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The Best Moisturizer I Have Ever Used!

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Dry hands felt like a problem I could never escape from.  I always forget to reapply hand lotion every time I wash my hands.  And reapplying hand lotion after I wash my hands every time is impractical and a waste of money.  Can you imagine how much hand lotion you’ll be buying?

I didn’t realize how dry my hands were till someone pointed it out on an Instagram picture.  So, thanks girl!  I needed a wake-up call.

Well, I finally solved the problem.  The answer is actually really simple.  Argan Oil. Yes, I said oil.  But before you say anything, listen.  Radha Argan Oil absorbs quickly in the skin and only takes a few drops to hydrate your whole hand.  At first, you may think it’s oil.  Wouldn’t your hands feel sticky, oily, and gross?  The answer is no.  You rub the oil in to your skin and your shiny glossy skin becomes soft hydrated skin in minutes and that oily residue is completely gone.

Radha Argan oil, unlike many hand lotions, isn’t heavily fragranced, so it’s perfect for people with sensitive skin.  My hands have never felt softer or stayed hydrated for so long.  The oil, unlike many hand creams, doesn’t just wash off with each hand washing. The oil stays in your skin and keeps it hydrated almost all day.  I love rubbing Argan oil all over my legs and arms after get out of the shower.  And the great thing is I don’t have to wait for lotion to dry and absorb in to my skin.  This oil absorbs in to my skin within minutes.  By the time I put on my clothes, all the oil absorbed in to my skin, leaving it soft and hydrated.

Want to try this product out?  Click HERE!

**I received this product free for reviewing purposes.
All opinions expressed are my honest opinion.**

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