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7 Steps to Radiant Acne-free Skin

Winter is like Death Valley.  It sucks all the moisture out of our skin, leaving us with dry patches around our eyes, forehead, and cheeks.  When our faces are dry, our skin looks tired and dull.  So, my winter skin regimen is focused on hydration!

valentia hydration mask acne-free skin regimen

Lately, I’ve been reading a lot about Korea’s famous 10 step skin care system.  And if you watch as much Kpop music videos as I do, then you know why I’m reading about the 10 step skincare system.  Kpop idols have the PERFECT skin. Of course, it takes some work to get that skin.  They follow strict diets, carefully cleanse their skin every night, and moisturize with toners, serums, and essence.

For lazier people like me, a 7 step system is plenty.  I took all the key parts of the Korean skin care system and condensed it in to a 7 step system.

My 7 Step System for Acne-free skin

The first step is cleansing.  After wearing makeup all day, rinsing the makeup and letting our skin breathe is a key step to acne-free skin.  I love using Soap and Glory’s Deep Cleansing Milk to melt away my makeup.  I use one pump to get rid of all the makeup on my face.  Once I rinsed that melted makeup off my face, I use another pump to help clean my pores.  This second pump helps the clarifying properties of the cleanser to reach my pores.

Since I have cystic acne, I use the Therapeutic Sulfur Mask every night to help kill the bacteria on my face.  This will help prevent breakouts from emerging.  I leave the mask on for 10 minutes and rinse it off.

**Skin Fact: Sulfur is a gentle acne-fighting medication that won’t dry out your skin as much as Benzoyl Peroxide or Salicylic acid.

In the summer months, I will just apply toner after the sulfur mask.  But since it is winter and below freezing almost everyday, my skin has been especially dry.  So to hydrate my skin, I’ve been using Valentia’s ultra plumping hydration mask.  This mask has a jelly like texture and I apply it liberally all over my face.  I leave the mask on for 20 minutes before rinsing it off.

While I’m waiting for the masks to take affect, I scroll through my instagram feed and check my email.  And lately, I’ve been watching Elementary.  Lucy Liu is amazing as Watson by the way!

After my double mask ritual, I pour a bit of toner in to a cotton pad and gently pat it on my face.  This helps my skin rehydrate after cleansing.

Then, I apply a small amount of Neutrogena’s  on-the-spot cream to acne-prone areas (for me, that is my whole face).  After gently rubbing the cream on, I apply a nice thick moisturizer to seal in all that goodness.

The last step is eye cream.  Eyes are a dead giveaway when you’re tired.  So brighten up your whole face with a good eye cream.  I’ve been using Valentia’s True Glow eye cream.  This eye cream is thick so my eyes won’t have those weird dry patches and it has illuminating properties that instantly brighten the eyes after application.

My (Almost) Acne-free Skin

I may look super dewey after this regimen (like borderline oily), but it’s all worth it when I wake up with acne-free skin.

Trust me, acne-free skin isn’t hard to achieve just remember to cleanse and hydrate your skin and you’re halfway there!

There are special times of the month and times of stress when these steps just won’t  cure those hormonal breakouts.  But constant treatment and prevention will make the acne less inflamed and swollen. When you’re skin is hydrated, it’ll heal breakouts faster and prevent new ones from emerging as a result of excess sebum production.

Acne-free skin is achievable, so create YOUR perfect skincare regimen now!

valentia eye cream acne free skin regimen

Would you try the 10 step Korean skincare system?

Comment down below!

**Disclaimer: I received the Valentia hydrating mask and eye cream free for reviewing purposes.

All opinions expressed are my own and all other products mentioned were purchased.

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