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Style Colored Tights (The Easy Way) + Outfit Inspirations from Fashion Week

Colored tights can be an intimidating trend to try out especially when you’re go-to pair of black tights is so easy to style.  It seriously goes with every color in the rainbow.

But if you’re in a style slump then colored tights are the perfect revitalizing solution that won’t break the bank.

The Guidelines to Style Colored Tights

  1. Less is always more
  2. Play with texture

When playing with color, remember less is always more.  One contrasting color or element in a single outfit is enough to make a statement while staying street style chic.

An outfit with multiple colors can lack cohesion and look overwhelming.  So, instead of adding more color to a colorful outfit, play with texture.  Texture can spice up an outfit without adding too many contrasting colors.

The Monochromatic Look

First on the list is the monochromatic look.  During Fall fashion week, many designers and street style enthusiasts rocked the colorful monochromatic looks.

When you style colored tights, an easy way to create a cool outfit is to have a cohesive color theme like warm-toned or cool toned.

style colored tights

I styled the blue tights with a pair of silver sequin shorts and a blue sweater.  The sweater and tights are a similar shade of blue while the shorts keep the outfit in the cool-toned family.  Plus, there is a variety of texture in this outfit to keep it fun and interesting.

Another fun way to create a monochromatic look is to play with warm-tones.  This next outfit is one of my favorite fall outfits.

I styled pink tights with a burgundy colored midi-dress and for some added warmth, I layered a grey turtleneck underneath the dress.  The different shades of red in this outfit create a subtle contrast that looks both stylish and polished.  And the soft jersey fabric of the turtleneck looks cozy and cool against the lace of the dress.

The Contrasting Colors Look

Navy and lime green may not be the first color combo you thought of when putting together an outfit.  However, it’s a cool combination that is both sophisticated and whimsical.

I think that navy and lime green is a cool combo because the navy is an unexpected neutral that tones down the brightness of the tights.

Another fun neutral is pin-stripes.  The pin-striped top and black bottoms are a classic office staple.  But with the addition of lime green tights, this outfit is now street style worthy.

The bright tights give the outfit a cool, edgy tone.

For more formal events, bright tights can be a fun way to spice up your go-to LBD.

My LBD is a mint green dress with a black lace overlay.  I styled my classic dress with a pair of bright tights for a whimsical twist that is colorful and sophisticated.

The Perfect Shoes

No outfit is complete without an awesome pair of shoes.  You can’t go wrong with a classic pair of black heels or ankle boots.  And always go with the pointed-toe because they elongate the legs, giving you a longer and leaner look.

Or if you want to try something different, you can pair your colorful tights with a cool pair of wedges that is matching in color.  With this look, your legs will look miles long.

With this guide, I hope you can style colored tights with confidence. Let me know what outfit combos you liked best down below!


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