:11:11.  (LOL just kidding) There isn’t literally a time, but there is a place for it in your skincare routine.

If you are a true believer of the three step skincare system then, the time to moisturize is right after your cleansing or exfoliating.  Because once your face is clean of the junk and grime it accumulated through the day, then it’s ready to be nourished and pumped back to life.

BUT before you moisturize, use a hydrating serum to really protect your newly cleaned pores and hydrate the skin.  Personally, I’ve been trying out the Hyla3D from Jan Marini for the passed month.  The serum hydrates my face and gives my skin a nice dewey glow.  Because I have combo skin and don’t want to look like an oil slick in the day, I only use the Hyla3D serum at night.

The Jan Marini serum has a loose gel-like texture.  It doesn’t really have much of a scent, which makes the serum great for people with sensitive skin.  When you first apply it to your face, it feels slightly tacky.  But after rubbing the product in, that tacky feeling completely goes away, leaving your skin feeling baby smooth.

Then, when you’re ready to moisturize your moisturizer is sealing in all that prep work, so your skin stays plump and radiant with just three steps.

The Three Step Skincare System

So, I’ve been a firm believer of the Korean 10 step skincare for almost a year now.  And I can honestly say that I’ve seen improvements in my skin.  However, exam week has recently killed my buzz and desire to do a lot of things like facial masks, essences, and toners.  I’m tired and I just don’t want to.

For the passed month, I’ve been trying out my newly invented three step system:

  1. Cleanse
  2. Apply Serum
  3. Moisturize

I’ve been using a gently exfoliating cleanser as my daily cleanser because I love a dual-working product.  Plus, with this cleanser I can skip exfoliating and give myself another five minutes in bed.  Because when you only sleep about an hour, five more minutes is much needed.

At night, after my double cleansing and exfoliating, I apply serum and finish off with moisturizer.

For the day, I apply serum and a CC cream after cleansing.

Through this whole post, what I’m trying to say is that the best time to moisturize is right after washing your face because applying a moisturizer over clogged pores and oil is not good for your skin.  It’ll only make matters worse because you’re sealing in the dirt with a moisturizer.  GROSS.

The next time you ask yourself, “When’s the best time to moisturize?” After cleansing and as the last step to your skincare.  Just remember that moisturizer is the icing on the cake.

**Disclaimer: I received the Jan Marini Hyla3D serum free for reviewing purposes.

All opinions expressed are my own.**

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Best Cleansers for Acne-Prone Skin (That I’ve Ever Tried!)

best cleansers for acne-prone skin

The problem I have with many cleansers designed for acne-prone skin is how drying they are.  My skin felt stripped and tight and it just wan’t a good feeling.  Plus, my skin would start flaking around my eyes and my mouth and parts of my chin and forehead because it was so dry.  It was like the cleansers just sucked the moisture out of my skin.  If you have the same problem with your cleansers, check out my list of the best cleansers for acne-prone skin.

The Best Cleansers (like ever!)

My first suggestion is the Biore Charcoal cleanser.  I’ve been using this cleanser for almost two years now.  And it’s amazing.  It lathers really well and leaves your skin feeling soft and clean.  Take one pump in your palm and massage the product on to your face.  When you take a minute to really massage the cleanser in to your skin, you’ll get a light tingly feeling. For me, this feeling is ahhhmazing because I can feel my pores getting de-clogged.  After using this cleanser, make sure you grab a super hydrating moisturizer because this cleanser can leave your skin feeling a little tight and dry.

For moisturizer suggestions, check out my previous post here.

DermaE Charcoal and Algae cleanser is my current favorite.  Much like the Biore cleanser, this is a deep cleansing cleanser (Try to say that five times fast…) that helps unclog pores and keep your pores clean.  What I love about this cleanser is that it is much less drying and stripping than the Biore charcoal cleanser.  The whole DermaE line is gentle and great for sensitive or acne-prone skin.

When my face needs a little pick-me-up, I love using the DermaE charcoal mask.  And this mask is a great dupe for the GlamGlow Supermud Clearing mask.  For more info on this dupe, click here.

I also love the Soap and Glory Cleansing milk.  This is the perfect example of Youtube-made-me-buy-it.  I heard Tati from GlamLife Guru rave about this cleanser and Zoe from Zoella and Louis from Sprinkle of Glitter all love Soap and Glory Products.  So, when I saw this cleanser in Ulta.  I had to try it.  And it doesn’t disappoint.  I love the scent of this cleanser. It’s peaches and cream and smells heavenly!  This cleanser is super gentle, doesn’t break me out, and removes most of my makeup.

The BEST series continues…

That’s it.  Those are my best cleansers for acne-prone skin. I don’t experiment with too many cleansers out there because once I find one that works, I just keep using it.  But I have been testing out a variety of serums, toners, and essences so be on the lookout for that post coming soon!

Do you have a cleanser to add to the Best cleansers list?

Comment down below and I’ll be sure to check it out!

**Disclaimer: I received the Derma E charcoal and Algae cleanser free as a press sample.  All opinions expressed are my own.**