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Three Ways to Style Backless Dresses

Backless dresses are one of the biggest summer trends.  At first, these dresses can seem intimidating.  But it’s super easy to style.  Here are three ways I love to style my backless dresses:

The first way is with a cami.  When I first got a backless dress, I was self-conscious and super nervous to walk around with my whole back open to the world.  So, I paired my backless dress with a matching cami.  The matching colors create the idea of a set and makes the outfit look more polished and chic.

Another way to style a backless dress is with a bralet.  I love the look of a caged bralet under a backless dress.  It creates an effortless summer look that is perfect for concerts, festivals, or a day at the park.  The bralet gives you a little bit of coverage, so you won’t feel too exposed.

The third way to style a backless dress is to wear it with a stick-on bra, so you’re back is completely open.  This third way is perfect for backless evening gowns or cocktail dresses because there is no bra that takes away from the design of the dress.

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Which way will you style a backless dress?
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