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Beauty Product Review: Bobbi Brown Hydrating Cream

Winter smacked me in the face when I opened my front door this morning.  I want to say I should be expecting this because it’s January.  But last week, it was 50 degrees fahrenheit outside and this morning it was 19 degrees fahrenheit outside.  What is happening RVA?  I get spring weather one day and winter the next day.  I’m either sweating out of every pore in my body or shivering so much that the sound of my teeth sounds like a wind up toy.

Anyway, my skin is taking the toll with this cold weather.  It’s like the cold air is sucking out every drop of water in my body because my skin is dry and flaky.  At home, the heat is like an alcoholic drinking up all the moisture in my skin like its a smooth shot of bourbon.

Not wanting to fork out the money for another moisturizer to replace my Neutrogena one, I began to search my bin of makeup samples for a moisturizer.  After a few minutes of searching, I found my sample size of Bobbi Brown’s Hydrating Cream.  This tiny little container got me through the whole month!

I apply this creamy white moisturizer all over my face after I wash my face at night.  And this cream hydrates my skin and leaves it super soft.  When I woke up that first morning, I just thought it was my lucky day because my skin didn’t look gross and flaky or red and irritated.  But after a week of good skin days, I realized that this cream is like magic.  My skin was hydrated and not oily.  This is an important distinction because I have combination skin.

This cream also doesn’t break me out and hydrates my skin.  Right now, this cream sounds perfect, right?  And it is if you like the smell of licorice.  I hate…that’s coming on a little strong…alright I strongly dislike the smell and taste of licorice.  And I’m the type of person that smells something and immediately tastes it in their mouth.  When I first opened this jar, I thought I was going to gag when that faint licorice smell found its way to my nose.  But after a few days, I learned to hold my breath when I opened the jar and apply the product on my face.

After about a month of using this product, my skin is still doing wonderful.  And the smell of licorice isn’t too bad anymore.  I liked this produce enough that I even forked out the cash to buy a full size jar from Sephora.

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