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How to Clear Away Blackheads/ Clogged Pores in 10 Minutes

Blackheads and clogged pores are the hardest things to get rid of EVER!  My nose and t-zone are the worst because of the excess oil.  I try to use pore strips once a week, but sometimes the weeks just goes by so fast that I completely forget to use a pore strip.  Then, the next week my nose feels all bumpy and gross from the blackheads.  So, here is my solution for getting rid of blackheads and unclogging those pores in 10 minutes.

The first step (AKA the most important) is to wash your face with your desired cleanser.  Remember to use warm water because the heat will open up your pores and make it easier to extract all the dirt, grime, and blackheads out.

Now, for the second step, you’ll need a good detox scrub/ clay mask.  I like using either the Soap and Glory Put Your Nose In It detox scrub or the Eclos Clay mask to really open up the pores and prep them for my pore strip.

After washing off the scrub or mask, I like to pop on a pore strip from Biore.  I love to order these strips from Sasa.com because they are so much cheaper there!  I can get a box of 10 strips for only $4 US dollars.  I leave the strip on for about three minutes (or just when the strip is dry).  When the strip comes off, the strip will be covered in little blackheads.  (Yeah, it’s as gross as it sounds.)  But my nose feels so smooth after!

When I’m done with the strip, I wash off all the left over residue and apply my Murad Clarifying toner all over my face.  Then, I use my favorite serum and finish off with a great moisturizer.  My skincare products absorb in to my skin better, now that it is cleaner and not clogged with dirt.  And I just love how cool and clean my face feels after this routine.

I do this routine about once a week, sometimes once every two weeks.  If you do this routine more than once a week, you may dry out or irritate your skin.  I am by no means a dermatologist, but I’m just sharing what works for me.

What do you use to clean out your pores?
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