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Eye Gel VS Eye Cream

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Every time I go to the drugstore or the counters at Sephora, I am constantly overwhelmed by the selection.  I was just looking for something that could reduce my dark circles and puffy eyes.  But the rows and rows of eye gels, creams, roller balls, and metal tips just confused me.  What was the difference between all these products?

Some people say eye gel is better because its jelly like texture depuffs the eye area and makes it look brighter.  Others say that eye gel is sticky and eye creams are so much better because they go on like a moisturizer and have a really creamy consistency that keeps the eye area hydrated.  Other than preference, eye gels and eye creams seem to be the same?

But after doing a little Google research I found this blog that told me everything I needed to know.  If you want to know more check it out, by clicking HERE!

According to Allison, eye gels are better for reducing dark circles and puffiness because the gel cools the eye.  So, that’s why it feel so good to apply my goPure naturals youth glow eye gel every night.  My eyes are so tired from long days, little sleep, and many, many hours staring at my laptop screen.

She said that eye creams are great for people who need a little more hydration around their eye area.  Creams moisturize the skin, therefore reducing fine lines.  Eye creams tend to more nourishing too.  So, it’s perfect for mature skin.

But for me, eye gels are perfect because they absorb quickly in to the skin and get rid of my raccoon zombie eyes.  I was afraid eye gels would feel sticky and gross on my eyes, and when I first applied goPure Naturals eye gel I squished the product between my fingers and thought, “Oh no.”  After applying the product around my eye area in a circular motion.  I found that the stickiness disappeared and the product just left my skin feeling soft and hydrated.  The slight cooling effect of this eye gel left my tired eyes feeling like I got eight hours of sleep!

**I received this product free for reviewing purposes.
All opinions expressed are my honest opinion**

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