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One Step Every 20-something Forgets

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I’m going to admit it.  I’m terrible at this too.  I’m really good about removing my makeup and doing the whole double cleanse (because if I don’t I’ll end with a huge zit the next day).  But I always forget this one step that my mom religiously remembers every single day.  And what’s this huge step we all 20-somethings forget?

Eye gel.  Guys and gals, it’s important.  Those here and then gone the next dark circles are not always going to fade away with a good sleep.  Our sleepless nights and (for some late-night parties) will lead to permanent raccoon eyes and under-eye wrinkles.  Your eyes say a lot about you.  They are as everyone romantic novel says, “A window into the soul.”  So, let’s start taking care of them.

When I was in college, taking care of my skin was a hassle.  I didn’t want to think about using this cleanser for my breakouts, this serum for my hyper-pigmentation, and then a retinol lotion for acne scars.  I had enough on my mind as it is with papers, exams, group projects, and work.

But after 3 years of college, I learned that taking care of your skin is actually relaxing.  It’s my time to jam out to my favorite song, let the stress melt away, and clear my mind.  I love taking care of my skin now.  After two weeks of repeatedly setting calendars to remind me to put on eye gel every night.  I finally made it a habit.

I have been using the Oz Naturals Matrix Mega Bright Eye gel.  After two weeks, my under-eye area is less dry now, so my eye makeup goes on smoother without any weird dry skin patches.  And I have seen my dark circles reduced.  In the mornings, I look more awake and radiant because my eye area looks brighter and less dull.  I haven’t been getting much sleep but this stuff really helps me fake it!

The Oz Naturals Mega Bright Eye gel has a really smooth gel-like consistency that soothes and calms the under-eye area.  On the weekends, I like to use this gel and massage in small circles around my under-eye area and brow bone.  This circular massage motion can help significantly reduce dark circles and puffiness because it improves circulation around your eyes.

Dark circles can easily age us 20 to 30 years down the road, so let’s make the initiative to take care of our skin now.  We only have this one skin guys so let’s not screw it up too badly.

Matrix Eye gel

**Disclaimer: I received this product free for reviewing purposes.

All opinions expressed are my own.**

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