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Beauty Product Review and Discount: Anavita Anti-Moisturizing Cream

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When I browse through makeup counters or thumb through displays, I always check each foundation, lipstick, and moisturizer for a good safety seal and a Paraben free seal.  

The Anavita anti-moisturizing cream has both of these.  Plus, this moisturizer does not have a heavy fragrance.  It has a slightly citrusy scent that is very light and hardly noticeable unless you’re really sticking your nose in to it. (And I may or may not have gotten some moisturizer on my nose from it…) The moisturizer has a creamy consistency that goes on smooth and absorbs quickly in to the skin.  

There is just something about this product that makes it feel super luxurious.  It might be the awesome packaging…or maybe the super creamy product….or maybe it’s how amazing my skin feels after applying it?  It is all of those things!

Unlike the Neutrogena oil-free moisturizer, which feels tacky on the skin after you apply it, the Anavita anti-moisturizing cream instantly makes your skin feel smooth and soft.  I seriously believe this moisturizer is a great dupe for the $50 Bobbi Brown Hydrating Cream.  The Anavaita moisturizer is only $30.  And if that wasn’t a great deal already, here’s a coupon code!

The only difference I find between the Anavita cream and the Bobbi Brown cream is that my skin is a little more shiny after a few hours.  The Anavita cream gives my skin a slightly dewey finish.  And I generally like dewey finishes, but I have combination skin, so sometimes this dewey finish can quickly become an oil slick.  With Bobbi Brown cream, my skin stays pretty matte even after a whole night’s sleep.  

But my mom, who has normal to dry skin, loves this stuff.  She loves how smooth, soft, and healthy her skin looks after application.  This might be her holy grail product now…
Want to try this product out?  Here’s a special Amazon coupon code for you guys!

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coupon code: FEBBAC28
expires March 22, 2015

The coupon is good for $5 off a bottle of Anavita Moisturizing Anti-Wrinkle Cream and can be applied at checkout on Amazon.com.

**I received this product free for review**
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