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5 YouTube Beauty Gurus You Have to Follow

The first time I put eyeshadow on was in eighth grade.  I wanted to look grown-up for my middle school picture.  So, I slapped on some eyeshadow and poked myself in the eye a few times with a mascara wand and thought, “I’m finally growing up.”  (Want to know the color I picked for my grown up look?  Bright blue eyeshadow.  Yup, I have the picture to prove it…somewhere…I may have “lost” it or burned it…)

The first time I put on foundation on was in my Sophomore year of high school.  Until then, I felt no need to slap on foundation and coat my lashes with mascara every morning.  High School is a time of self-discovery, awkward puberty, and a series of huge makeup don’ts.

During this time, I discovered the magic of YouTube where I learned how to cut my bangs, give my hair a trim, apply foundation with a brush, create a smoky eye look, fill in my brows, and so much more.  These five amazing girls are called “Beauty Gurus” but they teach us so much more than just applying makeup.  They teach us how to beautiful from within.  Here’s a list of the top 5 “Beauty Gurus” that taught me everything from being a better person to tips on creating the perfect natural makeup look.

1. Bubzbeauty
Bubz (AKA Lindy) is the first beauty guru I discovered on YouTube.   The first video I ever watched from her was a hair tutorial.  I loved the long wavy hair look in high school.  I slept in braids every night to get that perfect subtle wave.  After I saw Lindy’s Quick Loose Curls Tutorial, I ran out to buy a hair straightener.After that first video, I watched every single one of her videos.  I still love to re-watch her no makeup makeup tutorial.

Lindy has taught me everything thing I know about makeup.  She taught me about foundation and the importance of primer and the purpose of each makeup brush.  Her helpful tutorials  gave me the confidence to do my own Prom makeup!

2. Claire Marshall
Claire helped me master the brows.  I’m still not an expert but I like to think that I have come far from my days of just drawing a single line down the center of my brows, so they look fuller.  Her tutorials are beautifully filmed and super helpful!
I also have the same type of skin as Claire (oily and acne-prone), so I trust all of Claire’s makeup  and skincare reviews.  She is honest, upfront, and only raves about the best products out there.

She puts soooo much time in filming so every one of her videos is a piece of art!

3. Tati
When you need to know about drugstore dupes or new products on the shelves.  She is your go-to girl!  And her madness Mondays are awesome.  I have scored so many good deals!  Tati also does amazing reviews.  She always tries the newest drugstore and high-end products.  Before I go shopping, I always check out her channel for a review.

4. Jordan Bone
This girl has an amazing story and she can contour her face like no other.  Check out her video on “The Power of Makeup” and you’ll be amazed!

5. Wengie
I love Korean style makeup and Wengie always has the perfect tips and trick to recreate a flawless natural look!

Who are your favorite beauty gurus?  Comment down below!

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