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How To Take Care of Your Leather Shoes

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Leather shoes are seriously an investment and they have to be taken care of.  You cannot wear your soft leather shoes out in the rain or snow.  Overtime the leather will be stained from the water and look likes its molding.  Seriously.  Have you seen people’s old, worn Uggs?  If you spend over a $100 on a pair of shoes.  You should take care of them.

Another way to keep your shoes looking brand new is to clean them.  After a while, soft leather attracts dust, particles, and scuff marks from us bumping against things as we walk.  These marks look like they will never come off because unlike your waterproof Dr. Martens made with smooth leather.  Water will not wash off the dirt, the grime, and the gross marks on your boots.  No matter how hard you scrub or rub.  Trust me, I learned the hard way.

My brown leather boots had these weird white dots on them, which is a collection of dust and whatever else that got on my shoes.  Plus, there was a little mark on the heel from the time I tripped.  Yeah, I tripped on my own feet.  Great accomplishment, right?  What special trick can I do?  I can trip on my own feet and fall flat on my face.  I think that takes talent…right?

Anyway, the Leather Nova Leather Cleaner and Conditioner made my boots spotless.  I didn’t even think my boots were that dirty.  Those little white spots didn’t bother me that much and you really had to be looking to see that.  But look at how dirty the cloth was after I cleaned my shoes!

The Leather cleaner got out all those weird dots off my shoes and the scuff marks off my heels.  Honestly, the scuff marks might be from me taking off my boots by having the other foot step on the heel because I’m too lazy to bend over and use my hands to pull of my boots.  I really need to stop that habit.  Do you do that too?  Or is that just me?

The Leather conditioner makes my leather shoes look like I just took them out of the box.  This conditioner protects your boots from further marks in the future and it keeps your leather looking newer longer because leather can wear and stretch and eventually look like its about to fall apart after many wears.

Like many leather cleaners, this stuff does have a smell.  But it’s not as strong as the others that I have tried.  The product is also 100% non-toxic which is great because you don’t want toxic chemicals anywhere near your skin.  But just for safety pre-cautions, I still wore gloves when I cleaned my boots.  And I love that this product came with the towels and brushes because who has extras just laying around their house?

While you are reading this, I’m probably cleaning off another pair of boots.  What can I say I love boots?  And I have quite a few pairs that need to be cleaned after the long winter.

I love my boots.  Every. Single. Pair.  And I want them to last.  They are comfy and easy to slip in to as I’m running out the door.  How do you take care of your boots?  Share your tips in the comments below!  If you want to try this Leather Cleaner, you can find it on Amazon!
**I received this product for reviewing purposes.
The opinions expressed are my honest opinion.**

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