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No makeup makeup look for Acne-prone skin + The Perfect Products that Won’t Break You Out

No makeup makeup look is the perfect way to brighten and tone your skin while still letting it breathe.  When you pile on heavy foundation and powders, your skin suffers because your pores are clogged with products.  Skin needs to breathe in order for it to heal.  So for everyday makeup, keep it natural.  Your skin and your time will thank you because it honestly takes forever to go full-glam anyway.

The Products for a No makeup makeup look

First step in any no makeup makeup look is to prime the face. My favorite primer is the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer.  I ‘ve used this primer for years now and it’s never broken me out.  If you’re looking for a similar primer then the Too Faced Primed and Poreless primer is also amazing.

After priming my face, I love using the Neutrogena Skin-Clearing Makeup.  It has light coverage that evens out the redness in my skin which is the key to the no makeup makeup look. You want your skin to be more even toned and still look like skin.

For more coverage, I apply the matching concealer on my blemishes.  Even though it doesn’t completely cover them up, I like that the concealer does not emphasize the dryness and contains salicylic acid to treat my blemishes.

Next, I powder with Neutrogena skin-clearing powder that blends into my skin for a satin finish.  This powder, unlike many powders I have tried in the past, does not cling to dry spots (even when I use the white high-coverage side!)

After powdering, I’ll fill in my brows and contour my nose with a light contour powder from Too Cool For School Art Class by Rodin.  This gives my face a natural definition.  Using the same contour powder, I use a fluffy brush to add dimension to my eyes by blending the contour shade in to my crease.  Then I’ll apply a light dusting of Tarte Amazonion Clay blush on my cheeks for a natural flush.  If you’re looking for another blush that gives you a natural flush then I would recommend the Stila Watercolor blushes.  They’re beautiful and blend in to the skin like a dream!  (Just remember to apply this before powdering your face.)

To finish off the look, I apply the NYX butter lip gloss in Tiramisu and a light coating of the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara.

The products mentioned (if you want the list)

  • SmashBox Photo-finish Primer
  • Neutrogena Skin-Clearing Foundation, concealer, and powder
  • Too Cool For School Art Class by Rodin Contour powder
  • Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush
  • Stila Watercolor blushes
  • Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

Review of Neutrogena Skin-Clearing Makeup

no makeup makeup look

I have dry acne-prone skin and for years, I’ve suffered from cystic acne breakouts.  Normally, skin-clearing makeup clings on to dry patches or dries out my skin.  However, the Neutrogena Skin-clearing makeup has blended beautifully in to my skin and has not irritated my skin.  This first photo is me without any makeup on.

no makeup makeup look

This next photo is with a layer of foundation.

no makeup makeup look

These are my blemishes with only foundation and no concealer.

no makeup makeup look

Then this next photo shows the light coverage from the concealer.  As you can see it gives a tiny bit more coverage and decreases the redness.

no makeup makeup look

This last photo is after powdering.

The formula is light and non-irritating. The foundation and concealer provides light coverage that evens out redness but will not cover blemishes or hyper-pigmentation completely. I also love that the powder comes with a dual-sided sponge that is high coverage (white) and low coverage (orange) side.

no makeup makeup look no makeup makeup look








Overall, the Neutrogena skin-clearing line has a satin finish and gives the skin a natural coverage that is perfect for everyday makeup.

For me, I would love to see a Neutrogena skin-clearing line that uses benzoyl peroxide because the salicylic acid is not clearing up my skin. But I am in love with the Neutrogena rapid clear acne gel.  It’s totally saving my skin!

Have you tried these products before?  Comment down below!

**Disclaimer: I received these products free for reviewing purposes.  All opinions expressed are my own.**

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