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Birthday GRWM + Bonus Review of PUR Cosmetics Cameo Contour Stick

My birthday was two weeks ago and I decided to film a “Get Ready With Me” video.  I turned 22 and don’t worry guys, I got all the texts and facebook posts linking to the famous Taylor Swift song.  Thank, Taylor for making 22 just as special as 21!

My Makeup Look

For my makeup look, I decided to try out Pür Cosmetics Cameo Contour foundation.  The foundation comes with a sponge, instructions, and a two-sided foundation stick.  One side is for highlighting and the other is for contouring.   Following the picture instructions, I painted a warrior face that highlighted and contoured my face in all the right places.  The instructions were super easy to follow.  My contour game has never been strong but Cameo contour made it easy for me!

pur cosmetics cameo contour stick

Review of Cameo Contour Stick

After I wet the makeup sponge, I used it to blend the foundation in to my skin.  It was creamy and easy to blend out, giving my skin a natural glow and contour.  I can’t wait to use this foundation for more makeup looks in the future! Plus, the PUR cosmetics makeup sponge is just as good (if not better) than the beauty blender.  (GASP! But, seriously it is totally amazing! You need to check it out. Even KathleenLights raves about it. So, you know it’s good!

What I really love about this foundation is that it’s light coverage so it’s great for natural makeup days and you can’t really mess up.  Also, the pigmentation of this foundation builds up easily and never leaves your face with harsh lines.  Plus, this foundation never looks cakey or emphasizes your pores (Which is a problem I have with many highlighters…).

This is my perfect summer foundation.  After I set it with powder and setting spray, I’m good to go (without any touch-ups!).

Honestly, I have combination skin and many foundation tends to either cake up or leave me looking like an oil slick just minutes after application.  But this foundation is amazingly long-lasting on me as long as I prep my face with primer and set it with powder and a setting spray.  Without a setting spray, my face will probably be an oil-slick in two hours.

The Pros

I just love how natural this foundation is and how easy it makes contouring! If you want more coverage, you can always spot conceal or layer this foundation over a liquid one. This foundation blends beautifully over skin or over foundation.

Plus, I have acne prone skin and this foundation didn’t break me out.  WIN!

The Cons

However, the packaging (though I love it) makes me kind of weary.  Will it get contaminated? Or break me out since I’m literally rubbing the foundation in to my skin everyday?

*Update: I’m not sure.  But I’ve used this for a little over a month now.  And it still seems to be doing great!  No breakouts here!


**Stay Tuned for a blog post on the 10 Best Foundations for Acne-prone skin!**

Disclaimer: I received the Pür Cosmetics Cameo Contour as a Press Sample.

All opinions expressed are my own.


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