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Serum VS Essence VS Emulsion (What’s the Difference?)

What is the difference? Serum and essence, isn’t it all the same?  I thought that serum, essence, and emulsion were all just gimmicks for the same product.  But, in fact, they are not.

These days, skincare is becoming super complicated.  With a few more products in the skincare care line, it seems like Rocket science will be easier to understand in the very near future.

Skincare no longer involves just cleanser, toner, and moisturizer.  There are five, ten, and twelve step skincare routines that involve cleansers, toner, serum, emulsion, essence, and moisturizer.

Serum is now a household item.  Everybody has a serum in their skincare routine now.  But this wasn’t true just three years ago.  Nowadays, there are serums to fix any skincare problem in the world and EVERY brand (including Drugstore brands) have jumped on to the band wagon.  A serum is a concentrated solution that normally comes in a thick liquid.  Serums are often in a glass bottle with a dropper to dispense the serum orr it comes in a gel like consistency in a tube.  Serums can leave the skin feeling sticky after application.  But after 10 to 15 minutes, the skin often feels softer and looks brighter.

Essence is a relatively new beauty product in the states.  Japanese and Korean skincare brands had essence in their lines for years now.  Essence has a water consistency that is made to absorb in to the skin better, while still have the same concentrated formula as a serum.

Emulsion is similar to a toner, it replenishes the skin after cleansing.  Depending on the brand of emulsion you get, you might have to rinse the emulsion off after application.  In those cases, the emulsion acts like a very gently cleanser that does not strip the skin, leaving the skin feeling tight or dry.

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