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Easy DIY Green Latte

DIY Green Latte 1
Nothing beats sipping a hot green tea latte while reading an amazing book under a soft fuzzy blanket.  And you will never want to get up because once you do, the cold air will just attack you.  Seriously.  But, we can’t spend all day in bed or the sofa.  (No matter how much we want to)  So, when we have to leave the house, we have to put on decent clothes and makeup.  (Because we can’t walk out like a homeless zombie)
At home, I like to wear comfy clothes and that consists of yoga pant shorts and ripped up tees.  But that is not a good idea when its 11 degrees Fahrenheit outside.  Hot tea is perfect for cold winter days.

DIY Green latte

Lately, I have been craving a green tea latte.  Matcha Green Tea powder has so many antioxidants and benefits.  It can give you more energy and help you get clearer skin!

If that doesn’t make you crave a green tea latte, then I don’t know what will.


1 Teaspoon of Matcha Green Tea powder

1 Tablespoon of Hot Water

1 Cup of Warm Milk

1 Tablespoon of Sweeten Condense Milk

Add sugar to taste

To make a latte, mix a teaspoon of Green Tea powder with a tablespoon of hot water until it creates a green paste.  Add warm milk to the paste and stir till everything is incorporated together.  For some extra creaminess, mix in a tablespoon of sweeten condensed milk.  Add sugar to taste.

And seriously, a teaspoon of green tea powder creates a pretty strong latte.  Don’t let the small size of this bag fool you!  You will be using it for months!  You can use this green tea powder for baking and even smoothies.  I’m probably going to try and make Green Tea macaroons.   I’m so excited!

DIY Green Latte 2
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**Disclaimer: I received these products free for reviewing purposes.  All opinions expressed are my own.**

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