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Feature Monday: Closet Luxe

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to this brand new series on my blog.  I love doing Monthly Blog Features and it has always been super rewarding.  Because I have received so many awesome submissions to be featured, I will now be doing a weekly blog feature called “Feature Monday.”

My first Feature Monday star is Christina from www.closet-luxe.com.  She seriously has amazing style!  And her latest post on How to Attend NYFW was great!  I’m definitely going to be taking notes because I am not missing NYFW next year.

Whether Christina is at NYFW or just in her hometown of San Francisco, she is always dressed to impress.  Seriously, she looks like she walked out off a cover of Vogue.  Christine’s personality and style shine on her blog.  Every outfit she wears is perfection from head to toe, just take a look at her NYFW looks!

The first outfit Christine rocked at NYFW is one word: stunning!


By playing with texture and length, Christine creates the ultimate swoon-worthy outfit.
Her second day outfit has a simple color palette but don’t let that fool you.  The structure and cut of this dress is edgy and sophisticated.  In other words, this outfit is PERFECT!  (insert applause emoji and heart eye emoji)



To Check out her two NYFW posts, click the links below!


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