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Feature Monday: Chloe Cake


Chloe Cake is a food, beauty, and lifestyle blogger in Singapore.  Chloe proves that you can look pretty and eat your cake too.  In her latest post, she takes us on a mouthwatering journey to Bing Go Jung, a small Korean ice cream shop in Bukit Timah Plaza.  At this small shop, they sell pat bing soo a cold, delicious, and creamy treat that is extremely popular in Korea.

She also shares amazing recipes such as earl grey cakes.  My mouth is watering just looking at her photos.  Food porn anyone?


Chloe is also super relatable and gives great advice.  Her “6 Best College Advice You Never Got” post is spot on!  I wish somebody had told me this tips when I was in college.  Because I am seriously the queen of procrastination.  But I can honestly tell you that I have never turned in a late assignment.

Aside from amazing advice and mouthwatering food, Chloe also introduces her readers to new makeup brands and looks.  Her Kiko Makeup haul looks so good that I’m starting to consider getting a ticket to Rome.  I absolutely, completely, cannot live for another week without that eyebrow marker.  The idea of an eyebrow marker just brings out the kid in me.  Who wants crayons or pencils when you can have a marker?  Am I right?

Chloe’s blog is fun, entertaining, and informative.   Don’t forget to check out her blog HERE!


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