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Perfect Dupe for the Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick + Review of City Color Liquid Lipstick

the perfect dupe stila liquid lipstick city colors be matte

I’ve been in love with the Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick for months now.  It’s my go-to lipstick.  There is definitely a learning curve with applying liquid lipstick but it’s totally worth it once you get it.  I love how quickly the formula sets and how matte it looks all day.  The Stila liquid lipstick also has good staying power.  The color stains your lips which means it doesn’t patch up or break apart in patches.  So, your lipstick looks good all day.

The only sad thing about the Stila Liquid All Day lipstick is that it costs $22.  So, I went on the hunt for the perfect dupe.  And I’m proud to say that I found it.  The perfect dupe is the City Color Be Matte Liquid Lipstick.  I have the liquid lipstick in Crunk, which is the perfect fall shade.  This color actually reminds me of the Stila vinyl lipgloss in terracotta which is no longer available for sale.

The Perfect Dupe

This dupe from City Color has great pigmentation.  It can go on in one swipe, but I’m not skilled enough to get the right shape and steady line in one swipe so I generally need like three. But the applicator has a tear drop shape that is similar to the Stila applicator.  Plus, both of these liquid lipsticks have a sweet frosting scent that is amazing!

These liquid lipsticks dry down completely matte and leave your lips with a gorgeous color even at the end of the day.  Since it is a completely matte finish, I would recommend applying some lip balm before applying.

I really hope City Color comes out with more colors in their liquid lipstick line.  And did I mention that these liquid lipsticks only cost $8!  Yup, time to pick up one in every color.

**Disclaimer: I received the City Color Be Matte Liquid Lipstick free for reviewing purposes.

All opinions expressed are my own.**

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