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Are Skincare Diets the new trend? + The Secret to An AMAZING Skincare Regime

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Since 2010, we’ve seen hundreds of bloggers follow the 10-step and sometimes even 12-step skincare regime.  But how much is too much? Is the money we’re spending on products a waste?  Did we just buy into the hype?  Did our skin actually improve? Or was it a placebo effect of all the products we added to our skincare regime?

The answers to our skincare dilemma

Should we or should we not try to jump on the 10-step skincare bandwagon? After trying the 10-step skincare regime for 3 months I saw a noticeable improvement in the overall texture and tone of my skin.  I was still breaking out every now and then but there wasn’t any major breakout.

However, I recently replaced my 10-step skincare regime for a 5-step skincare system.  And my skin feels the same.  So, what I have found is that the key to a good skincare regime is cleansing.  When you cleanse your skin, you want to make sure you remove every bit of makeup and grime off of your skin WITHOUT stripping your skin.  The double-cleansing method works.  First step is oil cleanse and second step is a gentle cleanser.   The oil cleanse removes makeup and dirt without stripping the skin.  If the cleanser you’re currently using leaves you skin feeling tight then it’s stripping all the good oils out of your skin.  When you strip your skin, your skin overcompensates for the dryness by producing excess sebum.  So cleanse with a gentle cleanser that is nourishing and effective.

After cleansing, I apply my benzoyl peroxide cream and the moisturizer and serum duo from Simplicity Skincare.  The duo has AHA for a gentle exfoliation.  It’s moisturizing and great for cutting down some steps from my everyday skincare routine.  The moisturizer and serum absorb quickly into the skin.  Plus, the duo doesn’t have a strong scent and did not irritate my skin.  This duo is perfect for people with normal to oily skin.  There are also anti-aging benefits which are perfect for filling in fine lines and evening out your skin-tone.

Are Skincare diets the new trend?

This summer I’ve seen quite a few videos from Korean bloggers about simplified skincare routines.  So are skincare diets effective?

YES!  Save yourself the time and money from all those products.  If you cleanse well and moisturize well then your skin will glow.  Skincare diets are totally my favorite skincare trend yet!

**Disclaimer: I received the Simplicity Skincare Reversal Protection Complex free for reviewing purposes.

All opinions expressed are my own.**

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