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DIY Choker in 3 steps!

Ever since I saw Amy from Vagabond Youth rocking her velvet choker, I have been wanted one so bad!  A simple choker looks great with off-shoulder tops or with a cool t-shirt.  The choker adds an cool grunge vibe to any outfit.  Instead of buying a choker, I decided to make one.

Here’s what you need:

First step: measure the circumference of your neck.
**Remember to hold the elastic band tight, but not stretched.**
**Leave an extra inch on each side for the knot**
Second step: Seal the edges to prevent fraying
**Don’t let the bad actually touch the flame.**
**The heat from being near the flame will seal the edges.**
Step 3: Attach the charm through the band.
**Do this carefully, so you don’t snag the elastic band and cause excess fraying**
**You can use pliers and jump rings to make the process easier, but you don’t have to.**
Here’s the finished product!  Enjoy your choker!


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