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Facial Peels vs Exfoliating Scrubs: What You Need to Know

facial peels vs exfoliating scrubs
The importance of exfoliation has literally been pounded in to our heads.  But now there’s a new trend going around, facial peels (AKA chemical exfoliants or chemical peels).  So what’s the difference between facial peels vs exfoliating scrubs?

For a beauty and skincare junkie like me, I’ll give anything a fair shot.  So, when I got a chance to try a facial peel, I jumped at it.  Here’s what I found.

What’s the Difference Between Facial Peels vs Exfoliating Scrubs

Many facial peels have a negative connotation.  They bring to mind scary red faces and maybe even a painful procedure.  Well, I’m here to banish those thoughts.

Before trying out the D’OR24k multivitamin Recovery Facial Peel, I had no idea how gentle a facial peel can be.  I thought for sure my face is going to feel that advertised “refreshing tingling sensation” that can sometimes be better equate to my face feels like its being burned off.

The D’OR24K facial peel is super gentle.  It has a gentle gel-like texture and feels like those popular Asian Jelly Masks that you leave on your face for 20 minutes.  After spreading the gel over your face, you’re going to gently massage the gel over your face in circular motions.  It feels amazing. Plus, the gold flecks in the facial peel makes it super luxurious.

After you’ve rubbed the product thoroughly over your face (I’d say about two-three minutes) rinse your face with warm water.  Your face now feels baby soft and surprisingly not stripped or tight.  Now follow-up the peel with your favorite toner, essence, serum, and finish off with the D’OR24K multi vitamin day cream. This cream is thick and super hydrating.  It absorbs quickly in to your skin without leaving any greasy or sticky feeling.

facials peels vs exfoliating scrubs will facial peels irritate my skin

FAQs: Will Facial Peels irritate my skin?

Maybe.  There is no definitive answer unless you’ve actually given it a try.  But in our comparison between facial peels vs exfoliating scrubs, I would say exfoliating scrubs are much harsher than facial peels because the little beads or granules in the scrub are rough against the skin.  This leads to irritation and redness.

But I know, the term facial peel puts a scary image in many people’s head including mine.  Before I actually tried a facial peel, all I could imagine is a red splotchy face with skin peeling in all directions. But the two facial peels I’ve tried so far have been quite gentle and leave my skin feeling smooth without feeling completely stripped of moisture.

I have acne-prone skin and have breakouts like 80% of the time.  So I tend to not exfoliate because it actually hurts to do so.  However, by not exfoliating my skin, my pores get clogged and even more breakouts emerge.  It seemed like a lose-lose situation.

But, since I discovered the D’OR 24K facial peel. My skin feels so much smoother because the hyper-pigmentation has diminished and my acne scars significantly less noticeable.  When using a facial peel, ALWAYS try out a test area first to make sure you’re not allergic.

Once you have rinsed off your facial peel, always hydrate and moisturize with serums because this is the optimal time for product to absorb in to your face.  I love using the D’OR 24k cream because it’s hydrating without being sticky.

If you have sensitive skin, you should definitely give D’OR24K a try because their products are packed with vitamins that are good for your skin and it’s completely unscented.

**Disclaimer: I received the D’OR24K facial peel and cream free for reviewing purposes.
All opinions expressed are my own.**

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