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How To Layer Statement Necklaces

Whether you’re trying to spice up an outfit or just trying to nail the accessorizing game, statement necklaces are going to be your best friend.  A plain t-shirt and jeans outfit can instantly look chic enough for brunch with a pair of strappy heels and a statement necklace.  Take your style game to a new level by layering statement necklaces.  Yes, I said it.  You can layer statement necklaces, just remember to keep the color palette simple.

Wearing the same old necklaces can get boring, so give your jewelry new life by layering them!  Here are some examples:

layer statement 1

Floral necklace- DressIn

V-necklace- Mr. Kate

Layer Statement 2

Floral necklace- DressIn

Large Necklace: Ebay

You can play with length when layering necklaces, just make sure both necklaces have the same color scheme.  When layering statement necklaces, don’t mix silver and gold necklaces together.  Remember less is always more.  Statement necklaces make a statement on their own, so don’t try to put too many colors together.

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