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Beauty Product Review: Instanatural Vitamin C Moisturizer

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As a person with acne-prone skin, I have to be careful with a lot of moisturizers.  I usually use Cerave facial moisturizer, but I like experimenting with a variety of products so I decided to give Instanatural’s Vitamin C Moisturizer a try.

I apply this moisturizer every morning after applying toner.  And after a month of using this moisturizer, I am proud to say that my face has stayed relatively acne-free.  I get a few spots here and there but those are the result of late night study sessions and early morning classes.

Anyway, I love this moisturizer because it has 20% Vitamin C.  Vitamin C is great for brightening the skin and in the winter my skin gets dry and dull.  But with this moisturizer my face feels soft and hydrated.  Plus, unlike other Instanatural moisturizers, the Vitamin C moisturizer is relatively unscented.  The moisturizer is white when pumped out and absorbs quickly in to the skin.  It has a thick consistency that really covers and hydrates my skin.  And I love the pump bottle because it never pumps out too much.  One pump is enough to cover my whole face and a part of my neck.

Want to give this moisturizer a try?  Click HERE!
**Sponsored by Instanatural**

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