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Greek Yogurt for Your Hair? + The Benefits of Greek Yogurt for Hair and Body

By now, I know a lot of you already know about the benefits of Greek yogurt for your diet.  It’s packed with protein.

Greek Yogurt For Your Hair (that is NOT gross and sticky)

But did you know it’s also great for your hair?  Yes, I just said Greek yogurt for your hair.  Now, I’m not just talking about the DIY hair and face mask made with greek yogurt and honey.  Trust me, I made it before and it was slightly gross and a B**** to wash off.

Also an important reminder about DIY greek yogurt for your hair and face.  You have to get PLAIN yogurt so the sugars and other flavorings don’t break you out or leave your face and hair feeling sticky and you feeling slightly nauseated after having the mask in your hair for ten minutes. (You know just a quick FYI, since I see recipes for these DIY masks all over YouTube and Pinterest….)

What I’m actually talking about today is much more exciting and much less gross.  Greek yogurt for your hair in a brand new Shampoo and Conditioner sold at Walgreens!  And guess who’s it by? HASK! Of course!

I love HASK hair care because it’s affordable, smells great, and takes care of my hair without any sulfates or parabens!

HASK greek yogurt shampoo and conditioner comes in a variety of scents.  My favorite is Pomegranate.  It’s sweet and fruity- the perfect scent for summer!  Since I bleached me hair, I’ve been loving the Deep Conditioner from HASK!  It leaves my hair feeling softer, stronger, and shinier.  And did I mention that HASK is affordable??!??  I hate having sulfates and parabens in my hair products because they way down my already flat hair.  But many more affordable shampoos are packed with that stuff.

Plus, this Pomegranate scent also has color protection properties so no brassy hair here!

The Benefits of Greek Yogurt for Hair and Face

Greek yogurt as we probably all know by now is packed with protein.  These proteins can help moisturize skin and hair and help repair them.  Moisture promotes better skin elasticity and stronger hair follicles, so your skin and hair will be stronger and more radiant.

Being a student, I’m always looking for a good deal without compromising on ingredients.  For me, HASK has it all!  What scent would you choose?


**Disclaimer: I received the shampoo, conditioner, and deep conditioner free for reviewing purposes.

All opinions expressed are my own.**

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