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Teeth Whitening for Coffee Stains

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I started using teeth whitening strips in high school.  My five AP classes led to many all-nighters and a never-ending need for caffeine.  I drank so many cups of coffee and tea that I’m pretty sure my body was 90% coffee.  From sophomore to senior year, I think my teeth got three shades more yellow.(GROSS!) I knew I had to do something.  So, I begged my mom to go to Costco and get the big pack of Crest 3D teeth whitening strips.

I was so excited and thought that it’ll be a one application miracle.  However, my results were less than stellar.  On first application, the teeth whitening strips did absolutely nothing.  I felt the gel kind of foam up but that’s pretty much it.  Plus, the gel tasted super bitter when I accidentally ran my tongue against the back of my teeth.  It took about five applications over the course of three weeks to see any result at all.  It barely removed any yellow stains.  I had to use a whole box before I saw a significant difference in my teeth.

Price Comparison: Crest 3D vs. Smile Brilliant

A box of Crest 3D Whitestrips with 12 treatments costs $28.49 (on sale!) at Target.  At the regular price, the whitestrips can cost upwards of $40.

A customized Smile Brilliant set costs $159 for 27 applications.  After you have your custom tray made, 27 applications the 9 syringe pack only costs $69.

The Right Teeth Whitening Strips for You!

I’ve been a loyal user of Crest whitestrips for 6 years now and I thought that all teeth whitening strips would probably be the same. But when I tried out Smile Brilliant.  I knew I was wrong.  Just look at my before and after photos.

My teeth are stained from my three cups of coffee a day (especially around my bottom teeth). Just looking at them makes me cringe!

After one application of Smile Brilliant, I’m sold.  My front teeth looks so pearly white in this photo!  I definitely need to try another treatment to get rid of the stains on the bottom row but you can actually see a difference.

With Smile Brilliant, you get a quality product that works!  You won’t be wasting precious time and money on whitening strips that take multiple treatments to see results.

Plus, Smile Brilliant gives you custom trays that are made from impressions of your own teeth rather than slapping minty band-aids over your teeth (which is essentially what Crest 3D Whitestrips are).  The trays fit perfectly over your teeth and don’t slide around like the whitestrips.  The gel is also unscented and has no taste to it which is much better than the bitter taste of Crest Whitestrips.

The whitening gel of both Crest Whitestrips and Smile Brilliant kind of bubble up and adhere to your teeth.  Crest Whitestrip has a slight tingling sensation but the Smile Brilliant whitening gel definitely has a mild tingling sensation.  If I had to compare the sensation on a scale (1 as nothing and 10 as painful) Crest is 2 and Smile Brilliant is 4-5.

My teeth feel more sensitive after the Smile Brilliant treatment but my teeth are a whole lot whiter too.  Overall, I would recommend trying out Smile Brilliant because the awesome customer service and customized products helps you get the treatment that’s perfect for you!  Your smile is uniquely yours so give your teeth a customized treatment.

Smile Brilliant: My First Impressions

When you get the box, it looks a little intimidating with all the various syringes, little clay pots, and mailing info BUT the people at Smile Brilliant definitely made it easy.  This teeth whitening treatment is a no-brainer! They have step by step instructions accompanied with helpful photos.  The directions are easy to follow and I got my custom whitening trays in the mail just a week after I mailed off my impressions!

After I applied the whitening gel to my trays, I placed them on my teeth and removed the excess gel with a cotton swab.  Within minutes, I felt a tingling sensation that’s similar to a deep cleansing mask.  The tingling feeling stayed for another 15 minutes and disappeared around the 30 minute mark.  The tingling sensation is similar to a super minty toothpaste or mouthwash.

I kept my whitening trays in for 45 minutes and the tingling sensation intensified a bit towards the 35 minute mark.  Once I removed my trays, I brushed my teeth, cleaned the trays, and applied the desensitizing gel for a full 20 minutes.  The desensitizing gel feels amazing after your whitening treatment.  It’s kind of like the namaste portion of yoga.  You’ve done the work, so it’s time to relax.  Put on a sheet mask and give your skin a treat too!  You deserve it.  It’s been a long week right? (Don’t worry if it’s only Monday, you’re still recovering from last week)


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**Disclaimer: I received the Smile Brilliant Set free for reviewing purposes.

All opinions expressed are my own.**

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