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September 2015 Blog Feature


August flew by!  How can it be the last week of September already?!??!? Anyway, it’s time to announce the September 2015 Blog feature.  Who’s it going to be?


(Drumroll, please…)


Our September 2015 Blog Feature is EMILY AHLBUM!
Emily is amazing.  She’s funny, personable, and 100% #relatable.  Her toolkit for Keeping up with Current Events is definitely something I could have used in College.  I felt so out of touch with the world when I was on campus.  If it didn’t happen within a 10 mile radius of campus, I wouldn’t have known about it.  Flipboard is my new favorite site!  I can’t get enough of it.  DIY, Style Articles, and The New York Times all on one site?  Where has Flipboard been all my life?
If you’re a student and a blogger looking to build a brand you should definitely check out, Emily’s #powerhour posts!  It’s one of my personal favorites!  The #powerhous posts are helpful for beginning bloggers and veteran bloggers who are looking to expand and build a brand.  Her latest #powerhour post on “pinterest-ing” gives you all the information you need to build your brand on Pinterest and drive traffic to your blog.  I can’t wait for the next #powerhour post on Emily’s site!
To check out Emily’s blog: CLICK HERE!
For a chance to be featured: comment down below with your Blog URL

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