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Healthy Alternatives to Your Unhealthy Cravings

I love chocolate, cake, ice cream, cookies, lattes, pastries…need I go on?  Anyway, eating those things everyday will not be good for me or my self-esteem when I step on that scale.  So, here are a few healthy alternatives I have been switching my unhealthy foods for.  I hope you guys find this helpful in stopping your late-night, midday, and early morning cravings.

Ice cream, who doesn’t love ice cream?  It’s cold, creamy, sweet, and super delicious!  But it has a tone of sugar and should not be eaten everyday.  Yeah, eating a gallon of ice cream by yourself is not a good idea…though it is tempting…

Anyway, my substitute for ice cream is yogurt.  And that is LIGHT yogurt because it is lower in calories and sugar, fat free, and has probiotics.  When you crave ice cream, you are craving something cold, sweet, and creamy.  And yogurt has ALL of those things.  So, grab a cup and start eating.

When I crave something sweet and salty and I’m about to grab a bag of chocolate and a bag of potato chips, I stop myself and grab the almonds, cranberries, and semi-sweet chocolate chips instead.  Almonds have a ton of fiber, the cranberries are tart and sweet, and the chocolate is chocolate, so what other excuse do you need?  The salt from the almonds will kill your craving for salty, crunchy foods and the cranberries and chocolate chips will satisfy all your sweet tooth cravings.

For something salty, I love potato chips, but they are not that great for you.  Instead, I usually eat popcorn (not that high in fat super butter kind).  I love Skinny Pop.  It’s only 39 calories per cup and it’s crunchy and has just the right amount of salt.

Then, there is cake.  Soft, fluffy, sweet cake.  Great, now while I am writing this I want cake.  Well, time to bust out the blender.  Yes I use a blender to make cake.  And here’s how you can too.  Take your favorite cake recipes and substitute out the oil for either squash or zucchini.  I promise you won’t taste any of the vegetables!  All you have to do is chop the squash or zucchini in to chunks, dump them in to the blender with about a tablespoon of water and an egg.  Blend it all up, then add the suggested amount of flour and sugar.  And you have HEALTHY cake batter (the batter should be a little runnier than fat packed cake batter).  Bake them in to cupcakes or line your cake pan with parchment paper.  Fill the pan with batter and bake at 350 degrees fahrenheit until its cooked through.  After about 20 to 30 minutes, you have super fluffy delicious cake without the guilt.  Your welcome.

What do you like to crave?  Have any healthy alternatives?  
I would love to know!  Comment down below!
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