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5-minute makeup routine

The 5-minute Makeup Routine + Makeup DON’Ts to Avoid

I used to believe that the five-minute makeup routine was impossible. Like how am I supposed to conceal, contour, and smoke out my eyes in five minutes?  Well, the answer is simple you can’t.

For an everyday (or I’m-super-late day AKA I pushed the snooze button too many times day) the 5-minute face is a life-saver.  It evens out your skin tone, brightens up the face, and polishes your look in just five minutes.  You might have rolled out of bed today but no one would know the difference.

The Essentials for a 5-minute Makeup Routine

Foundation, no concealer (gasp!) I know.  Let me explain…a medium coverage foundation will even out skin tone, hide redness, while still letting your skin peak through.  So, your skin looks like skin and not a mask.  When you conceal without taking the time to blend it out properly, you’re quickly left with cake-face or mask-face.  Both of which are scary especially if they’re pale.  I’m currently having scary clips of IT popping up on my YouTube feed and I’m still recovering…

The next essential is Brows.  They may be a pain in the neck to do, but they frame the face and polish up the makeup look.  Don’t worry they don’t have to look completely even.  Brows are supposed to be related not identical.  (And I’m pretty sure on most days, my brows are like distant cousins rather than sisters LOL.)

Last on the list is lipstick.  You can go with a MLBB or bright color.  Either way the lipstick brightens up your complexion and makes you look more awake. When you apply foundation sometimes you can look washed out especially when your lips are bare, so give some life to your face with a great lipstick!

Honestly, I’ve gotten the “are you okay?” comment way too many times in my lifetime.  My reply is always the same, “I’m fine. I just don’t have makeup on.”  Let’s avoid that encounter all-together shall we?

The 5-minute Makeup Routine

For these quick-makeup days, I love cushion foundations.  I look for medium coverage cushion foundations, so they even out my skin tone and conceal the redness from whatever breakout I’m currently experiencing.  Then I fill in my brows and apply lipstick.  VIOLA! We’re done.  We look alive, well, and still have time for our morning coffee.

What are you morning makeup essentials? Comment down below!

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