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How Adidas Stepped Up Their Fashion Game

Don’t be fooled by the picture, I have a confession to make.  I buy A LOT of workout clothes. But am I regular at the gym?  Do I even workout?  (Maybe, once a week if I can actually get my butt off the sofa…)  Nope.  But I sit around and go out in workout clothes.  You know what the terrible thing is: I actually eat junk food in workout clothes.  Workout clothes are just soooo comfy.  And the only way I can ever justify owning that many pairs of yoga pants and cute trainers is that I will workout (someday).

I worked out yesterday and now everything hurts.  And because I worked out yesterday I feel justified in looking at more workout clothes and buying more workout clothes.  Because now I work out.  It might not be on a regular basis.  But hey, I actually did yoga in those pants like once a month, so obviously means that I can go out and buy more, right?  Who’s with me?

Workout clothes are just synonymous with comfort and messiness.  Walking around in workout clothes used to give off the idea that the person was lazy or messy.  But nowadays, workout clothes have come on to the street fashion scene.  Everything from patterns to panels, fit and shape have transformed workout clothes from messy, sloppy pieces of clothing you throw on to work out in to something trendy and chic.

Plus, I just did that Sport Luxe Trends post and now I’m in love with Adidas new line!  I worked out yesterday, so that means I can buy so much more workout clothes.  This is how my brain works.  Don’t judge.

Amazon is having an amazing sale for all those who are gearing up for the fall and winter and may or may not be working out.  For me, Nike and Adidas have redesigned sportswear and made it in to a fashion forward street style outfit that anyone will be proud to rock from the gym to the streets. Take a look at that picture of Jenn Im from ClothesEncounters.  She is one of my favorite bloggers and she is rocking that Adidas tee.  Adidas reinvented the t-shirt and made it trendy with cool mesh panels and a dark floral print.

Who else has seen Kris Wu’s campaign with Adidas?  I’m not going to lie, I saw the two minute video like a hundred times already.  He’s so adorkable!  I love it!  Everything from the t-shirt to the shoes is perfect for street wear.  Way to go, Adidas!  Adidas just proved to the world that workout wear does not have to stay in the gym.  Take out your trainers and enjoy a nice comfortable (and stylish) walk on the street.  I promise you won’t regret it and your feet will thank you.

Adidas has added mesh and leather panels along with fabulous patterns to their clothing and shoe line.  These fun and edgy styles are perfect for any gym nut or fashion enthusiast!  I may not workout often but when I do I will be dressed stylishly and ready to sweat!

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