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Project Pan Summer 2015 Update 1

It is almost June and I am finally done with school.  I also have a project pan update for you guys!  I’m going to try and make this short (fingers-crossed)!

The products I have used up:

  • Trader Joe’s antioxidant serum- I’m not hugely impressed by this product but it didn’t break me out so that’s a plus!  However, it didn’t really do much for my skin either.  Usually, serums help with pigmentation and reducing pore size.  But this serum didn’t do any of that.  It was also only $10 compared to serums that usually cost upwards of $50.  I would compare the texture of this serum to the Smashbox photofinish primer.  The serum and the primer leave your skin feeling soft and smooth.
  • So…kiss me perfume- this wasn’t my favorite scent but I wanted to use it up.  I was obsessed with this stuff as a kid cause I thought I was so cool because I had my own perfume bottle.  (yeah, it wasn’t that cool…)
  • Studio Gear CC Cream- one of my all time favorites.  This CC cream evens out my skin tone while hydrating and protecting my skin from UV rays.  What more do you want from a product?  This CC cream never feels heavy and it provides light coverage that is perfect for the summer.  Who wants to melt their face off?  I don’t and that is why I always have light coverage foundations or creams on in the summer.
The products I see pan:
  • ELF eyebrow kit- I see the pan!  It’s a silver tray that is slowly getting revealed with each use.  I bought the Anastasia brow wiz and I want to use it so badly!  But I must finish this one first.
So, that’s it for my update.  There are still so many more products, I have yet to hit pan on but I am determined to use them up this summer!  To see all the products on this list, click HERE!

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